On January 19th, the whole area built by Inner Mongolia and Linger New District in cooperation with China Mobile, Telecom, China Unicom, Tower, and Huawei The first”Inner Mongolia 5G Industrial Innovation Base” was officially unveiled in Helinger New District, and the”Inner Mongolia Mobile 5G+ Industry Application Innovation Base” was launched simultaneously Established. The completion of the base marks Inner Mongolia Mobile’s new breakthroughs in gathering 5G industrial ecology and promoting 5G application innovation.

getUrls?link=116399e054140c1a67a64ab73f5ab434 - Inner Mongolia Mobile"5G+ Industry Application Innovation Base" was established in Helinger New District

It is reported that in this cooperation with Helinger New Area, the two parties will cooperate on 5G applications in various aspects such as improving people’s livelihood, industrial upgrading, and scientific research capabilities. In improving people’s livelihood, focus on key tasks such as precise poverty alleviation, ecological civilization and environmental construction, and explore distance education, telemedicine, environmental monitoring, and Smart tourism, smart agriculture and animal husbandry and other 5G applications, promote the implementation of livelihood policies. In terms of industrial upgrading, we will go deep into characteristic industries in Inner Mongolia, such as modern energy and equipment manufacturing, and gradually introduce 5G applications such as smart mines, smart grids, and smart manufacturing to drive industrial transformation and development. In terms of scientific research capabilities, strengthen cooperation with universities in the region, jointly build 5G laboratories, and use Huawei University resources to cultivate 5G communication technology talents . Aiming at the differentiated industrial structure of the jurisdiction, we will deeply cultivate the application of characteristic 5G industry, jointly build the autonomous region’s 5G industry innovation base, and gather all forces to build the 5G industry. The completion of the base will further promote the innovative incubation and comprehensive application of new 5G technologies in industry applications, and promote the construction of 5G information infrastructure and the development of 5G industries. (Iruhan Wang Ruiqi)

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