, March 24, according to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, the Italian Market and Consumers Association (IIDEA) According to the announcement of the 2020 game market data on the 23rd, 2020 is an extraordinary year for the industry. The Italian market turnover reached nearly 2.18 billion euros, an increase of 21.9%over 2019.

Marco Saletta, chairman of the Italian Market and Consumers Association, said that 2020 is a very positive year for the gaming market. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed people to spend more time at home, proving that people are increasingly keen to use video games as a form of entertainment and communication.

According to reports, the best-selling games in 2020 are action, sports games and adventure. In the first and second waves of the epidemic, players spent an average of 8 hours a week running the game, which is more than half an hour longer than in 2019.

Data shows that 50%of people use gaming platforms to keep in touch with friends, 48%have reduced loneliness, and 39%have reduced anxiety. Over 36%of players said that games help make themselves happy. In the home environment, video games play an important role in leisure time.

IPSOS research director Eduardo Mena said that in 2021, he hopes to add some additional elements to the game by focusing on the impact of pandemics and blockades on gaming habits. (Huang Xin)

Source:China News Net