DoNews January 20 news (Zhang Jia) DoNews exclusively learned that OnePlus and OPPO R&D department It has been merged, and offers for new employees in R&D positions are issued by OPPO, not by OnePlus.

In this regard, OPPO insiders told DoNews that the R&D departments of the two companies have basically merged as early as December, and they are currently part of the Oga Group. R&D is no longer carried out separately, but the software is still Keep the original features temporarily.”Similar to the relationship between Xiaomi and Redmi, they share the same R&D system.”

As early as last June, There have been rumors that the merger of OPPO and OnePlus’ R&D department has finally settled. For OnePlus, it’s not a bad thing for OnePlus to merge the R&D department into OPPO. This means that OPPO and OnePlus are relatively independent. Brand connection will be closer.

At present, OPPO Mall under OPPO has also completed the merger and renamed Huantai Mall. Its products include mobile phones and peripheral products of the three major brands of OPPO, OnePlus and Realme.