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Guo Shuqing this A sentence thrown out in two days is actually very heavy, but many people don’t necessarily hear it. I try to interpret it for readers.

What did he say? He said that the price of financial derivatives fluctuates greatly.”data-gid=”194135″ qid=”6595506160030192900″>Investors have high requirements for professionalism and risk tolerance.

In other words, normal Participation of retail investors is tantamount to gambling in disguise, and losses are destined.

Those who speculate on foreign exchange, gold and other commodity futures, it is difficult for individuals to have a chance to make a fortune, just like betting that housing prices will never People who fall will end up paying a heavy price.

These words are very heavy, as heavy as his warning about P2P three years ago. At that time, he said, The rate of return exceeds 6%, and it’s a question mark. If it exceeds 8%, it’s very dangerous. 10%Above is ready to lose all principle.

What are the key words of this speech?

Is it real estate, foreign exchange, gold, commodity futures, yield or what? Let’s test the readers, can you catch the key words sharply?

The key word is ordinary people.

In fact, the biggest risk in this world is that there are too many people who are plainly ordinary, but they are always obsessed with self-confidence and feel like themselves not normal.

We were so confident yesterday that everyone can only see Wu Song, but you can’t see the hundreds of visitors who died in Jingyanggang before Wu Song.

What is Wu Song? Wu Song is the so-called head effect, the so-called survivor bias.

Whether you are ordinary or not, is the most profound topic before you. I hope everyone can face up to this topic. After all, most of the results of Mizhi’s self-confidence are not so beautiful.

There was an old saying in the past, don’t marry a beautiful wife if you have no money or power.

Why? Going to read the article a few days ago, the reason is very simple. Everyone is not guilty, and you are guilty of the crime, so you might be involved in yourself.

High-yield is like a beauty. If you don’t have the diamond, don’t do the porcelain work.

Risk and return must be complementary. If the risk is high, the return can be high, and if the risk is low, the return must be low.

Is there risk-free, high-yield?

Of course, but, but, but, you must understand. It is related to people.

You let me go to the tomb. That is high risk and high profit. If you let the head of the mountain partridge go to the tomb, it is low risk and high profit.

Where is the difference? The difference is between me and the partridge whistle:people are different.

Partridge whistle is born to be a tomb rob.

First of all, he is a member of the Zaklama tribe. This comes from the ghost blowing lantern series of novels. It is said that their tribe was fined two thousand years ago. The Queen of the Peerless Kingdom imposed a spell. From then on, the blood of all newborns from generation to generation will gradually turn golden and then die.

The only antidote to the spell is the legendary 雮 dust beads:it is said that it was left by the Yellow Emperor when he became a flying fairy. It is the courage of the Phoenix.

You can imagine how rare this thing is.

Therefore, in order to survive, their people have searched for generations to survive, and they have cultivated countless tomb robbers and formed the Taoist movement. One school.

I read this description, and I think this guy is good at it. He is not purely making up novels, although what he writes is making up genres.

People write genres, they all write to you with nose and eyes, which is quite logical.

Why do I say that?

First of all, Tian Xia Ba sang shows the inevitability that partridge whistle has to develop a tomb-robbing skill.

Grave robbery is a huge risk. The Zaklama people can’t be forced to do it, and they don’t want to.

But if you don’t steal the tomb, they will have to die. If you steal and die, if you don’t steal, you will die.

This is actually the premise of many things.

You seeJin Yong In the novel, Buddhism is revealed everywhere.

For example, whyZhang Wuji Have you practiced the Nine Suns Scriptures? Why did Linghu practice the Yi Jin Jing?

Because you don’t have to die.

Zhang Wuji has a cold toxin, and Linghu Chong’s body collides with different innocent qi. They don’t know the Nine Yang Zhen Jing, and they don’t change the tendon Jing. Then you have to die.

Let them meet. This is called the virtue of being good in God.

The author is not to make you cool, to make you bull, to show you, to make you the supreme martial arts, not for this, but It is a last resort.

If you think about it, the origin of many things in the world is a last resort. Wu Song didn’t believe in tigers, so he encountered tigers. He had no choice but to bite the bullet. This was called a last resort.

If he is really convinced that there are tigers, he still has to know that there are tigers in the mountains, and he must walk towards the mountains. It’s not called Wusong, it’s called seek death.

After opening up, the first generation of entrepreneurs were basically township entrepreneurs. Because he had to.

If he has an iron rice bowl, eats well, and lives well, his motivation will be much weaker. People often go far out unexpectedly in order to solve a difficult situation.

Jewish span> Doing business is not because of a well-developed and smart mind. This is an effect, not a cause.

You go to read the old and new testaments, look at Exodus, look at other ethnic groups in the Arab region today and how the Egyptians treated them in history?

No way, people also want a place where milk and honey flow. The question is where to go and where to be bullied by people.

They don’t want to settle, or farming. They are all bullying them.

If you don’t do business, and you don’t educate your children to be good, how can you do it? Can’t live.

You understand the history of others, and then look at the results, you will find it is not magical at all.

In such a bad situation, it will either be annihilated in the long river of history and become one of the many disappeared nations.

If this can survive, there must be two brushes in some way.

People have brushes when doing business. This is like the brushes used by the Zaklama on tomb robbers.

Is this over? It’s much more than that.

The first partridge post that moved to the mountain, his father is a Taoist who moved to the mountain, and his family and learning origin.

He wanted to get started when he was 13 years old, but the leader at the time thought he was young and refused to accept it.

So, as a child, he went to Wolf Valley alone, caught the little wolves as bait, and killed dozens of wolves in Wolf Valley.

I ask you, what were you doing when you were 13 years old?

Return to Wolf Valley? Dozens of wolves?

When you were thirteen years old, I’m afraid it would ask you to find a pigsty and kill dozens of pigs. You can’t do it. To.

This is the gap, the naked gap, brother.

People are better than people, and you have to shop around.

So if you want to make this kind of fortune, you must first ask yourself:

Are you a Zakrama?

Are you a Taoist mover?

Dare you go to Wolf Valley, or kill all the wolves, or don’t come back?

Do you see it? Three questions for the soul, step by step.

It is because of the gradual progress that you can survive. Because you were blocked in the first step.

I really don’t know why so many people in this world don’t likeThreshold. Is the old lady somersaulting and impatient?

When you were thirteen years old, you couldn’t even kill dozens of wolves. Would you dare to do this?

Do you know how many corpse kings are in the tombZongzi has become a refined python centipede, you can stand Come out?

All thresholds are to protect you, remember this.

Don’t thinkThe risk assessment report that the financial institution asks you to fill out is preventing you from becoming a rich person, and is creating a chasm between the rich and the poor. It’s not intended to be like this, it’s intended to protect you.

It asks you, what is your income? how old are you? What is your asset status? How many years of investment experience do you have? What is the biggest loss you can bear?

When I was young, I filled out this form for the first time, but I couldn’t fill it in any way. Finally forced me to try. How did you live?

Choose the highest income, the lowest age, the most assets, the longest experience, The risk to be taken must be completely explosion……

The moment I passed, I laughed.

I’m thinking, why is a person so young, with so many assets, and such a high stable income? Want to invest?

Is he crazy? Silly? Enough support? Just to bear such a big loss, panic?

until later I metThe person in charge of risk control at the bank found out after talking about it. This is the threshold that people set deliberately in order to be accountable to customers.

His original intention is to hope you can understand how dangerous what you are doing now is.

People have repeatedly reminded you that the danger of 999 deaths may not be the point of a lifetime. If you insist, then you have signed the life and death agreement.

Write it yourself and understand that you are almost as bull as a partridge post, sign and draw. Anyway, this is what you said, there is evidence here.

At that time, whether you are crying or not, please go toRooftop, no wonder it’s on the bank, you see, you wrote it yourself, you said you came from a partridge whistle.

I am writing this, not to tell everyone that you must choose to reject risk in everything. In fact, my personality is a riskist, not a risk averse.

However, the game has changed.

Do you think that the risk you are taking is still from zongzi? No, your risk comes from the partridge whistle.

The partridge whistle points to a large tomb and tells you that only high risks have high returns. You guys will be happy. , Then what did he do? He was picking equipment behind.

not only picking your clothes, picking your equipment, but also sending you to Wang Yuyan’s mother’s house to make flower fertilizer….. .

This is how they make money for partridges. They not only robbed the tomb, ran the grass and beaten rabbits, but also took you with them.

So you have to face two risks, from the zongzi and from the partridge whistle. The arena is commonly known as the leader of fire prevention, anti-theft and prevention.

In fact, take a step back, even if no one is stabbing a knife behind you, just facing the zongzi, are you sure? Have you looked in the mirror? Do you look like a zongzi?

Any investment is risky, any. For an investor, it is common sense to lose everything.

No other institutionTell the investors clearly that there is no such thing as a bottom line, and tell them clearly that you are at risk of losing your money, just like Cigarettes are compulsorily printed on smoking, which is harmful to health, but some have failed to do so.

And Guo Shuqing, what he is doing is such a thing. He said so many words, only one key point.

Be sure to look in the mirror.

Any attempt to obtain excess returns, you have to think about why it’s your turn?
The article is from the WeChat public account:Memory Carrying. Welcome to follow to read the full text.