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First message:June 10th, China Photovoltaic Industry Association calls on photovoltaic companies to”consciously boycott the country against polysilicon and silicon wafer products The act of hoarding goods and driving up prices”

Second message:June 11, the National Development and Reform Commission:Starting from 2121, it has filed new centralized photovoltaic power plants, industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic projects, and newly approved onshore wind power projects. The central government no longer subsidizes and implements parity for Internet access.

Both pieces of information point to a common industrial future:the leftover is the king and the winner is the king!

From the first piece of information, the price increase is inevitable, and it is difficult to control it. Then it will be painful for downstream SMEs. This will help the vertically integrated leader to expand the market. Which companies are good for this, it goes without saying.

From the second piece of information, we can see that the Internet is cheap and there is no subsidy, which further accelerates the Cleaning is equivalent to the supply side. It further strengthens the competitiveness of leading companies and expands market share.

From the market point of view, the leading two days are more than 13 billionTrading volumeclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="10400580" qid="6542800071920981256"> span>, stabilize the first trading volume of the whole market, such a price, such a trading volume, can not be retail investors Things that can be done. The layout of super funds is also clear at a glance.

The policy and industry situation are all clear signs. There is also a very important driving force. That is the price increase of petroleum energy. Today, PetroChina’s surge is a reminder that oil prices should go up again. Petroleum is the basic element of production activities and has a huge impact on costs. This will force enterprises and institutions to find lower cost outlets. And new energy is the best way out.

This is a super track, the global carbon neutral, top-level The policy and industry’s full progress are the catalysts in the near future.

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