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Author:our guest author Jiuyu Pavilion

In July, 208 BC, Li Si was sentenced to five sentences. Xianyang was cut to death. Before the execution, Li Si and his second son went from the prison to the execution ground together. The son cried to Li Si:”I still want to lead the yellow dog with you to catch the rabbit at Cai Dongmen in my hometown as before. But now there is still this kind of thing. What day is it?”

The father and son cried in each other’s arms, but they were helpless. Li Si’s parents, clansmen, and brothers were all killed. Li Si had made great contributions to the Qin Dynasty, and he was a highly respected minister, so why didn’t anyone in the Manchu civil and military intercede for him before he died?

1. Li Si made great contributions to the Six Kingdoms in Qin’s unified , The guest qing of the six countries hated him.

Li Si was originally a native of Chu. For power and wealth, he came to Qin, just like our modern Young people all yearn for big cities. After all, big cities have more opportunities and are easier to succeed. When Li Si arrived in Qin, he defected to Lu Buwei and became his servant.

Lu Buwei took a fancy to Li Si’s talent and promoted Li Si to the rank of official. It was with this relationship that Li Si met Qin Wang Yingzheng. At that time, Qin was strong and other countries were relatively weak. If you seize the opportunity to unify the six countries, you can achieve unparalleled great achievements.

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Li Si persuades Yingzheng, It is recommended that they seize the opportunity to buy the insightful people of the princes, and secretly provoke right and wrong to destroy the unity between the princes, and then send troops to attack, and it will be a matter of course.

Historical materials record”Qin Wang is an order to remove the guest, and Li Si is reclaimed, and the soldier uses his strategy. From the official to the court. For more than 20 years, Actually merge The world, the lord is the emperor, and Ess is the Prime Minister.”

At that time there was a person called Zheng Guo’s technicians went to Qin to conduct espionage activities, and were later discovered by Qin, so Ying Zheng issued an order to expel the guest officials from other countries, and Li Si was also there Among them, Li Si, relying on his three-inch tongue, actually said that Ying Zheng made him change his mind. Not only did Li Si get promoted, Ying Zheng also adopted the Strategy.

Under Li Si’s planning, in Qin Jun With unremitting efforts, the King of Qin finally wiped out the six kingdoms for more than 20 years and completed the unification. Reunification is great, but it is disastrous for those subjects who have lost their country. Countless creatures have lost their lives in exchange for Qin Shihuang ‘s great achievement.

Before Qin unified the six countries, Qin had many guest officials from other countries. They contributed their efforts to Qin. Of course, the main purpose of these guest officials was to seek Wealth, but, under Li Si’s plan, the six nations have destroyed, and these guest officials have also died. Poor homeless man.

Although Li Si has become the prime minister of Qin and has a noble status, it is precisely because of his strategy that the Six Nations was destroyed, even if those guest Qing did not dare to attack face to face. , I also hate Li Si in my heart, wishing to let him die sooner.

2. Burning a large number of books has offended countless Scholars

Qin Shihuang unified the entire territory and became the only first emperor in history. Most of the ministers were singing praises, but they also heard different voices. Qi Ren Chunyu played on Yue, suggesting that Emperor Qin Shihuang divide the clan. According to the ancient system, this can ensure long-term stability.

When yes, Li Si rights fall in the hands

span>, Li Si personally formulated and implemented many of the Qin dynasty systems. He didn’t want to hear any opposition, so he played Qin Shihuang, suggesting the abolition of private private works to unify thought and ideology.

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Historical materials It records”The minister invites all those who have literary poetry and a hundred schools of thoughts, and they will remove them. After 30 days, the tattoo will be the city Dan.”

Although Li Si’s The idea is selfish, but the abolition of the works of the philosophers and hundreds of schools, the Qin Dynasty’s ruling It must be positive. Qin Shihuang agreed to Li Si’s suggestion, such as”Shangshu,”Three Hundred Poems”, Zhu Zibai The books of the family were all burned out. If you do not actively burn them within 30 days of the order, you will not only be punished with , is to engrave on the face, but also to send to repair the Great Wall.

Because the methods were too rough, Li Si offended all the scholars in the world.

3. Li Si In The Change of Sand Dunes, tamper with the edict and set up Hu Hai as the emperor, letting the whole world disappointed strong>

Before the change of the sand dunes, Li Siguan worshipped the prime minister from the left, he was of high position, and his reputation among the hundred officials was not low. If Li Si chooses to fight against Zhao Gao, who Victory or defeat is unknown.

However, for the sake of his fame and power, Li Si chose to cooperate with Zhao Gao worked in the same way, tampered with his will, and made Hu Hai the emperor. Anyone can make mistakes. There is no perfect person. Li Si does the same. But Li Si made a mistake that he couldn’t make. Because of Li Si and Zhao Gao’s enthusiasm, they directly let Qin Dynasty is headed for destruction.

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In addition, Fu Su, Meng Tian was also given to death one after another, Li Si retained his position, but also lost his most precious dignity. In the eyes of the people of the world, they knew that when the first emperor passed away, it was necessary to help Su ascend to the throne. Hu Hai was the eighteenth son of Qin Shihuang, and the throne would not be his turn.

The usurpation of the throne is a solid fact. Li Si is not only an accomplice, but also a sinner of the entire dynasty. Regarding Li Si’s fall, even if a hundred officials dare not say anything, he must be in his heart. Full of contempt for it.

Four. Zhao Gaoquan was in the hands of the people, no one dared to provoke them

History records”killing ministers Meng Yi etc. Twelve sons were killed in Xianyang City, ten princesses died in Du, and property For the county official, there are countless people who sit next to each other.”

After Hu Hai ascended the throne, Zhao Gao grasped the authority of the court. Next, Hu Hai began to implement high-pressure rule. Hu Hai sentenced all his brothers and sisters to capital punishment and displayed their bodies on the market, warning everyone that the clan’s property had been confiscated and countless people had been implicated and died.

With the help of Hu Hai, Zhao Gao began to crack down on dissidents. It can be said that those who follow me prosper against me and perish. Under the severe punishment, all the civil and military officials were in danger, and no one dared to touch Zhao Gao’s brows.

Although Li Si has been blackened, in essence, Li Si still hopes that the country can develop in a good direction, so Li Si has repeatedly advised Hu Hai. Hu Hai didn’t listen at all, and caused Li Si to kill him.

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people People are selfish if they don’t kill themselves for their own sake. Li Si can become an accomplice of Zhao Gao for the sake of his position. Then the officials can be an ostrich for their own lives.

Hu Hai obeyed Zhao Gao’s words. Under Zhao Gao’s deterrence, no one dared to intercede Li Si. After Li Si died, in order to test his authority, Zhao Gao also engaged in a farce of arrogance and re-established his supremacy.

Li Si’s death, of course, could not awaken the officials. After all, he did it by himself, but under Hu Hai’s brutal rule, the uprising team sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, until its destruction. That day in the Qin Dynasty.

Li Si’s ability is very strong. He used Legalist thought to help Qin Shihuang complete the great cause of unification and achieved supreme feats. However, he was too obsessed with power and fame. Astray, ruined his own future and life.

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