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After leaving Huawei, Honor ushered in its first show.

On the morning of January 22nd, Honor released the V40 mobile phone, which is the first since Glory left Huawei Flagship new machine.

Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., stated at the press conference that Honor has had an extremely difficult but very meaningful time in the past five months or so.

Zhao Ming revealed:In the terminal supply chain, especially in semiconductor procurement, production and delivery, AMD, Samsung, Microsoft, Qualcomm, MTK and other suppliers have all completed the signing of the agreement with Honor. In other words, in the future, at least in the field of 4G and 5G chips, Honor will no longer face the”core shortage”.

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Zhao Ming said that the new positioning of Honor is to create a global icon Technology brand.”In the future, Honor’s product strategy will continue to be 1+8+N, but it will move towards mid-to-high-end and build top-level flagships.”

This Honor’s V40 mobile phone starts at 3,599 yuan and is equipped with MediaTek. Ji 1000+ chips.

V40 is the first product of New Glory, and it is also a touchstone for New Glory. From the perspective of sales, the V40 is selling more hotly. According to Honor Mobile’s official blog, Honor V40 sold out after only 3 minutes and 46 seconds on the four major online platforms. To some extent, this shows that the quality of Honor is still there, and the fans that support it are still there, but there is still a long way to go without the glory of Huawei.

Why split the glory?

As an important layout of Huawei’s smartphones, the Honor brand was born in 2013. It is geared towards young people and adheres to the low-end price range. It has developed into an Internet mobile phone brand with annual shipments of over 70 million units in seven years. Mobile phones contributed considerable profits to Huawei.

Huawei has no choice but to sell glory. In mid-September 2020, due to external factors, TSMC could not continue to supply Kirin 9000 chips to Huawei, and Huawei’s high-end machine chip supply was interrupted. This directly affected Honor mobile phones, and Honor’s chips were in a more difficult situation.

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At this moment, the “hard to find one core” Huawei has to Make the decision to sell glory.

On November 17, 2020, Huawei officially announced the sale of 100%of Honor.”At a difficult time when industrial technology elements are unsustainable and consumer business is under tremendous pressure, Honor channels and suppliers can continue.” Huawei said in a statement that Huawei does not own any shares or participate in Honor after delivery. Operation management and decision-making.

The receiver is a company called Shenzhen Zhixin, which is a new company jointly formed by more than 30 Honor agents and distributors. Shenzhen Zhixin stated that changes in ownership will not affect the direction of Honor’s development, and Honor’s senior management and team will remain stable.

Ren Zhengfei said emotionally at the farewell glory farewell party:We are in the most difficult period. We were originally a small grass. The torrential rains of the past two years have not crushed us. It is difficult and difficult. Exercise, in a few years may turn us into a small iron tree. The iron tree will bloom eventually. You are leaving now, there is nothing for you, except for the yellow leaves that the autumn wind sends cold.

Ren Zhengfei said that once”divorced”, don’t break the connection, and encouraged Honor employees to”be Huawei’s strongest competitor, surpass Huawei, and even call down Huawei.”

2020 In the first half of the year, Huawei released 10 new models including Honor 30S and Honor 30 series. But in the second half of the year, after Huawei suffered a chip crisis, Honor did not release new phones for more than half a year. There are no new products for half a year, and some Honor dealers have transformed and sold other mobile phones.

Even after Huawei made the decision to sell Honor, this also caused concerns from the outside world. As Honor divested Huawei, it is facing a complicated settlement involving the integration of various resources such as personnel, management, brand, and channels. These all require time cost and opportunity cost.

And Honor’s channel providers and distributors are on the sidelines, and there are reports that Xiaomi is turning to Honor’s offline channels”Lobbying”, offering subsidies to Honor dealers and encouraging them to switch to Xiaomi sales.

Honor’s New Journey

On January 22, Honor’s V40 flagship launch conference is equivalent to the first appearance of the new Honor after flying solo. This time the Glory set off and at least gave the operators a reassurance.

Official introduction:The Honor V40 mobile phone is equipped with a 7nm Dimensity 1000+ flagship chip, and an 80-degree hyper-curved waterfall screen. At the same time, it brings three types of Magic Night Black, Titanium Silver and Rose Gold Color matching.

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Honor V40 mobile phone supports 66W super fast charge at the same time, 15 minutes It can be fully charged with 60%power, and the high configuration version supports 50W wireless fast charging.

In terms of price:the V40 8GB+128GB version is priced at 3599 yuan, and the 8GB+256GB version is priced at 3999 yuan. Along with the V40, there are Honor MagicBook15, MagicBook14 notebooks and Honor Watch GS Pro.

At the press conference, Zhao Ming revealed the operation of Honor:Honor after independence has more than 8,000 Employees, of which nearly half are R&D personnel. Globally, Honor has established five major R&D bases and has more than 100 innovation laboratories. These are the basis for Honor to join the highly competitive mobile phone market as a”newcomer” and continue to maintain high competitiveness.

For Honor, whether it can get the support of chip manufacturers is very important.

In December 2020, An Meng, president of the world’s chip giant Qualcomm, said in an interview with the media:”We are very looking forward to cooperating with Honor in related areas. Of course, this is a new situation and pattern. We have already started Have some dialogues with Glory, and expressed expectations for future opportunities.” Later, MediaTek executives said in an interview with the media that they did not rule out the opportunity to cooperate with New Glory. But some things need to be evaluated in depth. For Honor, the attitude of the world’s chip giants is extremely important.

At this press conference, Zhao Ming revealed that in the terminal supply chain, especially in semiconductor procurement, production, and delivery, AMD, Samsung, Microsoft, Qualcomm, MTK and other suppliers have all The signing of the Glory Agreement.

In other words, in the future, at least in the field of 4G and 5G chips, Honor will no longer face the suffering of”core shortage”, and smart phones, smart computers and other IoT products including Honor V40 will not Will face the”out of stock” problem.

Zhao Ming said that he used to be”brave to be yourself”, an entrepreneurial team within the Huawei system, a”rich second generation”; after independence, we were”rich second generation” Identity to start a new business, start again,”We have inherited a good tradition, we also have to face many challenges, but we are also very confident that we can win the recognition of high-end users.”

Zhao Ming said After starting again, Honor will definitely hit the high-end market. The brand will continue to adhere to the”1+8+N” product strategy, aiming to become a global iconic technology brand.

Whether for suppliers, distributors, or employees, Honor, which has just been stripped from Huawei, urgently needs a product to stabilize the military spirit. V40 is this product that stabilizes the military spirit. This is also an opportunity to see the glory. .

But it should be noted that the current top chip is still in the hands of TSMC, and MediaTek’s chip is a stopgap measure. At present, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and other mobile phones are stepping up their layout and are also eating away at Honor’s original market. The new Honor must pay close attention to solving problems such as higher-end chips and core technologies. At that time, the newly-emerged glory can openly say that”the glory after independence can still be glorified.”