Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Cheng Weimiao) The central bank issued a fine for the rejection of cash. According to the announcement on the official website of the People’s Bank of China on January 21, since October last year, it has carried out in-depth rectification of the rejection of renminbi cash. In the fourth quarter, 16 units and related persons responsible for the rejection of cash were imposed economic penalties. China Life, Ping An Property & Casualty, and New China Life Waiting in the list, the penalty amount ranges from 500 yuan to 500,000 yuan.

According to the announcement, the 16 units that were punished were mainly park scenic spots, public service agencies, parking lots, insurance companies, etc. Among them, insurance companies included:China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Office at Beiwei Road Department, China Continent Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Baoding Center Branch, China Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Ya’an Center Branch, Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Akesu Central Branch.

Park scenic spots include:Beijing Zhongshan Park Management Office, Tianjin Yangliuqing Ancient Town Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hangzhou YuhangSuper Mountain Scenic Resorts Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Kuahuqiao Scenic Area Construction Management Co., Ltd., Zhashui Zhongnan Shanzhai Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Aikang Guobin Jiuxianqiao Outpatient Clinic Co., Ltd. and Datong City Youxin Environmental Protection were also fined. Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Yujing Property Service Co., Ltd., Qingtian Xiangyi Property Service Co., Ltd., Fuyang Xuri Property Management Co., Ltd., Wuhan Youyouda Property Management Co., Ltd., Yinchuan Shunbo Parking Management Co., Ltd.

The central bank stated that the above-mentioned penalized units have weak legal awareness, or lack of service awareness, or for commercial purposes, posted”no cash” signs, with”no contact”,”requirements from superiors”, etc. Therefore, when someone is on duty and fully meets the conditions for cash receipt, cash is rejected.

These points have stepped on the”ban”. The central bank has rectified the rejection of cash as early as 2018, but there are still some merchants, institutions and other entities that are unwilling to receive cash. With the emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, the cash rejection problem rebounded.

On December 15 last year, the Central Bank issued an announcement (hereinafter referred to as”Announcement No. 18″) on the regulation of RMB cash receipts and payments, reiterating that no unit or individual shall reject cash, exclude or discriminate Cash payment, and further clarify that public service charges must have manual cash payment channels. About a week later, the central bank announced the fine, and 4 companies were given warnings for refusing to accept cash.

What is the necessity of keeping cash for use? The research team of the Central Bank’s Financial Consumer Rights Protection Bureau recently wrote that the”digital divide” is still difficult to eliminate at this stage, and the security issues of non-cash payments It still exists, and cash is even more indispensable as a backup payment tool for major emergencies such as natural disasters. The elderly, farmers, low-income people in my country, as well as foreign tourists, minors, and visually impaired people, are more dependent on cash. Consumers use cash on some occasions to help protect personal information and property safety. Keeping cash is in line with the people’s Vital interests.

The central bank stated in the announcement that in the next phase, it will adhere to the combination of publicity and guidance and severe punishment, continue in-depth rectification, unblock complaints and reporting channels, standardize the verification of relevant clues, and act in accordance with the law on verification of refusal Punish and expose them to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Cheng Weimiao Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Shihui