The last day of the “May 1st” small holiday, our “May 1st Financial Observation” is also the last day.

On May 4th, Beijing time, Bill Gates announced his divorce on the grounds that he “no longer believes in growing together in the next part of his life.” This reason does make Many people find it too tall and difficult to understand. The author is concerned that the Chinese media’s most concern about the divorce of Gates is how to divide the more than 130 billion US dollars of property. There are even speculations from the media whether it was because Biden announced that he would increase taxes on the rich. The couple used divorce to avoid taxes. Fortunately, no one guessed that the divorce was to buy an extra house.

Although talking about money hurts feelings, Gates’ divorce did trigger thinking about wealth.

The author noticed that in the latest ranking of the richest people in the United States, 8 of the top 10 richest people are high-tech and Internet industry. Including Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, Oracle’s Ellison, Larry of Google. Page and Sergey. Brin and Ballmer of Microsoft. This roughly reflects the global competitiveness of the United States in the high-tech and Internet fields.

In the latest issue of Forbes rankings, Nongfu Spring’s Zhong Suisui, the second one is Ma Huateng, the third place is Pinduoduo’s Huang Zheng, the fourth place is Ma Yun, followed by Wang Wei, He Xiangjian family, Zhang Yiming, Li Ka-shing, Qin Yinglin, Ding Lei . From the top 10 rankings in China, the Internet, new retail, logistics, etc. are the main focus. Li Ka-shing is the only The real estate industry is a rich man, and none of the mainland real estate tycoons has entered the top ten.

This almost shows that the the era of the rich real estate.The curtain is over. In addition, Qin Yinglin of Muyuan Stock has soared because of the surge in pork prices in the previous two years. However, as pork The price enters a downward trend period, and it is estimated that it is difficult to maintain its position in the rankings.

Zhong Suisui is still ranked first. The greatest significance of this matter is to tell everyone that the so-called high-tech make money is not necessarily reliable in China. Take a look at the top ten enterprises. Although some are in the Internet industry, the high-tech ones are not many. Nongfu Spring is just a porter of nature, so making money still surprises many people.

I concluded last year that the law of wealth in China is very”water”, that is, last year the most profitable four bottles of water:Nongfu Spring, Haitian Soy Sauce, Arowana and Moutai.

Rather than a high-tech industry, even those Internet companies that rank high on the rich list, the most profitable thing is not to do some finance Loan is selling vegetables and cheap things, or playing games. There are really few tall ones. And some experts fudge what fortune track is completely different.

Chinese people love wealth and are keen to listen to lectures on the”most profitable industry in the next cycle” by some experts, and there is no such thing as a nationwide wealth frenzy. Reproachable. In many of the author’s own lectures, because I never talked about what is the most profitable in the next cycle, so in the final interactive session, there are always audiences who can’t help but ask:What is the best investment in the second half of this year? Or, which industry you are optimistic about in the next cycle. When I tell them that no investment is called the”best investment” and no industry is called the”best industry”, they are always disappointed that my answer is hard to conceal. I have been fooled a lot. When you tell the truth, everyone is not used to it.

The reason is very simple. If there is an industry that is the”best industry” and there is an investment called the”best investment”, everyone will go into this industry. , No one does anything else. This is basic common sense. The fact is that in any industry, there are some who make money and some who lose money. For example, Moutai’s gross profit margin exceeds 90%, and its profits exceed half of the profits of the liquor industry. Other liquor companies and Moutai are almost not in the heavyweight category, and some even lose money.

This is especially true in the drinking water industry. Nongfu Spring makes money, but there are many losers. As for the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, new retail and other industries on the tallest, not only are not profiteering industries, but the competition is so fierce that it is hard to see. It is a fact that only a few companies can really survive and make money. The real estate industry that many people hate is also the industry’s net profit margin is far below many people’s imagination. The number of companies that go bankrupt has reached a record high every year. Almost every city has unfinished buildings left behind due to a broken capital chain. , This is also true.

In the logic of making money, you hear it in the market Many of the views are basically fooling the common people. Under normal circumstances, when I see”the top ten industries I like in the second half of the year” and”the top ten investment hotspots in the post-epidemic era”, I can basically conclude that this is a lie. There are only the most profitable companies, not the most profitable industries. This is the simplest common sense.

However, considering 80%People are willing to be fooled and are willing to accept myths, so these unreliable”wealth outlook” reports have a big market. These fools, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, the other is to deceive people by these gimmicks, and the other is the most wanting to get something for nothing, hoping to find an investment field that is the easiest to make money. We should not be sympathetic, but it is indeed our obligatory responsibility to improve the financial quotient of the public. My”Different Economic and Investment Trends” class repeatedly told you this truth. In summary, there are a few:

First, there are no “ten most promising industries” in this world.

Remember, The big wave of Chinese wealth is over. The so-called end of the big wave means that the most profitable industry will appear in China every 10 years, and the era of the industry with the most wealthy people is over. When someone gives you an outlook on the best industry, if you are looking for the”best industry”, it is tantamount to throwing yourself into the net. Remember, if there is no such thing, if there is, they will do it early and won’t tell you.

Second, high-end It does not mean making money, and the low-end does not mean making money.

In fact, money is fundamental It doesn’t matter whether it is high-end or low-end, is it that selling chips must be more profitable than selling roast duck? This is a great misunderstanding in concept. As you can see now, many inconspicuous areas in China are actually very profitable, and in those areas that are glamorous on the surface, you will find corpses everywhere. Those who do high-end steel do not make money at the low end, those who do high-end cars do not make money as agricultural vehicles, and those who do high-tech do not make money as steamed buns. This is a cruel fact and the greatest truth about wealth.

Third, in In China, there are still many opportunities to make money in the field of eating, drinking and playing, depending on whether you will do it with your heart.

Lao Ganma It is very profitable and has inspired many people to visually observe that a group of godmothers in the condiment field are on their way to making a fortune. As long as people are alive, they need to eat, drink and have fun, whether the first wave or the back wave, these four words are inseparable. Water is more profitable than wine, which was considered a joke in the past, but now it has become a bloody fact. Of course, I said that there is no most profitable industry, only the most profitable company. Whether you can become a”godmother” depends on the competitiveness of your product itself.

Fourth, if To say what the next era is the era of wealth, it can be said that it is an era of professionalism and money.

Everyone He can only make money in his field of knowledge. Money is not easy to make. There are opportunities to make money in any field, such as the stock market, real estate, retail, education, etc. However, which company will make money requires specialized research. The age of aunts who don’t rely on any professional knowledge to invest is over. For ordinary people, the only way to make money in the field of investment is to learn. In the long run, wealth is directly proportional to a person’s cognition and thinking ability. of.