Urban Express News Hangzhou has two special”grand corridors”:the city west science and innovation corridor, focusing on technological innovation; the city east intelligent building corridor, specializing in Smart manufacturing. The two corridors are connected together like a butterfly spreading its wings, stimulating the new economic development of Hangzhou.

Recently, the draft of the”14th Five-Year Plan” for the Development of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology Corridor was completed. In this blueprint, the”butterfly” becomes bigger.

According to the”Planning”, the planning scope of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology University Corridor starts from the east Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University to Bauhinia Road in Xihu District is bounded by the ridge line on the south side of Liuhe Road in Xihu District in the south, Hanghui Expressway, and Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry in the west University, north to Dengcai Street in Xihu District, Hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway, and the first line of Zhongtiao River in Lin’an District, with a total area of ​​about 390 square kilometers.

The long-term goal of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology Innovation Corridor is to build a world-leading digital science and technology innovation center, build a high-quality development leading area, a pioneer area for urban modernization, and an overall smart governance demonstration area. Leading the future, serving the country, and driving the innovation source of the province.

How to achieve this goal? Strengthen the characteristic advantages of the “four cities”, expand the development space of the north and south wings, and form a new pattern of joint development of “one corridor, four cities and two wings”.

East and West Science and Technology Innovation Main Corridor:The Lake City integrated science and technology innovation main corridor is formed with the wetland lake chain as the pulse and technological innovation as the soul, and the brand is the source of global innovation.

Zijingang Science and Technology City:Concentrate and build a batch of new research and development institutions such as laboratories and research institutes, and intensively cultivate Digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, life and health, financial technology and other fields to carry out major key technological innovations, and create a model area for the development of digital economy and new manufacturing”dual engines”.

Future Science and Technology City: Take digital economy and life and health as the core areas, develop the headquarters economy of leading technology-based enterprises, and form advantages in artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, life and health, etc. Prominent professional brand park to create a future technology source, a future industry leader, and a future city model.

Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City:Focus on core components of high-end equipment, new energy, New materials, high-end medical equipment, and the digital economy”hard technology” field, build a”hardware industry, a close collaboration of industry, academia, and a Science and technology innovation source.

Cloud City: Focus on complex functions such as”innovation + hub + culture + business + public service”, cultivate future industries such as cloud computing and smart medical care, and create a modern comprehensive transportation hub, The new landmark of Hangzhou, the CBD in the west of the city and the gathering place of high-end talents will be built into a future city model that highlights the characteristics of a city of mountains and rivers, a city of civilization and the first city of digital economy.

South Wing Linkage Zone: Link up the resources of “cloud creation” and “cultural creation” in the national-level Zhijiang Tourist Resort, link up Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuchun Bay New Town, etc. Platform, linking with Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang) technology and innovation resources, and jointly creating the first city of digital economy.

North Wing Linkage Area: Linkage Liangzhu Street, Pingyao Town, Deqing The county will jointly build a global”geographic information + artificial intelligence” innovative application source, forming the center of the north wing of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology University Corridor.

The draft of the”Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” for the Development of the Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor is being announced on the portal website of the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and the Management Committee of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology Industry Cluster. Publicity time:January 22 to February 1.