一.Excellent must choose

Latest valuation:US$10 billion

Although Japan, the United States Even France has led China in the field of humanoid robots for 30 years, but the biggest problem is that the price is too expensive and the robot’s actions cannot be defined.

and Youbing is the two A pain point, not only developed a programmable humanoid robot, but also reduced the price of core components to one-tenth of similar products in Japan. Based on these two points, Ubican’s sales have soared from 1.9 million to 50 million from 2014 to 2015! Since then, Ubisoft has been open all the way, not only logging in to the Apple store, but also debuting at the Rio Olympics, and co-developing new products with Amazon. The road to internationalization can be described as a great success.

In 2018, the long-awaited Tencent, A US$820 million C round of financing for Ubican not only broke the global record for a single round of artificial intelligence financing, but also made Ubican’s valuation reach 10 billion U.S. dollars.

Obviously, Youbidan not only has its own core technology , And has a sufficiently complete supply chain, and has a significant lead in commercialization.

二.Rouyu Technology

Latest valuation:58 billion yuan

Rouyu’s greatest strength is that it represents China’s first major in the display industryTechnology breaks through, leading with South Korea and foreign giants headed by Samsung. How far ahead? Let’s take Samsung as a comparison.

Currently Although the traditional polysilicon technology used in Samsung’s flexible display board is highly mature, it is still unable to be popularized on a large scale due to the lack of flexibility and the high cost of the short board. Take the Huawei folding screen mobile phone Mate X, the price of 17,000 is really not affordable for ordinary people. The ultra-low temperature non-silicon process integration technology independently developed by Rouyu has not only greatly improved mass production yield and product bending reliability, but also significantly reduced investment costs and production cycles. This is tantamount to opening a gap in Samsung’s ten-year high technology wall.

So since the high-profile release of the “world’s first Foldable flexible mobile phone”, and detonated the technology industry. Rouyu Technology has not only reached cooperation with Li Ning, Airbus China, Toyota, LV and other well-known brands, but also obtained Shenzhen Venture Capital, Songhe Capital, IDG, CITIC Capital, Cornerstone Capital, Poly and other nearly 40 celebrity institutions are favored, with a valuation of 58 billion yuan so far.

The latest market research report predicts that by 2027, the world The market size of printing and flexible electronic products will reach 330 billion U.S. dollars, of which flexible display screens will become the main market segment. It can be said that the future of Royole’s core technology is promising.

Three. Dajiang Technology

The latest valuation:166 billion yuan

In the past year, when DJI, valued at 104.4 billion yuan, was facing When the U.S. tariffs suppressed it, it directly responded with an increase in prices, which clearly wanted Americans to experience what it means”wool out of the sheep.”

The question is, where does DJI’s confidence come from? Come on?

First of all, DJI is developing consumer dronesField has unmatched technical strength. It is one of the earliest companies to develop civilian drones, and has the largest drone research and development in the world The team has the world’s largest number of patents in the field of drones. This alone is enough to make DJI invincible in the global market, because the technical barriers it has built cannot be bypassed by any drone company. This also enables DJI’s technology and parts to achieve a high degree of localization, without being controlled by others.

Secondly, DJI also has the ability to achieve fastPrice reduction strong supply chain. The 3DR company in the United States developed the smartest drone in history in 2016, but it still couldn’t compete with DJI in the end. The key is that DJI can quickly occupy the market through rapid price reduction and distribution. This is also the key reason why DJI currently has a 70%share of the global drone market. Lao Mei also tried to ban DJI, but she couldn’t find a substitute after looking for it, so she could only use it back to DJI with a brazen face.

And with DJI’s product diversification Constantly exploring on the road, especially in agriculture and education, is expected to become the field of drones Compound giant.

Four. Ningde Times

Total market value:836.3 billion yuan

When 10 Years ago, no one believed that the Chinese could make a difference in the field of new energy. In the Ningde era, it took only 9 years to start from a small company and grow into a global power battery giant with a total market value of more than 836.3 billion yuan and annual revenue of 50.3 billion yuan.

When the outside world evaluates the Ningde era as just a horseDark horse, when it can’t be compared with the established Japanese and Korean manufacturers, it was discovered that the Ningde era and ATL were born At the same door, ATL was founded in 1999 and successfully developed the world’s first world-class lithium battery giant that does not blow up batteries, ranking among the world’s top ranks in the polymer lithium battery industry. However, due to the shortage of ATL resources at the beginning of its establishment, it could only choose to be acquired by Japanese TDK. But the founder was not reconciled to being under the fence. In 2011, he led a group of elites to create the current Ningde era.

It is also from that time that Ningde has accumulated a lot Times not only developed a power battery management system with independent intellectual property rights based on the experience accumulated in the early years, but also launched CTP technology in 2019, which realized the demand for charging electric vehicles to 80%within 15 minutes and a battery life of up to 400 kilometers. The concept is equivalent to just charging for 5 minutes, you can drive 150 kilometers!

This makes the Ningde era from a group of dark horses long ago It became a beast. Not only did the domestic battery installed capacity reach 46%, but it also received orders from international auto giants such as BMW and Volkswagen one after another. It was only then that people discovered that the technology of the Ningde era has reached the top level. As a result, this year has successively won the favor of Tesla, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz.

It can be said that the achievements of Ningde era are the promotion of China The achievements of new energy vehicles. It took more than ten years for China to elevate the new energy automobile industry to the level of the world’s first echelon. The key is inseparable from the efforts of nearly 5,000 R&D personnel in the Ningde era.

According to the predictions of relevant agencies, The trend of new energy vehicles replacing fuel vehicles is a foregone conclusion. The global and Chinese new energy vehicle market penetration rates are 2.5%and 4.59%, and there is huge room for development.