Jia Yueting will be back next week:this famous saying is cautious, but it has become the laughingstock of the Internet . Think about how difficult it is to spend your life’s energy to create wealth. I could have lived my life safely and steadily, just because I saw the future of the market and gave my life a fight, leaving you to be wiped out in a single thought. People who stand still are also uncomfortable. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng was also scolded decently by others. Without a good background, there is only a dead end. It is really not easy to think about doing business. HNA had an accident, Brilliance went bankrupt, and Founder BOE was the grandfather. They are all enterprises, but others can continue to operate under another name, but some people can only be ruined and ruined. You can only say to do your own thing, let others say it, don’t talk to others and scold others and people who are not sexual.