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Preferred networks is an Internet company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It focuses on the practical application of robotics, focusing on the research and development of robotics in manufacturing, transportation systems, and biomedical fields. Toru Nishikawa is the CEO of the company.

Nishikawa Toru graduated from the School of Information Technology Science, University of Tokyo, and is one of the finalists of the International University Programming Contest (ACMICPC) World Finals. During his graduate studies in 2006, Toru Nishikawa and his classmates established Preferred Instructure, the predecessor of the preferred network, engaged in information search, natural language processing and machine learning Software development. In 2014, Toru Nishikawa formally established the preferred network. In 2016, the company, together with FANUC, a leader in industrial machinery and industrial robots, launched the world’s first commercial IoT platform for manufacturing with deep learning technology as its core. In Nishikawa’s view, deep learning technology is no longer a research topic, but a key technology to promote business innovation and development.

Supporters of preferred internet companies include car manufacturer Toyota Motor and robot manufacturer FANUC. They did not pursue fast profits, which gave startups enough time to invest in research and development. Nevertheless, Toru Nishikawa still pressured himself. He hopes to apply AI to different fields to determine where he can make money.”The technology that uses AI is not yet fully mature. It is necessary to carefully choose the areas of focus and find new business areas that may be successful.” Under the leadership of Toru Nishikawa, the cutting-edge technology of the preferred network and its practical applications are well recognized by the industry. Nishikawa Toru also won the Prime Minister’s Award at the 5th Japan Entrepreneurship Awards in 2019.

At present, the preferred network is increasing investment in the development of artificial intelligence.”My dream is to expand our technology so that people all over the world can use our platform and robots.” Nishikawa said that there are not many technology application companies focusing on deep learning in Japan, so the company does not have much marketing. More publicity, he hopes that the market atmosphere can be relaxed in the future, and more people will join R&D to promote the development of the overall deep learning technology.”The biggest challenge comes from combining hardware and software, bringing together different talents, cultivating an outstanding team, and making new breakthroughs in technology.”