With Jingdong the 18th”618″ promotion is fully launched, manyConsumers have already started adding their favorite products to their shopping carts. In order to allow everyone to buy and buy the goods as fast as possible, during the”618″ period this year, JD Logistics took multiple measures to create the”most Faster to 618″, greatly improve the delivery speed, and further utilize the advantage of Express home delivery, so that consumers cannot Go out and enjoy the good products.

On-site service and multiple timeliness options have always been the advantages of JD Logistics. In the “618” promotion of JD.com over the years, JD Logistics can guarantee that more than 90%of JD’s self-operated orders will be delivered on the same day and the next day.

Ensuring the timeliness is inseparable from the continuous increase in the pre-sale field. The person in charge of JD Logistics said that through the system algorithm, supply chain planning and multi-level inventory pre-positioning, storage production and packaging can be started as soon as consumers pay the deposit. After the consumer pays the final payment, the Jingdong brother can immediately carry out the”final”One kilometer” delivery to ensure delivery within minutes.

During this year’s”618″ period, the pre-sale pre-sale categories will be expanded to almost all small and medium-sized items. Nearly 50%of Jingdong Express sales departments across the country will participate in the pre-sale pre-sale minute-level delivery From the ranks, consumers in 30 provinces and more than 200 cities across the country will have the opportunity to experience a minute-level receiving experience as long as they purchase pre-sale products on the JD platform.

In addition to cities, counties, towns, and villages are also the focus of JD Logistics. JD Logistics launched the”24-hour delivery in thousands of counties and ten thousand towns” time-efficiency improvement plan in 2019, and continued to promote the implementation of the plan, deploy new logistics infrastructure, innovate warehousing models, and improve the logistics reach capacity and service timeliness at the county, town, and village levels. At the same time, speed up the sinking of supply chain, express delivery, cold chain and other businesses, and the service industry belt and agricultural products will rise to promote regional economic development.

The”24-hour service in thousands of counties and ten thousand towns” is not only reflected in the improvement of logistics timeliness in the vast sinking market, but also an important starting point for fully tapping consumption potential, improving urban and rural infrastructure, and eliminating the gap in logistics services.

In order to support the upward movement of special agricultural products and industrial belts, JD Logistics continues to create customized solutions covering key industrial belts across the country. Take cherries in Yantai, Shandong Province as an example. Because of their perishable cherries and short shelf life, they could only be sold near the place of origin. . This year, JD Logistics went deep into the cherry market in many places as early as the beginning of the year to understand the needs of fruit farmers and specializes Thousands of courier guys invested in thousands of Points, go deep into the first line of cherry producing areas to collect. In order to ensure that every fruit is fresh, at the cherry harvesting and pre-processing center of JD Logistics, the young friends of JD have comprehensively learned about the method of cherry selection and have basically mastered the know-how of”three look and one touch”.

In addition to the cherries in Yantai, Shandong, in recent years, JD Logistics has also made efforts to deploy Lingnan lychee, Jiang crayfish, Lanxi bayberry and other characteristic agricultural products, and focus on hairy crabs, Pinggu Datao, Inner Mongolia beef and mutton, Gannan Navel Orange and other companies have formulated exclusive plans to ensure that consumers’ favorite agricultural products are delivered to the table as soon as possible through the penetration of supply chain, express delivery, and cold chain services.

In April 2020, the State Post Bureau issued the”Three-Year Action Plan for Express Delivery into Villages (2020-2022)”, clarifying that by the end of 2022, eligible organic villages will basically achieve”village-to-village express delivery”. The person in charge of JD Logistics stated that JD Group and JD Logistics actively responded to the call and cooperated with 11 express logistics companies. E-commerce companies jointly launched an initiative. According to the initiative, JD Logistics will accelerate the process of”express delivery into villages”, centering on many measures such as the sinking of new infrastructure and the”24-hour delivery of thousands of counties and tens of thousands of towns” time efficiency improvement plan, and fully promote logistics inclusiveness and”village-to-village express delivery”.”The goal is achieved to provide rural businesses and consumers with more high-quality and convenient express delivery services. (Economic Daily reporter Ji Leilei)

Source:Economic Daily