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On January 21, the reporter from the Songshan Lake Management Committee The meeting was informed that according to the arrangement of the on-site headquarters of the Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, the Songshan Lake International innovation entrepreneurial community’s first batch of project signing ceremony and Songshan The Lake Angel Investment Fund launch conference will be held on January 22.

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Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community has been unveiled for half a year. What results have been achieved during this period? Why are innovation factors converging in the community? To solve the mystery, the reporter recently walked into the Songshan Lake International Innovation Entrepreneurship community.

getUrls?link=74a633428d7167eb904af7119ae193c9 - Looking back half a year, why the Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community can gather innovative elements?

More than 60 community multi-form reserve projects

At the entrance, a stone engraved with”Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community” comes into view . The word”international” makes the community”wide-sighted” and is actively recruiting innovative and entrepreneurial teams at home and abroad; the word”innovation” requires the community to be”high-style”, and community recruitment projects are mainly concentrated in the forefront of high-tech industries; and”entrepreneurship” Emphasis on”practical work style”, the projects attracted by the community have already conducted market research in the early stage, and have certain development prospects, which are in line with the main theme of industrial development in the park.

“At present, we have had many discussions with the team of Professor Li Zexiang, and the preliminary work plan for the science innovation training camp has been formulated In the next step, it is planned to rely on Professor Li Zexiang’s team and various scientific research institutions to openly recruit students to carry out entrepreneurship training; at the same time, relying on the city’s prestigious graduate education and development center and various scientific research institutions, the joint training of graduate students will be the mainstay, and entrepreneurship training will be carried out by industry. Create a strong atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship in the community.” said the head of the integrated coordination group of the Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community Field Command.

In order to support the creation of a highland for innovation and entrepreneurship, the community site headquarters organizes scientific research institutions in the community to build around the R&D field and existing resources Innovative Workshop strives to build a shared medium (small) test workshop, public laboratory and other pilot verification platforms to serve start-ups and entrepreneurs. The first batch of 5 innovation workshops that are mature and open to the outside world are the”Energy Material and Device Innovation Workshop” of the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, the”Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Workshop” of the Guangdong Intelligent Robot Research Institute, and South China Collaboration”Polymer Material Innovation Workshop” of Innovation Research Institute,”Industrial Design Innovation Workshop” of Dongguan South China Design and Innovation Institute, and”Robot Innovation Workshop” of Dongguan Songshan Lake International Robot Research Institute.

According to the data provided by the Investment Promotion Team of the Community Headquarters, the community currently reserves more than 60 projects in various forms, from which 13 high-quality projects that need to be implemented are selected, and will be released in November 2020. At the beginning of the month, expert argumentation was conducted. Among them, Aosheng Intelligent, Senfeng Technology, Gonghe Electronics, Xiaodou Intelligent, Aoxin Intelligent, Disheng Intelligent, Jiuto New Materials and other projects have been signed and will be implemented one by one.

Why are innovative elements willing to gather here? The reporter found out that in creating an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the community has also made great efforts. In the past six months, the 6th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Academician Summit IBT Results Conference, Songshan Lake Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and”Gathering Talents to Create the Future” Songshan have been held successively. Large-scale events such as the Lake Talent Night, the first technical manager training class of the National Technology Transfer Talent Training Base (Guangdong), and the Songshan Lake original concert. At the same time, various new research and development institutions in the community were organized to carry out various academic activities, alumni associations, etc., to show the outside world a brand-new image and development concept of the community.

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Science and innovation atmosphere is strong, urban fireworks are more intense

Visitors passing by the community landmark stone will notice the Songshan Lake Material Laboratory next to it. Recalling that he was here at the beginning of the year, Dr. Ren Zhiheng, the technical leader of the porous ceramics team of the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, said that the surrounding facilities are not complete.

“Nowadays, the development has taken on a new look. Not only is the atmosphere for scientific research getting stronger, but the city’s fireworks are getting stronger. The Jiafentiandi business district is right next to the laboratory, and the journey takes less than five minutes, which can basically satisfy the daily Entertainment needs.” Ren Zhiheng said.

Community entrance renovation, community logo update, community road optimization, underground garage upgrade… Since its inauguration on July 24, 2020, Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community has been planning construction, attracting investment, and upgrading the environment In other respects, he was full of enthusiasm, and”earth-shaking” changes took place in just six months.

At the end of September 2020, Jiafentiandi, a community innovation supporting service area, officially opened. It aims to provide high-end catering and retail services to the community and surrounding areas. It will satisfy the community’s 9 new R&D institutions and more than 400 technology The leisure, entertainment and life supporting service needs of more than 300,000 people in 3 colleges and 12 mature residential areas within 3 kilometers.

“In the past, we could only talk about cooperation in the office or in the laboratory. Now it is convenient. You can talk at the table or in the coffee shop.” Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory Porous Ceramics The relevant person in charge of the team said.

The head of the integrated coordination group of the Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community Field Command said that around the overall goal of community innovation, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation, the community will continue to increase community manpower and capital investment in the future. Focus on the introduction of projects, the organization of science and technology training camps, the construction of technical service platforms, spatial coordination, the construction of government service platforms, and the upgrading of supporting environments for entrepreneurship.

It is foreseeable that with the establishment of the Songshan Lake angel investment fund, the development of the community and related projects will become more powerful”.

Text:Zhang Shuai

Photo:Zhang Shuai Photo courtesy of Songshan Hurong Media Center

Editor:Li Shiying