South Korea’s”Asian Economy” reported on June 16 that according to news from the distribution industry on the 16th, the new owner of eBay Korea will be spent New World Group Emart and Naver, eBay has notified Emart and Naver of the official tender results, but Emart has not yet released it Official position. It is not yet possible to know the final purchase price. If Emart and Naver finally acquired eBay Korea, according to the market share standard, they will defeat Coupang and become the absolute hegemon of the Korean e-commerce market.

It is reported that eBay South Korea operates three e-commerce websites including G-market, Auction and G9. Based on last year’s data, eBay South Korea’s share of the South Korean e-commerce market is 12%, Naver and Coupang respectively These are 18%and 13%. E-mart’s SSG.COM has a market share of 3%. After joining forces with Naver, the market share of the two companies will reach 33%, far surpassing Coupang.