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The most famous Kangxi heyday of the Qing Dynasty was Kangxi , Yongzheng and Qianlong co-created, but this is only a”false” prosperity, because when the Qing Dynasty showed a”prosperous”, and Western capitalist countries are undergoing drastic changes.

The industrial revolution they are going on has not only caught up with the Qing government in terms of national strength, but also surpassed the The Qing Dynasty, but the Qing government didn’t know anything about it, and was still immersed in its own prosperity.

And all this happened during the period of the Qianlong Emperor, Qianlong was the longest life in history and the longest time in power One of the emperors of China, but if a person has been in power for a long time, there will be problems with natural rule.

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Qianlong is no exception. In his In the later period of the reign, the Qing government was already declining. Later, the Qing government failed to appear to be able to take the lead. In the end, when the capitalist powers knocked on the door with opium and guns, the Qing government collapsed. This is not accidental. There are early signs.

It can be said that from the reign of Emperor Qianlong, all this has been doomed.

If it were not for the emergence of Yongzheng before Qianlong, the financial resources of the Qing government would not be able to support the profligacy of Qianlong in the later period. However, Qianlong would not panic about the stretched wealth because he had a”cash machine.”

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This cash machine is He Shen.

However, after Emperor Qianlong’s death, Emperor Jiaqing who succeeded Emperor Qianlong refused to obey Qianlong’s dying instructions. He copied He Shen’s home and confiscated all the wealth He Shen had accumulated through hard work. Logically speaking, Jiaqing The emperor should have been happy, so why did he regret it after 15 years?

In this matter, we have to start with Heshen’s embezzled property.

How much money did He Shen greedy?

He Shen is very rich. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is rich in the enemy’s country. As a corrupt official, how much money he has embezzled? I believe that not only Feiyu is more interested in this issue. , Is also a thing that many people are more curious about. For this, Feiyu also checked some information.

The diplomat of the late Qing Dynasty Xue Fucheng wrote a book called The Complete Works of Yongan”, there is a section called”Checking the Heshen Family Property List”, which records that when the Heshen family was ransacked at that time, only 264 million taels of silver were determined to be sold.

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In addition, plus Shen’s real estate, valuable calligraphy and antiques, some people have valued Heshen’s property at about 1.1 billion taels of silver. This is a staggering number. Many people say it is 1.1 billion, compared to now The top rich, that is not worth mentioning.

However, this valuation is two silvers, not the current renminbi yuan. If you change into money based on the prices at the time, one tael of silver is conservatively estimated to be equivalent to the current 200 yuan, then Heshen’s 1.1 billion taels of silver is equivalent to more than 200 billion now. Even with the minimum 200 million taels, it would be equivalent to the current 40 billion. I dare not look at this number.

Jiaqing is happy to copy Heshen’s home.

About three years before Qianlong’s death, although Qianlong gave up his position to Jiaqing, Jiaqing was not in charge at all. The highest power was still controlled by Qianlong. Later, the elderly Qianlong even spoke. He could only fumble, so that many ministers and even Jiaqing couldn’t understand what Qianlong was talking about.

But Heshen can understand, and only Heshen can understand. Therefore, for a period of time, the Qing government is actually in the hands of Heshen, and Heshen is also jokingly called by some people at the time. The”two emperors”, the greater the power, the greater the greed, at least for He Shen.

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But after Qianlong’s death, Jiaqing Having mastered the power, he had already seen Heshen not pleasing to his eyes. At this time, he had already forgotten that before his death, Qianlong made Jiaqing promise not to move Heshen’s order. Qianlong had just died before his feet. His pockets were opened, and Jiaqing used the name of Jean Heshen to preside over the funeral of Qianlong, and permanently detained Heshen in the palace. Later, he was gifted by Jiaqing to commit suicide.

After He Shen died, his embezzled money naturally became the national treasury that was charged into the Jiaqing period. , You must know that the Qing government’s annual income was about 70 million taels of silver at that time. Heshen’s property was many times the Qing government’s income. Jiaqing was very happy.

Jiaqing regrets it after 15 years.

Jiaqing Emperor spent Heshen’s painstakingly searched for the huge wealth, which is very handy, but a How could the country be rich and strong because of the property of a corrupt official, so He Shen’s money was spent seven or eighty eight by the Jiaqing Emperor within a few years.

Speaking of this, many people are about to say, did the Emperor Jiaqing have already made a list of what furniture to buy or what high-end products to buy, otherwise so much money, how could it be spent? In fact, Jiaqing is an emperor. He not only needs to feed the harem, but also has a heart for the world.

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Where is the disaster, the harvest No, the emperor needs money for disaster relief, daily expenses, and money to pave the way. The bureaucratic system also needs money to maintain. In addition, peasant uprisings have to be suppressed, and fighting is a very expensive expense, especially in Jiaqing. During the suppression of the Bailian Rebellion, it cost hundreds of millions of military expenditures before it was successfully suppressed.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the Qing government has been unable to make ends meet for years, and its finances have become more and more stretched. If a country cannot make ends meet, it is all dependent on its old capital. Even if there are several golden mountains and silver mountains, it will After being spent as emperor for fifteen years, Jiaqing became poorer and poorer. Of course, it was not that he was poor, but the entire treasury had no money.

Faced with this embarrassment, Jiaqing regretted killing He Shen. When it comes to this, some people have to say, shouldn’t it be a good fit? Of course it should be, but at least one must be found Under Heshen, and want to be honest and incorruptible, but throughout the Jiaqing Emperor’s dynasty, there was no such person.

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Although He Shen is very greedy, but He was able to grasp the overall situation at the time. Although Jiaqing killed He Shen to warn the officials below not to be greedy, corrupt officials did not end well, but Qing Dynasty politics did not get better because of this, but intensified. Jiaqing, as a well-established emperor, had never expected this.

Concluding remarks:

Jiaqing did not obey Qianlong’s dying instructions and ransacked his home and Shen. Why would he regret it after 15 years? In fact, in the final analysis, Jiaqing did not find anyone more capable than He Shen.

Faced with the increasing financial constraints of the Qing government, Jiaqing was very disappointed because He Shen once made him rich, but more than ten years after He Shen died, he could never find another People who have become rich in a short time.

When Heshen was alive, the Qing government was at least able to maintain peace on the surface, but after Heshen’s death, the contradictions within the Qing government became increasingly prominent. If Emperor Jiaqing was a domineering emperor, and It doesn’t matter if Shen died from death, but Jiaqing was unable to correct the endangered Suji in the Qing Dynasty.

What do you think about this?

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