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Ma Yun who hasn’t appeared in public for nearly 3 months, choose today (January 20) This traditional Laba Festival, in the name of the village teacher activity of the Ma Yun Charity Foundation, connects 100 villages through video The teacher’s form was officially unveiled. During the video connection, Jack Ma still made a speech around the topic of rural teachers.

If you only look at it literally, Jack Ma’s speech still has some key information. Ma Yun mentioned that the first time this year, through video format, instead of meeting directly, the main reason was the epidemic. As long as the epidemic has passed, Jack Ma and his team will definitely find time to make up for the trip of rural teachers to Sanya, and then Jack Ma will meet with everyone again. For the awards and financial rewards of the Jack Ma Charity Foundation, Jack Ma believes that it is just a little respect, and it is far from the teachers and the spiritual inspiration of him and his team.

Ma Yun especially talked about one thing he and his team have been learning and thinking about during this period, which is to be more determined to devote themselves to the idea of ​​education for public welfare. To this end, Ma Yun also naturally mentioned his value proposition to make a firmer commitment to education:”Do a good job in supplementing the education department and better develop rural education.” Finally, Jack Ma thinks of the importance of devoting to rural education and believes that”a little improvement in rural education will bring us closer to common prosperity.”

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Ma Yun’s 88 days without showing up

Ma Yun is one of the most famous in China Of entrepreneurs, there is no information about their personal and public activities in the past 88 days, which has indeed attracted great attention from the outside world and even the global media. Also according to the timeline, the initial starting point of this change is believed to be dated back to October 24, 2020, when Jack Ma was in Shanghai PudongA speech on financial innovation was delivered at a financial summit forum. At that time, Jack Ma was almost in the final period of Ant Group’s listing (A-share Sci-tech Innovation Board + Hong Kong stocks), and Ant also finalized the listing including the issue price (68.80 yuan/share + 80 Hong Kong dollars/share), financing scale and total issuance. Market value (21,000 yuan) and other matters.

Starting from November 2nd, including the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and other regulatory agencies, they interviewed Jack Ma and Ant’s management. The Shanghai Stock Exchange also issued an announcement stating that Ant’s listing plan was suspended (the Hong Kong Stock Exchange also issued an announcement that Ant The listing in Hong Kong has been suspended). On November 23, Ali Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO Zhang Yong, at a forum summit, said that Ali will actively learn and respond to national policies And laws and regulations, have higher requirements for themselves, build a healthier platform economy, and contribute modest efforts to the construction of a’network power’ and a’digital China’.

During December, the State Market Supervision Department and the State Financial Supervision Department conducted investigations and interviews on Ali’s previous suspected monopolistic activities and Ant’s previous business problems. Ali and Ant stated very clearly to the outside world that they actively cooperated with the investigation by the regulatory authorities and fully implemented the interview requirements.

From November to December, the JD Digital Technology and Tencent Tenpay services with the same similar business, There have been organizational changes such as internal coaching and legal person changes. At the same time, the market value of domestic Internet companies, including Ali, has fallen to varying degrees. Among them, the value of Ali’s stocks in the US and Hong Kong stocks fell from the highest in 2020 of US$319/share + 309 Hong Kong dollars/share to 222 US dollars/share + 210 Hong Kong dollars/share on December 27.

However, also on December 27th, the market supervision department stated that the on-site investigation on Ali was all over. On January 15, the central bank said at a press conference:Ant Group has established a rectification work group and is stepping up to formulate a rectification timetable while maintaining business continuity and normal business operations to ensure the quality of financial services to the public.

This Monday (January 18), Yang Guang, the vice president of Ali Group, said that Tmall does not Support businesses to choose one of two.

Also on January 15, a rumor that someone saw Jack Ma playing golf in Sanya appeared on the Internet social media platform. This matter could not be confirmed or falsified, but Jack Ma did appear in Sanya every January in the past 5 years. Since 2015, the”Ma Yun Country Teacher Award Ceremony” will be held in Sanya, Hainan, and will be held on the day of the Laba Festival of the Lunar Calendar. We can see from the degree of warmth of Jack Ma’s video connection that Ma Yun is indeed in a location south of 20 degrees north latitude where the current temperature is warmer.

During this period, the businesses of Ali and Ant were not affected in any way. Alipay initiated the Double 12 local life promotion activities; and the recent New Year’s Festival promotion launched by Tmall, all in a rhythmic and orderly manner Unfold.

Also, starting from last week, Alibaba’s share price in the US and Hong Kong has begun to rebound substantially. As of 15:00 this afternoon, the Alibaba Hong Kong stock price closed at 265 Hong Kong dollars per share.

Currently, the outside world has shown a very positive attitude towards comprehensive assessment of the various changes mentioned above.

Ma Yun’s speaking habits

Ali and Ma Yun have also encountered a greater degree of public opinion discussions during the past few months. Among them, Jack Ma’s discussion on”996 Fubao Theory” in mid-April 2019 showed a higher frequency. What is strange is that the 996 blessing that Ma Yun talked about, the 996 that should be discussed with netizens, is not exactly the same thing.

Ma Yun passed his personal official Weibo certification, and also explained in detail in text and shared his thoughts on 996 fortune.

Ma Yun believes that 996, as a labor phenomenon, is right or wrong at the legal level, and the law has long stipulated it, so there is no need to say more. Moreover, Jack Ma actually holds the same view on many reasons why netizens oppose 996. Including 996, which he believes is mandatory by enterprises, is inhumane, unhealthy, and not long-lasting. Companies that adopt mandatory 996 will have no future, hope, and frustration, and employees will run away in the face of high wages.

On the contrary, Jack Ma believes that if a person finds his own”happiness point” and many people and things with great achievements, a 996 state will naturally arise. Even eating and sleeping will be silent in what I do. Jack Ma’s logical order of thinking is:When a person finds a career he loves, he will naturally make extraordinary efforts and reap extraordinary success.

Everything happens naturally, without any coercive oppression. If there is forced oppression, no one can bear it willingly.

Ma Yun’s expression of 996 Fubao actually conforms to the social values ​​that China has always recognized, and even a value with idealistic plot. When a person loves or is obsessed with something from his heart, he will naturally try his best to mobilize his own talents, external resources and inherent resources (mainly time), and devote himself to it, taking professionalism and extraordinary results. Great achievements all come from diligence in a state of full attendance. If a person can devote himself to one thing from his heart, even if his talent is limited, there is a high probability that he will achieve more achievements than ordinary people.

At this point, the phrase “I don’t know the smell of meat in March” 2500 years ago by Master Kong, the most sacred master of Dacheng, should be the first Chinese description of a person who is fully committed to one thing, and he naturally said goodbye to normal life A word of status.

Our country started from elementary and middle school education, in fact, it has always been huge talent + huge hard work, and even more emphasis on the importance of hard work. We will see many articles about a certain mathematician, a certain scientist, and a certain revolutionary predecessor in the textbooks of elementary and middle schools, for the purpose of calculating or experimenting a great scientific achievement, for a noble cause. Thus staying up late, lighting up the lights, working overtime and forgetting to sleep and eat.

In order to elaborate on his own point of view in detail, Ma Yun really brought out the great scientific achievements of two bombs, one star, five gods and six gods. Ma Yun’s thoughts and expositions on the 996 blessing theory are in fact no different from the mainstream values ​​that have been highly supported by the society.

However, netizens still held controversial discussions about their 996 blessings. This kind of conflict between the two not discussing one thing in the same channel may be because netizens feel that there is indeed a large number of forced and ineffective 996 overtime in the current workplace. No matter what Jack Ma’s 996 Fubao theory specifically elaborates, once 996 and Fubao are linked and bound as a keyword, they may be easily used by people with unknown motives. Just like the exposition of”freedom”, there are both Kundera’s great poems, and some people regard it as free and irresponsible strong words.

Ma Yun has always been called Teacher Ma in Alibaba, rather than the usual CEO of the company. Even Ali, an enterprise that pays attention to flower name culture, Ma Yun’s flower name is far less than the flower name of Zhang Yong’s Xiaoyaozi. The name is frequently used. To the outside world, Jack Ma’s name is indeed very well-known; to Alibaba’s internals, Jack Ma has talked many times inside and outside the company as early as more than a decade ago. He will Don’t forget the original intention, and return to his choice at the beginning of his career-teacher. I don’t know if this title has indirectly affected Jack Ma. Compared to other Chinese entrepreneurs, at least companies in the Internet industry, he will openly express his thoughts and opinions on some social topics.

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