New Year’s Festival to stimulate local consumptionSuning buys together and Anhui Radio and Television to start live streaming with goods

Suning buys to create a localized and pan-entertainment live broadcast matrix on New Year’s Day Festival

What do Anhui people give away during the New Year? Let’s listen to what the local broadcaster says

“Started friends, started friends! Friends of the listeners of”Happy Copilot”, starting today, in addition to hearing the fun in our program You can also buy special New Year goods across the country.”

On January 11, Anhui Economic Radio’s live talk show”Happy Copilot” joined Suning to buy together, and launched”Anhui Meiyoupin” The live event of the New Year Festival as the theme. The hosts Xiaoyu and Xuanxiao, through Suning live broadcast and Douyin platform, recommended good New Year goods to local audiences. Gualouzi in Anqing Hall of the Chinese Specialty Museum, Anhui Changfeng Strawberry and other well-known local specialties, as well as special New Year goods from all over the country, are live Time was welcomed by the audience and audience.

getUrls?link=cf8a4efb9093d7b3e6f69df552f201f9 - New Year's Day to stimulate local consumption Suning buys together with Anhui Radio and Television to launch live broadcast of New Year's Day Festival

It is reported that, in order to better create a localized live delivery event, Suning Purchase has teamed up with Nanjing Radio and Television and Anhui Radio and Television ’s featured radio programs, by selecting products with regional characteristics and combining the fun of the programs, the broadcast variety show will be broadcast live to promote consumption in the local market.

Suning’s live broadcast team introduced that, based on a mature supply chain system, in addition to cultivating localized live broadcasts, Suning also built its own live broadcast matrix.

Currently, Suning’s 50,000 merchants buy live broadcasts from time to time every day. During the New Year’s Festival, two live direct live broadcasts of in-situ harvesting will be opened, including Qing’an corn, Jiangxi winter bamboo shoots, Zhoushan hairtail, Xiangxi bacon and other traditional Chinese new year products of origin, the taste of hometown is tangy.

In addition, Suning Buying is working hard to incubate its own anchor team Pinkgirl. PinkGirl is Suning’s live-streaming & 34; women’s group with goods. These girls are youthful and beautiful, lively and cute. They are mainly based on Suning’s purchase of the newly born DTC own ecological brand.

getUrls?link=32493c809a6beb36272460ac9d6b6383 - New Year's Day to stimulate local consumption Suning buys together with Anhui Radio and Television to launch live broadcast of New Year's Day Festival

Merchants origin live broadcast, focus on localized consumer circle live broadcasts, and incubate their own anchors. Suning’s live broadcast matrix has a clear context. Through efficient integration of the supply chain system, live broadcasts are localized and circled And pan-entertainment is also becoming more mature.

It is reported that starting in 2018, Suning has innovatively launched the”Going Up the Mountains and Down the Sea” operation, sending a direct mining team to go deep into the national agricultural production areas and industrial product industrial belts, seeking direct cooperation with producers . Up to now, Suning Purchase has 120 villages, 71 factories, and 68 industrial belts. The mature supply chain system has effectively empowered the live broadcast matrix.