The Alibaba Group’s monopoly case that has received much social attention has been resolved:On April 10, the State Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on Alibaba Group in accordance with the law, ordered it to stop illegal activities, and imposed 4%of its sales in 2019 A total of 18.228 billion yuan in fines. This punishment is a specific measure taken by the regulatory authorities to strengthen anti-monopoly and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital. It is an effective standard for illegal activities of platform companies and does not mean denying The important role of the platform economy in the overall economic and social development does not mean that the state’s attitude to support the development of the platform Improve the platform economic governance system and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy.

Reviewing the entire case, whether it is the determination of illegal acts or the determination of the amount of fines, they all reflect the basic requirements of governing the country according to law, which are well-founded and reasonable. Since 2015, Alibaba Group has implemented”choice of two” in order to hinder the development of other competitive platforms, maintain and consolidate its own market position, and gain improper competitive advantage. Monopolistic behavior, restricting merchants to only conduct transactions with them, violates the provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law on”restricting transaction counterparties to only conduct transactions with them without proper reason”, and constitutes an abuse of market dominance. According to the”Anti-Monopoly Law, operators who abuse their dominant market position shall be subject to 1%of the previous year’s sales A fine of up to 10%above. The regulatory authority comprehensively considered factors such as the nature, extent and duration of Alibaba Group’s illegal activities and imposed a fine of 4%of its sales in 2019. This effectively safeguards the authority of the law and protects the legitimate rights and interests of the merchants and consumers on the platform. Effective protection is also an effective standard for the order of platform economic development.

Monopoly is the enemy of the market economy, and the regulation of the platform economy continues to develop healthily, especially in an environment of fair competition. Monopoly behavior that abuses a dominant market position eliminates and restricts relevant market competition, infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of businesses on the platform, hinders the innovation and development of the platform economy and the free flow of production factors, and harms the rights and interests of consumers. Without a good ecology of fair competition, the platform economy will lose the strong vitality of innovation and development. The Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of last year clearly requested the strengthening of anti-monopoly and the prevention of disorderly expansion of capital. The ninth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee held recently also emphasized “promoting fair competition, opposing monopoly, and preventing disorderly expansion of capital”, which has been enthusiastically received by the society. Responsiveness and broad support. The regulatory authorities implemented the spirit of the central government, improved the rules on the one hand, accelerated the revision of the anti-monopoly law, and issued anti-monopoly guidelines on the platform economy; on the one hand, they strictly regulated law enforcement and investigated and dealt with many Internet monopoly cases, which produced good results.

From the perspective of the long-term and healthy development of the platform economy, regulation by law and support for development are not contradictory, but complement and promote each other. Only through effective supervision while encouraging innovation can we use good laws and good governance to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy. Looking at the development of the platform economy on a global scale and regulating it in accordance with the law, not only will it not bring about the decline of the industry, but will promote its more dynamic and higher-quality development. Developed countries’ anti-monopoly regulation on platform economic giants such as Apple and Amazon has not deprived these companies of their core competitiveness, but has encouraged them to become more active. Strengthen the core business and achieve long-term healthy development. At the same time, anti-monopoly supervision has also helped to a certain extent the birth and growth of Internet newcomers, and has brought strong vitality to the entire industry. Strengthening anti-monopoly law enforcement is precisely using the rule of law to regulate monopolistic behavior in the platform economy, which brings many small companies and small websites opportunities for healthy competition and growth, so that the entire industry can continue to innovate and stay vigorous. In this sense, standardizing in accordance with the law is a strong support for the development of the platform economy.

In recent years, my country’s platform economy has developed rapidly, and its status and role in the overall economic and social development have become increasingly prominent. The platform economy is conducive to improving the efficiency of resource allocation in the whole society, and promoting the accelerated evolution of technological and industrial reforms towards informatization, digitization, and intelligence. It helps to connect all links of the national economic cycle, and is also conducive to improving the intelligence and globalization of national governance. The level of customization, individualization, and refinement. Thanks to the joint efforts of a large number of excellent platform companies, mainly private enterprises, my country has become recognized as one of the leading countries in the development of the global digital economy. To promote the healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy, we must always adhere to the”two unshakable”, promote the healthy development of private enterprises in the platform economy, continue to create a good legal environment and business environment, so that the source of innovation in the private economy can fully flow and create vitality Full burst.

The development of my country’s platform economy is at a critical period. It is necessary to focus on the long-term, take into account the current situation, make up for shortcomings, strengthen weaknesses, create an innovative environment, solve outstanding contradictions and problems, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of platform economic standards. This time the regulatory authorities punish Alibaba Group, which is a standardization and righteousness for the development of the enterprise, a clean-up and purification of the industry environment, and a powerful maintenance of the market order of fair competition. Standards are for better development, and”tugging sleeves” is also a kind of love. I believe that with the continuous improvement of the governance system, the platform economy will usher in greater development opportunities and better serve high-quality development and high-quality life.

(Source:People’s Daily Client)