Since the beginning of May, the tourist attractions in Kuqa, Xinjiang have ushered in the peak tourist season, and the number of tourists has increased by more than 20%compared with the same period in previous years.

In the mysterious Grand Canyon scenic area of ​​Tianshan Mountain in Kuqa, tourists from all over the country enjoy the scenery and take pictures here. Fujian tourist Xiao Jianhui is a tourist enthusiast who has been admiring the Grand Canyon for a long time. This time he came with a group to appreciate the grand canyon. The majestic, dangerous, secluded, and quiet canyon is full of praise.

Fujian tourist Xiao Jianhui said:”It is very beautiful. After seeing this gorge, I think it is very spectacular. The whole mountain is completely unmatched in the south, so I told the people of the whole country that I must come in this life. Once in Xinjiang.”

There are ditches in the ditch and valleys in the valley. It is mysterious and unpredictable. Tourists from all over the country have picked up their cameras to freeze the wonderful moment, the bizarre boulders and mountains, and feel the nature. The extraordinary workmanship.

Feng Ruiying, a tourist from Fujian, said:”I am very happy to have fun. The motherland’s Great rivers and mountains are very beautiful. My visit to Xinjiang this time is particularly attractive to me. It’s really beautiful. Everyone must come.Kucha Grand Canyon to play.”

With the internet celebrity highway——Duku Highway The increase in popularity at home and abroad has attracted more and more travel enthusiasts to come hereSightseeing tour to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. Grand Canyon Scenic Area Manager Liu Yonghua introduced that since May, the scenic area has received more than 2,000 tourists every day. It has received nearly ten tourist teams from Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places. Compared with tourists in the same period last year The volume has increased by more than 50%.

Fujian tourist Chen Xingguan said:“Xinjiang is a good place. Xinjiang is beautiful. The beauty lies in the mountains and rivers, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the people are more beautiful, kind, hospitable, and enthusiastic, leaving us with a good impression.”

Fujian tourist Liu Jianrong said:”It is very beautiful, very beautiful, it is very imposing, it is a different scenery on our side of Fujian, it is incomparable, our side is a hilly area, here is Yadan landform, there are also grasslands, and there are unobstructed In the desert, there are also the endless Mountains, we have seen them this time, they are beautiful and good.”

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(Wang Jianqiang ) (China Daily Xinjiang reporter station)