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From 1644, the army broke into the city, the Qing army entered customs, Chongzhen The emperor will be the last Han from Hangmeishan until 2021The dynasty has been destroyed for more than three hundred and seventy years, but until now, people still sigh about its demise. Sad dynasty, sad times, many people are discussing why the Ming Dynasty would perish? If the Ming Dynasty did not perish and the Manchus did not enter the Pass, what would China now be like?

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Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian portrait

In this episode, we will talk about content that has nothing to do with these two topics! why? Let me tell you, because there are too many people talking about it, what the Ming Dynasty was killed by the party struggle, died by the eunuch dictatorship, diedWanli Three conquests, land annexation, and Northern Hemisphere climate of the Little Ice Age Uzbekistan A lot of torrents.

Let’s change our mindset today. Let’s go slanting and stir-fry cold rice. Anyway, we belong to the wild history. From the perspective of the demise of the Ming Dynasty, why should we say Surely? Let me tell you that in ancient times, we Chinese believed in the unity of man and nature, so every major political event occurred with what they thought was the so-called celestial warning.

At that time, God had the right to speak. He always seemed to make timely warnings when the new and the old were changed, the dynasty changed, and the old and new forces crossed. Since it’s the sky that wants to destroy you, it’s really inevitable. Isn’t this a certain number in the dark? After collecting historical materials, it was discovered that there were indeed many incredible visions before the end of Ming Dynasty. What? Is it true that the demise of the Ming Dynasty is really the will of heaven?

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Hang Meishan

We Let’s talk about it today. Let’s say that on August 24, 1627, the city of Beijing was sunny, Wind and sun Li, the auspicious time has arrived. The Taihe Palace in the Forbidden City The 16-year-old Zhu Youjian held a grand ceremony for ascension to the throne. Everything that was originally carried out in accordance with the etiquette rules went smoothly.”Our country is a saint, inherits and lays down, transforms the prosperous and beautiful, and lives in harmony. I am far away. Emperor Daxing, Rendu Hantian, English Mo Xiangu, Li Jing Xiao, sharp anxiety”I was reading the succession edict, but I haven’t read it halfway. The sky was good, but suddenly it was plain for no reason. In the blink of an eye, the clouds were rolling, and the thunder was shaking the sky. The thunder was not only loud but also loud, and it was similar to the usual thunder. The sound comparison is extremely unusual. Because the rumble seems to be mixed with weird sounds, what sound is it?

It’s as if the horns were sounding the drums of war, and the cavalry screamed and knives and guns. This was remarkable, but the new emperor’s enthronement event frightened Zhu Youzhen and Man. The minister of civil and military affairs in the temple, the astronomical warning, the emperor’s nine-five-year-old is true, that is also the son of heaven, this is no small thing, it is related to the country of Ming Dynasty. So everyone immediately called the supervisor of Qin Tianjian to quickly account for the matter.

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The original picture of the Forbidden City in Ming Dynasty

After some deductions of Zhouyi’s gossip, an astonishing revelation came out:“Heaven drums, the main soldiers, the world will be chaotic, and Ming Zuo will die.” Is it okay? Hurry up and finish the ceremony, and the news will be immediately blocked. It was not until the Qing Dynasty that the event of the golden drum sounding in the clear sky was known to future generations.

But who would have thought 17 years later, on March 19, 1644, Chuang WangLi Zicheng captured the city of Beijing. Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian, who was only in his thirties, wore a white dress with long hair and draped his right foot. He staggered and came toLong Live Mountain, untied his belt with a trembling hand, hanged himself on the branch of a dead tree. Long live mountain is coal mountain. Wen died of admonitions, wars of war, the monarchs died of society, and Ming was gone forever.

Let’s look back after Chongzhen ascended the throne. In the northeastern part of the Ming Dynasty, there was a fierce battle with the Eight Banners of Manchu and Qing dynasty, and Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong and other insurgents have been fighting again and again. This has not exactly confirmed that”the drums of the sky, the main soldiers, the world will be chaos, Ming Zuo The fable of”will die”? Since the day Chongzhen took the throne, there has been no peace in the world, and the astronomical warning has never been interrupted, and it has been like a shadow. For example, in the 16th year of Chongzhen, on March 19, 1643, Li Zicheng captured the important town of Chengtian, which is today Hubei’s Zhongxiang City, self-titled”Marshal of Fengtian Advocating Righteousness”. Daming is extremely disadvantageous.

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Chuang Wang Li Zicheng

History The plague fell from the sky and the plague prevailed. At that time, it was thousands of miles from the north to the south, from the outside of the Great Wall in the north and to the Yellow River in the south. Take the capital city at that time, 40%of the people died in one fell swoop. Fortunately, misfortunes never come singly. Tianjin also suffered a severe lung outbreak at that time.The plague. According to historical records,”Since August until now, it should have been September 15. On the second day of the dead, there were no fewer than hundreds of people, and even the whole family died without leaving one person, and there was no security from house to house.”

Miserable! Miserable! Miserable! Plague, that’s all about the plague, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui has many thunderstorms in winter; while Beijing’s lunar calendar in June is a hot day with heavy snow ;Hunan, Yunnan severe drought; Guangdong is flooded with water. Not to mention military disasters for the entire empire, it was natural disasters that quickly collapsed this country. As I just said, the weather at that time was very abnormal, with thunder in winter and blizzard in June. This reminds us of Han Dynasty that poem”Shang Xie”:”The mountain has no mausoleum, the river is Exhausted, thunderstorms in winter, Yuxue Xia, Heaven and Earth, I dare to be with Junjue.” I read this Friends who swore the poem, you can finally get a divorce!

The sky has warned this, but I haven’t finished it yet. That year was another solar eclipse, another earthquake, another daylight, and another Yinghuo Shouxin Wait for the vision, one by one.

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Solar eclipse

That brief introduction For a moment,”Taibaitianxian” means Venus. Daylighting means that Venus appears in broad daylight. It is very large. It’s very bright, as if there are two suns together during the day.

You think, the Li Zicheng we talked about just now was just one step short of becoming emperor. He claimed to be the”General Fengtian Changyi” and he was the dominant party. This is not heaven. Does it mean two days?

And the heart of”Yingzhuo Shouxin” refers to the Twenty-eight stars in Heart. There are three stars in the heart, representing the emperor, the prince, and the important members of the royal family. The”planetary planet” refers to Mars, which always moves near the zodiacal. Yinghuo Shouxin, in simple terms, means that Mars is not going away in the heart. Well, this is considered the most inauspicious in Chinese astrology, symbolizing the death of the emperor and the resignation of the prime minister.

Of course, the ancients were very superstitious, and now they sound like normal astronomical phenomena. Take Yinghuo Shouxin as an example. There have been 38 actual phenomena of Yinghuo Shouxin in history. There are 23 times of Yinghuo Shouxin recorded in Chinese historical records. The vast majority of them never happened that year. Obviously this was Bullshit. However, in ancient times, science was not well-developed, and the people believed this, so history books believed that this was a harbinger of the death of Ming Dynasty. This is bad luck enough, but I haven’t finished it yet.

In the past, many more weird things happened among the people. For example, there was a man named Li Liangyu in Jingxian County, Taiyuan, who suddenly became a woman. The opposite is the case.Songjiang Someone suddenly turns into a male, and then a male turns into a female, and a female turns into a male. There is a woman in Mi County that is even more remarkable , Gave birth to a drought, the drought is the monster that caused the drought. Doesn’t it look deformed now?

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Plan of the Forbidden City

There is another According to the record,”Henan’s grass and trees, there are warriors, horses, armors and spears, etc.”, in Xuancheng Appeared on the city wall;”The gate of the capital city cried, and the sound was like a woman crying”;”Cannons sang in the sky, ghost night” ; in”Qizhou there are ghosts, day-to-day formations, on the walls of the house, teasing people”, the meaning of teasing people, etc., made the public opinion of the whole society smoky and panic. Of course, we modern people don’t think it is terrible at first. We just talked about changing from male to female and from female to male. Is it rare? Nowadays, there are more Southeast Asia, and it is normal to have children with deformities.

According to hearsay gossip, it’s spread by mistake. The hen lays the eggs to the end, and the rooster lays the golden eggs. This is also completely possible. But at the time, the common people didn’t even understand the officials, so what could be done? But what’s more terrible is that at the junction of Yuanzhou and Tongren in Hunan Province in the same year, the civil servants who repaired the official road unexpectedly An ancient monument was dug in the mud. The migrant workers were illiterate and illiterate, so they carried the stele to the supervisor at the time. When the supervisor saw it, it was terrible that day. It turned out to be”East also flows, west also flows, there is an end to the southeast. Zhang also loses, Li also loses, and a good world is defeated.” This, this is not possible, report it immediately. However, after the report, the news was blocked, and the relevant content was not decrypted until the Qing Dynasty.

Let’s think about records such as stone steles with engravings, meteorites engraved with celestial phenomena and so on since ancient times. These records have never been broken.

Of course, we can rule out man-made factors, such as the two old brothers Chen Sheng and Wu Guang. Among the fish’s belly is the book on the silk, and the bonfire is lit at night to imitate the fox. His voice is called Da Chuxing, King Chen Sheng, etc., they are engaged in feudal superstition. There are many such things, so I personally feel that the description just now is not credible.

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Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

All these Chongzhen knows the celestial phenomena. He once said with emotion that my non-subjugated monarch is under the subjugation of the world. Then when the soldiers led by Li Zicheng were invincible and pressing on, another weird thing happened again. , This one is a bit scary, it is very scary to think carefully, Ming Xiaoling, which is Zhu Yuanzhang and the queen In the tomb, the guards said that a very sad cry suddenly came out from the tomb, and the cry continued for many days. It was so sad and abnormal that people couldn’t help crying.

Historical records,”Very sad, can’t bear to hear, for dozens of days.” Later, someone said that this may be Zhu Yuanzhang and The Queen of Horse knew that under the spring, they couldn’t bear to watch the death of Ming Jiangshan. So sad and crying, telling the injustice of heaven. However, let’s analyze it carefully. This is not the same as the tricks of Chen Sheng and Wu Guangshi mentioned earlier. As for the beginning, on the day of ascending the throne, the golden drums suddenly sounded in the sky. Have you noticed? The two things that the Xiuguandao dug up the prophetic stele were actually not spread until after the Qing Dynasty. Perhaps it was not that the confidentiality work was done well. The so-called history books were written for the victors, so you know the reason, okay, I heard that some friends will say, what kind of show is this?

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Inside the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

Beginning I have also said that today I want to use the sword to go slant and talk about the historical evidence that Ming Dynasty is bound to fall. But after talking for a long time, it is the unity of nature and man, and it is also an early warning of celestial phenomena. In the end, it is denied one by one. This is not an unnecessary move, no, one. It’s because our program is positioned as a wild history, and we can innovate on the subject matter originally. Let’s show it first, we don’t have to go online, just listen to it. In addition, I think there are some records. Although it can be explained by science now, some things are indeed coincidental. For example, the thing I will talk about below, do you know?

In the Chongzhen period, the Tongbao is also Copper coins, we can look up the patterns of horses that have appeared in the past. It seems that this is an innovation now It’s not a bad thing, but it was regarded as a bad omen at the time. So the adage of”a horse chasing the world” came from the crowd. Rumor has it that the Ming Dynasty will change hands. This pattern is a horse. Coincidentally, a horse really came soon afterwards, that is, Chuang Wang Li Zicheng. Isn’t it just a rush to enter the door? This is just the first coincidence.

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Making copper coins

Led by Li Zicheng The peasant uprising army broke into the Forbidden City of Beijing, where the Ming Dynasty was named Zhu, and forced Emperor Zhu Youjian to be martyred on the old locust tree on the Wansui Mountain, which is also the Meishan Mountain. The Ming Dynasty perished, and the admonition that chaos the world was fulfilled. The second coincidence.

Later later Nanming regime has not yet sat The heat is also due to the loss of horses. When the Qing army was approaching the city, Nanming’s Hongguang cabinet’s first and second surnamed Ma, this was called Ma Shiying’s horse, then came to abandon the city and cannot escape, so that the last incense of the Ming Dynasty was also extinguished. This is The third coincidence.

The copper coin cast in the Chongzhen period has a horse pattern on it. Dali is absolutely not nonsense. You can find it out by searching it. Although coincidence is a matter of probability, ah, coincidence is inevitable. So today I took it out and talked about it at the end. I still think it’s quite magical. The so-called good fortune and tricks are helpless. It seems that the demise of the Ming Dynasty may really be an inevitable law of history!

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