getUrls?link=3376ef1d84a8c4310240d74e84916397 - Reception:Shanghai stock index fluctuated and adjusted, trading volume exceeded one trillion for five consecutive days, new energy sector broke out, big financial collectives strengthened

Financial reported on June 24 that the three major A-share indexes opened higher on Thursday, the market oscillated and weakened in the morning, and the GEM continued to be in a downturn; the A-shares showed a consolidation trend in the afternoon. Maintaining volatility near the horizontal line,

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.01%to 3,566.44 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.4%to 1,4784.8 points, and the ChiNext Index fell 1.2%to 3,279.16 points. The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets exceeded one trillion for five consecutive days; the actual net inflow of northbound funds was 3.097 billion yuan. The daily limit of 105 shares in the two cities and the limit of 13 shares fell (including ST).

In terms of industry sectors, decoration and decoration, glass and ceramics, electrical transmission and distribution, engineering construction, international trade and other industries have the largest gains. Medical industry, aerospace, electronic information, software services, papermaking and printing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. The industry’s decline was among the highest, with concepts such as photovoltaic building integration, HIT batteries, assembly buildings, solar energy, and virtual power plants showing active performance.

The concept of photovoltaic building integration has strengthened significantly, Xiuqiang shares, Tuition design, Jiayu shares, Qingyuan shares, Zhongheng Design, Tuori Xinneng, Ruihe shares and other shares have daily limit.

ST stocks once again performed strongly, *ST Danbang, *ST Global, *ST Huaxun, *ST Zhongdi, *ST Tiancheng, *ST Wanfang and other stocks have daily limit.

Securities stocks continued to be strong in the intraday market, Bank of China Securities closed, Huaxin, Zhongtai Securities , Nanjing Securities, First Venture, China Securities Investment and many other shares.

The concept of chips and semiconductors is weakened collectively, Qipai Technology, Fullhan Microelectronics, Helin Micron, National Technology, Allwinner Technology, Zhonghe Technology, China Resources Micro and many other stocks fell,

[Organization Strategy]

Yuanda:The current market rebound is still The index is currently under pressure from the 20-day moving average at the top of the index and returns to shocks in the short-term. However, the bottom of the index is strong and the upward trend continues. The operation is still concerned about the structural opportunities in the market, and the subject of technology segmentation that is falling today is still To continue to pay attention, make preparations for the medium and long-term layout. The recent strong cycle direction can choose the opportunity to pay attention. With policy news good photovoltaic direction can continue to pay attention.

Jufeng Investment Adviser:At present, it is difficult to support the upward breakthrough of A-shares on the macro side, liquidity, and emotional side, and the market is looking for certainty again. After the quarterly report, winemaking, brokerage, and coal have become the main lines leading the rise in phases. When the Shanghai stock index rebounded to around 3,600 points, market divergence increased, and technology stocks became the new main line. Subsequently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index constructed a 3500~3600 point box, and the GEM constructed a 3100~3300 point box. On Thursday, technology stocks pulled back. Generally speaking, the recent high-level box of A-shares has fluctuated and the sector has rotated frequently. It is recommended that investors control their positions and pay attention to high-performance stocks whose interim performance exceeds expectations on dips.

Guangzhou Bandung:Today’s disk oscillates as scheduled, with the current CSI 1000 and GEM Index It is close to the previous high and needs to be shocked to digest the profit plate. We believe that the trend of technology, automobile, and photovoltaic sectors is stronger than the index, and the index fluctuation is the opportunity for these sectors to step back on the layout. Operationally, use the opportunity of index back-down to select high-quality technology growth stocks for bargain hunting.

Hexin Investment Consulting:The rebound of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index will weaken. If volume-price relationship If it is still in a state of divergence, the Shanghai Composite Index is more likely to pull back down again and gain momentum. Therefore, continue to maintain yesterday’s view and be cautious in operation. Short-term rallies should not be chased. Short-term rallies can choose opportunities to reduce positions in batches , Every callback can choose the opportunity to buy low in batches, but you need to follow the rhythm and reasonably control the position!