Beijing is a”restricted license and restricted traffic” city. In terms of quantity, the number of new energy vehicles has surpassed that of fuel vehicles in the new small passenger vehicle indicators every year. To this end, Zhang Xuesong, a member of the CPPCC, suggested that in the face of the new pattern of rapid popularization of electric vehicles that is about to usher in, we should actively respond and do a good job in vehicle operation services and energy supporting services and various preparations.

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“electric What is the most fear of car owners? There is no place to charge, and there is a place to charge but can’t charge.”Zhang Xuesong said that with the development of new energy vehicles Popularity, many parking lots have insufficient parking spaces, and fuel vehicles occupy charging pile parking spaces prominently.

Zhang Xuesong believes that in the future, parking lots should strive to be equipped with a charging pile for every two parking spaces and promote intelligent and orderly charging systems. Even if fuel vehicles occupy spaces, they will not cause new energy vehicles to fail to charge. Electricity.

Faced with the difficulty of installing charging piles, Committee Member Zhang Xuesong also suggested that new residential parking spaces all reserve charging conditions; Increase the proportion of charging piles in existing parking lots, install public charging piles and provide after-sales service.

Source Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Li Bo

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