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The production line of Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd. is stepping up production. Photo by Zhang Wenkui

Shenyang Industry is realizing a V-shaped reversal driven by leading enterprises in the industry. A few days ago, CRRC Qiche Group Shenyang Company (hereinafter referred to as”CRRC Shenyang”) sent a happy report:In 2020, the company’s inspection and repair and the production of new trucks have achieved success. It has completed 3,020 orders for new trucks and 7,717 orders for maintenance trucks, and at the same time, it is in excess The annual operating indicators issued by Cheqiche Group.

Looking back on the extraordinary year of 2020, CRRC Shenyang has withstood the impact of the new crown epidemic and proactively adapted to railway freight carsclass="entity-word" data-gid="11013855"> span>Many new situations such as the reform of the repair schedule and the adjustment of market demand have achieved business expectations with the greatest efforts, and have fully won the”anti-epidemic prevention and control war” and the”production and management battle”.

Enterprises find the right direction to turn crises into opportunities

The person in charge of the enterprise told reporters that in 2020, the number of orders for the company’s truck maintenance system will be significantly reduced year-on-year, and the types of maintenance vehicles will be uneven. The great difficulty of gondola cars with a large degree of damage and more than half of them. The challenge pressure is regarded as a test in the company’s high-quality development process, as an opportunity to”practice internal strength, strengthen the main business, and develop its strength”. The company adopted a new measure of”integration of manufacturing and repair”, breaking through the production bottleneck of the entire chain. From May to December, front-line employees worked overtime for 8 consecutive months to produce, achieving a new breakthrough in truck maintenance against the trend.

Similarly, as a representative enterprise of advanced manufacturing, the company announced at the Shengu Group 2021 working conference , In 2020, Shen Gu will continue to maintain”double-digit” growth in operating revenue and profits, especially driven by the third quarter performance, the company has achieved new breakthroughs in ordering, and signed a number of orders with important significance and significant impact .

High-quality development is the best”vaccine” for companies to respond to the epidemic. In the past year, Shengu Group, through its persistent pursuit of digital transformation, comprehensively transformed the management process with information and digital methods and platforms. Empower the management and control model, improve the total factor allocation rate and productivity, and strive for high-quality development of the enterprise.

Finding the right direction and turning crises into opportunities is the epitome of the current growth of industrial enterprises above designated size in Shenyang.

How can we maintain a good posture?

In 2020, facing the huge impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the city’s economy, Shenyang’s industrial economy has shown strong resilience. The city’s industrial value added above designated size increased by 2.8%year-on-year, and the growth rate was the same as that of the country. , 1 percentage point higher than the province. At the same time, Shenyang’s industry and information system has done a solid job of”six stability”, fully implemented the”six guarantees” task, and worked hard to relieve the difficulties of enterprises; the whole city has made hard work and efforts to gradually restore the vitality of Shenyang’s economy. The indicators have stabilized and improved, sending more and more”warmness” signals.

After the indicator turns positive, how can we maintain a good posture? The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology believes that Shenyang’s industrial development will focus on the strategic positioning of Shenyang’s”one hub and four centers” to build a national advanced manufacturing center, adhere to the advanced industrial base and modernization of the industrial chain, and make every effort to improve the industrial structure. Adjusted the three major articles of”Old Brand”,”Original Brand” and”New Brand” to achieve a good start for the”14th Five-Year Plan” and a comprehensive new era in ShenyangRevitalizationAll-round revitalization has made new breakthroughs and played a greater role.

In the next step, Shenyang will give full play to the supporting role of technological independence and self-reliance on industrial development, focusing on key areas of equipment manufacturing, industrial basic technology, and key links in the industrial chain, making breakthroughs in a number of new technologies and developing a number of new products , Upgrade a batch of new processes. At the same time, focusing on the six major equipment fields of transportation, intelligence, machinery, electric power, integrated circuits, and medical care, we will focus on making up the shortcomings and forging the long boards, and implement a closed loop from the”industrial chain map-the list of breakpoints and weaknesses-classification backup-strong chain supplement chain” The solution is to build a symbolic industrial chain, form a complete industrial chain system, and make new and greater contributions to Shenyang’s goal of doubling the manufacturing industry and building a national central city.