On May 30th, Xiao Wu received an offer from an educational institution. The next day she could not wait to rent a house and was ready to join the job. After paying the rent, HR told her that she was no longer required. There are many recent graduates with similar experiences. Some students have sent the Tripartite Agreement to the institution, but they have not signed a contract and are stuck Hundreds of people are affected in the dilemma.

Online education institutions not only broke contracts, but also laid off staff. More than 100,000 tutors were hit, and the layoff rate of some institutions was as high as 50%. Xiao Ma majored in new media, but when she was looking for a job, she found that the salary of online education was 50%higher, so she gave up the professional counterpart job. As a result, she encountered layoffs when she first entered the job. She also thought about it. Breaking the contract and running away, but has signed a tripartite agreement, can only accept reality. This job cannot give her any sense of security.

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There is no doubt that the current online education industry We are experiencing a”major earthquake”, and all of this is inseparable from the new regulations. In April 2021, the Ministry of Education proposed Kindergarten is not allowed to teach elementary school curriculum content in advance, cannot assign homework, and will accept violations of Pre-school children are blacklisted by organizations that conduct out-of-school training for joint disciplinary action. Several organizations were fined by top grid for false propaganda and price violations, cooling down online education.

Online education in 2020 can be described as crazy. Some organizations have absorbed US$3.2 billion in just 7 months, and 10 organizations have spent 2 months. Inside, spend 10 billion on marketing promotion, and you can see online education by swiping almost 10 short videos Agency advertising. Online education has changed from the low-key of previous years, and with the help of the new crown epidemic, it has begun to be reborn.

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But it’s easy to attract investment, spend money to promote, but make money It’s hard, and it’s even harder to make money consistently. An online education company’s 2016 revenue 330 million yuan, Net profit was 59.551 million yuan. In the following three years, revenue has maintained a growth momentum, but net profit has continued to decline. In 2019, For the first time from profit to loss, the loss in fiscal year 2020 has reached a staggering 760 million yuan.

There are many reasons behind this. The customer acquisition cost of online education institutions is very high. A practitioner said that customer acquisition costs accounted for more than half of the total revenue, and some are more exaggerated, almost At 100%, for example, in the large class model, 3000 yuan can attract a new student, but a student pays almost 3000 yuan a year.

If the renewal rate cannot keep up, there is no way to profit . The data shows that the continuation rate of the best teacher in a certain institution is only 70%, and the average level of performance will not exceed 30%, and the profit margin is very limited.

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Although the epidemic has turned online education in reverse The momentum of growth has also become the last straw that crushes some institutions. Out-of-school training is not a necessary expense in itself. When you have money, you can enroll your child in several classes. When you don’t have money, you won’t enroll in classes. Ask your child to use the Study well in school is a lot of Parents /span> approach. The epidemic has hit many industries, some parents’ income has dropped sharply, and the probability has been greatly reduced. .

Online education and training institution for children, which is Educational anxiety’s product, in turn, contributes to educational anxiety. Many people are now looking at this issue with a more rational attitude, thinking about making children lose their childhood, and whether the high scores on the test papers are worthwhile. There are also more parents who can accept children’s ordinary and ordinary. With more such parents, education and training institutions will not be able to grow as barbarously as before.

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Online education has a positive meaning, it Beyond the limitations of time and space, people can sit at home and listen to BeijingShanghai’s famous teachersBeijingShanghai /strong>In addition to online education for young people, there is also online vocational education for adults, which also allows many professionals to improve their own standards and obtain higher salaries. But at the moment, the online education industry is not regulated. It is more of a capital game that burns money, and chaos will inevitably exist.

In this context, whether it is investment or job hunting, the online education industry should be more cautious. Don’t listen to some people’s propaganda, just go into the industry with passion, think more, and be deceived by The possibility of span> will be much lower.