According to foreign media reports, for those who travel mainly short distances in the city, a fully electric car may exceed Their needs, but an electric bicycle is not enough. This has just become an opportunity for the birth of a three-wheel, fully enclosed LEF electric vehicle. This LEF designed by Erik Vegt and Dave Goudeket-the leaders of the Dutch company EV Mobility-is actually three years old. However, people don’t know much about it except that it comes from the Netherlands.

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Through the throttle control system installed on the steering wheel, the top speed of this car can reach 25km/h-so needless to say, LEF is more suitable for driving on bicycle lanes rather than highways.

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One of its rear wheels is driven by a 1000-watt engine, and the other is powered by a 10A/48V lithium battery. This battery can be charged through a household power outlet, and it is reported that the range on a single charge is about 30 kilometers. Consumers can choose a battery of 20A or 30A specification, which will double or triple this cruising range.

The main part of the LEF is made of recyclable polyethylene. According to reports, the entire vehicle weighs 90 kg, and it can handle a maximum payload of 200 kg.

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Some of its other features include an LCD screen-which can display data such as charging level, speed and driving distance, front and rear LED lighting-including turn indicators, USB ports for charging smartphones, and A 50-liter cargo area behind the seat backrest. Optional accessories are a set of side mirrors and electric wipers.

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LEF starts at 4380 euros, and there are seven colors to choose from. Although drivers do not need a driver’s license-at least in the Netherlands, they must be at least 16 years old.