Xinhua News Agency, Ningbo, January 21 (Reporter Gu Xiaoli) The Ningbo Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference on the 20th to introduce 17 measures for financial support for talent entrepreneurship and innovation. According to reports, Ningbo will provide enterprises with full life cycle financial services from the start-up stage, the growth stage to the mature stage of growth through the whole system of banking, capital, insurance, guarantee, financial leasing and other financial portfolios, guided by the development needs of talented enterprises.

The reporter learned that the Ningbo government will launch the”Four Firsts and One Complete”, that is, subsidies for the first loan, first equity investment, first landing on the capital market, and first financing lease for talent enterprises. Full subsidies will be provided to the guarantee costs of”Weidatong”.”This means that talent companies can apply for bank first loan discounts and free government financing guarantees from the moment they settle down. In the development process, there are finance leasing companies Strong support and risk protection of insurance companies.” said the relevant person in charge of Ningbo Local Financial Supervision Bureau.

In order to reduce the worries of financial institutions, Ningbo has set up a credit risk pool for talent enterprises with a total amount of 100 million yuan, and the single transaction issued by financial institutions does not exceed 5 million yuan, and the individual talents not exceeding 10 million yuan. If the actual loss occurs in the medium and long-term loans of the enterprise, the”risk pool” shall bear 80%of the loss after review. For the first loan amount that meets the requirements of the first loaner, if actual losses occur, the”risk pool” ratio can be increased to 90%.

In addition, Ningbo will support private equity funds registered with the China Securities Investment Fund Association to participate in the non-listing of Ningbo City For the equity investment of talent enterprises, for the first investment not less than 2 million yuan, a one-off subsidy of up to 1 million yuan will be given to the fund company at 3%of the first investment amount. Encourage financial leasing companies to develop financing products such as”technological leasing”,”rent + equity”, and provide diversified financing channels for talent enterprises to purchase new equipment and supplement working capital.

The relevant person in charge of the Ningbo Local Financial Supervision Bureau stated that the “17 financial support talents” changed the previous model of direct subsidies for talents and talent enterprises with fiscal funds, and focused on mobilizing the enthusiasm of financial institutions and guiding them through the use of fiscal funds. Role, urge financial institutions to increase investment and better support service talent enterprises. (End)