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Economic Observer Network reporter Feng Qingyan January 20, Laba Festival, Ma Yun passed the national 100 The video connection method of a rural teacher has appeared publicly. It has been 88 days since his speech at the Shanghai Bund Financial Summit 2020 on October 24 last year.

Ma Yun appeared, the Economic Observer Network reporter communicated with insiders of the Ali group. This person believed that this was normal. Every year, there are public welfare activities for rural teachers (“Ma Yun Rural Teacher Award Ceremony”), and it has been several sessions.

The whole world is looking for Jack Ma

In the past 88 days, Jack Ma stopped updating Weibo and disappeared in any public place, so that some people said”The whole world is looking for Jack Ma.”

Ma Yun stepped down as chairman of the Alibaba board of directors on September 10, 2019. On the evening of November 16, more than two months later, Jack Ma appeared as a judge at the finals of the first”African Entrepreneurs Competition” , Because the competition was led by the Jack Ma Charity Foundation and Jack Ma was present as a judge in person, this was interpreted as a direction for Jack Ma, who faded out of Alibaba, in the future. The foreign media”Financial Times” tried to hold it in November 2020. Looking for Jack Ma in the second”African Entrepreneur Competition”, it turned out that Jack Ma was not on the list of judges, and the competition held at the end of November last year was also postponed to this spring.

A reporter from the Economic Observation Network checked the”Rural Teacher Spokesperson-Jack Ma” who was certified as the founder of the Jack Ma Charity Foundation and found that on October 17 last year, it was published by Jack Ma at the 2020 China Basic Education Innovation and Development Forum Speech. This is the last update in a period of time.

In Hangzhou, including the HHB Music Bar, the Tai Chi Zen Garden jointly built by Jack Ma and Jet Li, Ma Yun’s old apartment Or the headquarters of Alibaba, etc., have also become places for the outside world to explore Ma Yun’s figure recently. The HHB Music Bar, which officially opened on January 7, 2019, was opened by Jack Ma, and when the bar opened, shortly after Jack Ma announced his plan to retire, the bar attracted a curiosity about what Jack Ma would do in the future. No small attention from the outside world.

Today, Jack Ma has made a public appearance by video connection with 100 rural teachers across the country and an online speech.

Public Appearance

Before Ma Yun appeared publicly, there had been news about Ma Yun’s appearance. One was that Ma Yun appeared on the Sanya Golf Course to play golf, but this There is no way to verify the authenticity of the news circulated from the circle of friends. There is also news that the Hong Kong entertainment tycoon Lin Jianmin passed away and Ma Yun appeared, but it was later alleged that the screenshot of the network was not a scene of Ma Yun’s mourning for Lin Jianmin.

Along with Ma Yun’s public appearance, a post called”Laba Festival and Teachers Have an Appointment” appeared on the Ali intranet.

According to public information, every year since 2015, the”Ma Yun Country Teacher Award Award Ceremony” will be Held by the Foundation in Sanya, Hainan. Normally, Jack Ma will be there to present awards to the award-winning rural teachers and principals. The event has been held for 5 years.

When Ma Yun connected with the rural teachers, he said that although he cannot meet in Sanya, the agreement will not change. The tribute to the teacher will not be absent, and I will meet you again when the global public health incident has passed.

On January 20th, Alibaba’s Hong Kong stock rose by more than 10%, with a market value of over 5.5 trillion Hong Kong dollars. As of the close of the day, Alibaba rose by 8.52%. In addition, Ali Pictures stock price rose 4%; Ali Health’s stock price rose 18.12%. On January 21, as of press time, Alibaba’s Hong Kong stocks fell slightly, but the market value remained above 5.5 trillion Hong Kong dollars.

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