Analysis of the classic method of main shipping-“fishing line shipping method”

For retail investment In terms of the person, we must first understand the principles and characteristics of the”fishing line shipping method”, as well as the hazards:

The basic operation process is to first raise the stock price to a certain position, and then use itThe method of knocking will further increase the stock price until it can attract more investors to buy positions, but the stock market implements T +1 trading system, so after buying, you cannot sell on the same day. On the contrary, the main force will knock out all the buy orders at a suitable low level, but because it cannot be sold, the stock may be all locked up. Therefore, when an investor analyzes, he must see the basic characteristics of fishing line shipments.

In fact, the form of fishing shipments is an obvious stock price manipulation. Quilt investors are often unable to unwind in a timely manner, and this method of shipment will attract Lao Zhuang stocks to follow suit and increase the market. Operational risk.

The following figures clearly show the trend of the stock price when the fishing line is shipped. In the figure, it can be observed that with the number of days of shipment and the degree of shipment, the opening price and operating range of the stock price are located in different positions. Since the bookmaker used this method many times in a day, the stock price even showed a jagged trend. When the fishing line appeared, the dealer completed the shipment in the next two days. Within a month, the decline was nearly half. Investors who bought the fishing line had no chance to unwind. The meat cutting plate after the fishing line gushed out. This is the most terrifying aspect of the fishing line. It is foreseeable that the stock will not perform well for a long time.

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To sum up, the current use of fishing line shipping methods mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Change to the previous day. On the time chart, steadily push the high to the low, and quickly increase the volume or oscillate at the high side. When the downside buying order accumulates to a certain level, quickly drop the order;

2, generally operate throughout the day Once, if the board is well received at this time, the operation will be repeated several times (such as the last picture). After that, the oscillating trend will be maintained at the position of the smash, but usually there will be a rapid process of pulling up at the end to repair the K-line pattern , To maintain the illusion that the disk does not fall. The K-line is either a high-open shadow line with a long lower shadow, or a cross line with a long upper and lower shadow lines or a small male shadow line;

3. The intraday volatility is intense and the amplitude is large, and the huge diving pattern is common on the time-sharing chart. The sharp drop is the main feature.

Regardless of any stock market, the main feature in the shipment stage is the high-volume change of hands, the trend of jumping up and down on the time-sharing chart, either sharply rising and falling, or opening sharply higher all day unilateral decline, or Ups and downs. In order to ship goods, the dealer must create a huge shock amplitude, otherwise there is no room for shipment.

The difference between fishing line shipping and washing

(1) stock The position of

Most of the stocks shipped using this method are at high positions, or the hype of related sector concepts is nearing the end. Some people often confuse shipments with stock trading. Is it ridiculous to talk about stock trading with a stock that has doubled or even doubled?

(2) Is it ridiculous? Ascending stocks

The K-line center of gravity of stock prices must be upwards, with long moving averages, steadily rising along the trend line, trading volume is small and always average, and stock prices can continue to hit new highs.

Even if there are occasional dives, the stock price can recover immediately. The stocks in the shipment stage generally hesitate at high levels and continue to increase their volume. Not only can the stock price not reach a new high, the center of gravity is gradually falling.

(3) Careful observation on the time-sharing chart

The selling pressure on the disk of the stocks that are washed is extremely heavy; there are not only large orders, but And there are constantly large orders being thrown; and the stocks that are shipped will always pull up quickly in the intraday, and in order to maintain a good-looking market, the dealers often place large orders on the buying pad to show that the buying is strong.

Based on the above differences, the way to deal with fishing line shipments is:

First of all, try to avoid intervening in relevant stocks at the end of the sector concept. Pulling up the lure may be great.

Secondly, if you unfortunately intervene, pay attention to the short-period trend line or moving average. As long as you see that the trend line is broken and not recovered immediately (the daily K-line break is generally the best to recover within three days), then stop imagining, clear the position immediately, and restrain greed; stop the loss in time is an effective response method of last resort .


Investors may wonder how much this upward fishing line dealer can produce? In fact, the dealer’s cost is quite low, and the handling fee is only. When it fell by 50%in a row, the decisive funds were already out. Fortunately, the funds were waiting for a rebound, and the floating market basically rested. At this time, the knock-up and the follow-up are activated, and the shipping efficiency is greatly improved. Even if it fails, the number of shipments is limited.

It is not difficult to distinguish between shipping, shock warehouse and washing, depending on the transaction volume. The dealer’s deception line must be fake in terms of trading volume. Volume-price relationship is healthy, that’s a fake show! The shape is not good-looking, but it shows the characteristics of shrinkage. There are traces in the time-sharing diagram of the knock volume, and the concentrated volume is dense. Hey! If you are not skilled enough, you still have to ship first!

Fishing line is one of the most ferocious shipping methods. I hope everyone can think about the dealer’s shipping methods through fishing line.

Disclaimer:The content of the article is for reference only, not as investment advice!