Source:People’s Daily Overseas Edition

According to Xinhua News Agency Macau Telegraph (Reporter (Li Hanfang) Starting from January 21st, Macao residents can pass through the Macao Federation of Trade Unions and its affiliated labor unions, 23 branches of institutions, 8 ICBC Macau branches, ICBC 8 designated branches of Zhuhai branch and 2 designated branches of ICBC Hengqin branch handle 10 social insurance services in Zhuhai. The service scope covers all areas of Macau, which is convenient for holdingZhuhai Macao residents with residence permit.

According to the introduction, the contract signed by the Federation of Trade Unions with Zhuhai Social Insurance Fund Management Center and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is an innovative service, hoping to further promote the flow of people in the Greater Bay Area and accelerate the integration of Macau The pace of national development.

Zhang Guobin, director of the Zhuhai Social Insurance Fund Management Center, introduced that as of the end of December 2020, 9835 Macau residents have participated in the resident medical insurance in Zhuhai, and the participating residentsEndowment insurance 3804 people, 53 people who enjoy resident pension benefits and receive pensions on a monthly basis.