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Harbin 99 Hongxia Street, located at On the south bank of Songhua River in Daoli District, Harbin, this is an exquisite building built at the beginning of the last century. Almost the same age as Harbin. The castle-like shape and the confusing life experience have attracted many scholars to explore! Now it is hidden in the green shade, and it looks more solemn and mysterious! For a long time, some people have said that this is the private residence of famous merchants, and it is also said that it is the United States.The villa of the overseas Chinese, some even said it was the mansion of the officials of the Puppet Manchukuo period. For a time, opinions were divided, Hongxia Street 99 The number has become a mystery in the hearts of Harbin people…

Here is about the former owner of No.99 Hongxia Street, a legend, but not worth it People who chant!

In 1932, 99 Hongxia Street…No, there was no Hongxia Street at that time, it was called Shangshi Street 16, come Got a new master. His name is Yu Chenchen. He was a prominent official of the Puppet Manchukuo, and he was the commander of the Harbin Fourth Military District at that time!

The first half of this man’s life was very smooth, A peaceful step in the sky. Had it not been for a gambling-like recklessness, perhaps his history would have been rewritten.

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Yu Chen Chen’s ancestors were born in Dengzhou, Shandong. His ancestors fled from famine during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty and settled in Qixingpaozi Village, Shanhe Township, Wuchang County. As the ancestors were diligent in farming, life gradually became richer. By his father’s generation, his family owned thousands of acres of fertile land, and opened in Jilin, Shuangcheng and other places. There are shops such as cooking pots, grocery stores, and grain warehouses. The family industry is known as”Nine Heavens and Eighteen Virtues”, that is, nine days of trade and 18 German stores.

It is said that”Tian Deshen” in Xie’s house in Yushu,”Tian Desheng” and”Tian Deqing” in Shulan are all from the family. Some people even say that the name of Tiande Township in Shulan City is derived from this. The above textual research, no matter the details, in short, Yu Chenchen lives in a wealthy family. He was sent to a private school by his father since he was a child, and then transferred to Foreign School to study. After completing his studies, he was introduced to Qiqihar, where he was the governor and military supervisor of Heilongjiang Province at the time Heilongjiang Province governor and military affairs supervisor’s officeHeilongjiang Province Governor and Military Supervisory OfficeHeilongjiang Province Governor and Military Supervisory OfficeHeilongjiang Province span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”12020854″ qid=”6595506337256314126″>Wu Junsheng‘s subordinate became a platoon leader. Because he was educated, he was sent to Baoding Jiangwutang for further study. After graduation, he was promoted to company commander. After that, he got acquainted with Warlord Zhang Zuoxiang, transferred to his command, and was appreciated by Zhang Zuoxiang. From company commander to major general brigade commander. He became famous for suppressing bandits and was promoted to be a lieutenant general.

Yu Chenzheng was able to become a teacher, his official career was prosperous, and his ambitions grew day by day. In 1925, Zhang Zuolin’s army commanderGuo Songling, due to dissatisfaction with Zhang Zuolin’s political views, decided to contact Feng Yuxiang , to instigate Chen Chen to jointly oppose Feng. Bewitched by Guo Songling, Yu Chenchen misjudged the situation and decided to take the risk and attack Jilin in order to seize greater political capital. So he led his troops to respond and took the military power of Zhang Zuoxiang, who was so kind to him. But contrary to expectations, Guo Songling was betrayed by Feng Yuxiang, and the Japanese helped Zhang Zuolin, Guo Jun was defeated and defeated. Guo Songling and his wife ran away with makeup and were arrested by Fengjun in a vegetable kiln in a farmhouse in Xinmin County on December 24. On the 25th, after being taken to Lao Dafang in Liaozhong County, Guo Songling and his wife Han Shuxiu were shot. Seeing that the general situation was gone, Yu Chenchen knew that his crime was a punishment, so he abandoned the official and fled to Harbin. Later, through mediation, a huge gift was sent to Zhang Zuolin to avoid being pursued and killed. So far, Yu Chenchen’s first political life, after his risky gambling, has a tragic curtain call!

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Unwilling to be lonely, Yu Chenchen began his more legendary second half of his life.

I started doing business in Harbin. This is related to a blonde Russian widow. This woman was a well-known socialite in Hafu at the time, and she had close contacts with business people. Through her recommendation, Yu Chenchen met a giant Russian businessman. The two invested in a coal mine in Muling, and Yu Chenchen served as General Manager. Later, a light bulb factory was built in Shuangcheng. The business was pretty good, and Yu Chen started as a businessman grandiosely. In his spare time, he continued with two wives. The Russian woman also became his third wife. The two wives from her hometown and the four women’s solid home made up for some political loss. However, half of his many wives are unfaithful. He often cheated on his lover, which made Yu Chenchen very annoyed and divorced his two wives one after another.

Perhaps, the old Chinese saying has been fulfilled, but the frustration in love has brought another glory in his officialdom!

After the”September 18″ incident broke out, Xi Qia acted as the deputy commander of the Northeast Frontier Defense Army in Jilin and Jilin Province Chairman Zhang Zuoxiang’s all Jilin government and civil affairs. When the Japanese attacked Jilin, Xi Qia cooperated with Japan and served as the chief of Jilin Province Governor’s Office. In order to piece together the pseudo-government, this big traitor with Aisin Jueluo royal blood, sent someone to find Yu Chenchen, who was famous for a while, mobilized him to come out again. After being introduced by Xiqia, Yu Chenchen met Duomen, the commander of the second division of the Kwantung Army, and was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Northern Manchurian crusade and the commander of the Northern Manchurian Road Guard Army.

After the establishment of the Puppet Manchukuo, he was awarded the rank of general. From an old warlord who went out of the field to a powerful figure who dominates one side and holds the military power, Yu Chenzheng even more desperately loyal to the Japanese, and gradually climbed up to the commander-in-chief of the”suppression bandit” of the pseudo-Jilin Province and the pseudo-fourth military officer area. Commander and Governor of Sanjiang Province, Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese and Puppet Joint”Destroyer Team”, Puppet Ministry of Public SecurityHigh position of Minister. At this stage, Yu Chenchen is proud of the spring breeze. He is the new owner of No. 99 Hongxia Street we are talking about today.

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1936 , He led the puppet army to conduct a one-and-a-half year crusade against the anti-Japanese coalition forces. The group tribe and the UNPROFOR system cut off the connection between the common people and the anti-Japanese coalition forces, encircled and killed anti-journalists and innocents The more than 30,000 people of the People’s Republic of China caused heavy damage to the central part of the Anti-Union League Zhao Shangzhi and Zhou Bao; at the same time, they also instigated Li Huatang and Xie Wendong. His hands are stained with Chinese blood, and it can be described as exhaustive.

Before this, Yu Chenchen had visited Japan. The Emperor of Japan awarded him a chrysanthemum medal. Japan’s highest military councillor Sadao Araki presented him with a sword. Japanese Kwantung Army CommanderHonjo Fan presented him with a Japanese kimono. With the praise of these high-ranking Japanese officials, Yu Chenzheng became more confident after returning to China. He no longer satisfies the position of Minister of Public Security and wanted to replace Zhang Jinghui served as the prime minister of Manchukuo.

In 1943, Yu Chenzhen was lying in his luxurious mansion the sofa was dreaming of the prime minister, an appointment book brought him back to reality. The emperor of the Puppet Manchukuo appointed him as the”Military Counselor.” The Counselor was actually an idle post with no real power. On the surface, Yu Chenchen was reused, but he was actually deprived of his position as Minister of Public Security. Although Yu Chenchen was displeased with this appointment, it must be his recklessness when he was young, and it still taught him a lesson. He began to pamper himself. In my spare time, I also started to learn from his Japanese master, and set up a monument for one of his dead war horses, in order to lighten his ambition…

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Of course, the outside world has different opinions about his dismissal:some say it is because he wants to be The Prime Minister offended Zhang Jinghui. Zhang Jinghui cut off his competitors by the Japanese hands; others said that he had no virtue after drinking, and was drunk at a banquet when he went to Jilin for business, and rudely teased the Japanese geisha. The commander of the Kwantung Army was very upset and thought his behavior The consequences of”too frivolous”. In any case, Yu Chenchen’s ups and downs in the second half of his life seem to be related to women. This seems to be an insurmountable vicious circle for this man.

In 1945, the general trend of the Japanese was gone, and Yu Chenchen, who was frightened and frightened, learned from the broadcast that the Chongqing Kuomintang government listed him as a Class A war criminal, and was immediately shocked. span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”4430871″ qid=”6579565472205772039″>The Seven Orifices bleed and died suddenly.

The former owner of Hongxia Street ended his shameless life in this way. However, this old house is still there, it records this period of history, and it also leaves infinite reveries for future generations.

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