On January 19, 1974, the wolves’ ambition of the South Vietnamese government finally planned for a long time. The territories of the Paracel Islands launched an aggressive operation and occupied several important islands. Of course, the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao did not allow this to happen. They immediately sent warships to support, and now the Internet is crazy. It is said that in this operation, Chiang Kai-shek took the initiative to let it go, and he also vigorously provided convenience. Was it an error or a real situation?

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According to authoritative historical records, these claims are rumors. At that time, Chiang Kai-shek and the entire Taiwan authorities did not order the release at all, and it was even more impossible for the troops to escort our army. In fact, this was the real situation at that time.

At that time, in the late stage of the Vietnam War, American troops had gradually withdrawn from Vietnam, but the Taiwan authorities and some capitalist remnants were still helping the South Vietnamese government. The Taiwan authorities even started the Vietnam War. At that time, a large number of support troops were sent to help the South Vietnamese government.

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Hu Lian, Jiang Jieshi’s confidant, I even went to Nanyue to teach soldiers how to deal with The strategy of the People’s Liberation Army. This behavior did cause a lot of trouble to our troops. After the capitalist countries headed by the United States withdrew from Vietnam , The Kuomintang reactionaries have remained unwilling to stay in South Vietnam as military advisers to the South Vietnamese government. Under such circumstances, how can they willingly help the People’s Liberation Army Navy pass through the Taiwan Strait? Even if one eye is open and one eye is closed, it is largely due to the strength of our People’s Liberation Army who dare not do it lightly.

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Later, the South Vietnamese government decided to invade our country under the instructions of many parties In the Paracel Islands, many friends know very little about the Paracel Islands. They only know that it is one of the”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”14825331″ qid=”6585631544969303299″>sea areas on the border of our country. Is an island, but his role is not comparable to that of ordinary islands, but he is called “The second Persian Gulf”Ah, by understanding the value of the Persian Gulf, everyone should be able to imagine the importance of the Paracel Islands. Not only are the strategic locations of the Paracel Islands extremely important, but the waters there also contain a considerable amount of richness. Various types of mineral resources.

So as early as World War II there was Japan, France, South Vietnam and other countries coveted and invaded this place one after another. In the 1930s, the National Government also solemnly stated to the international community on this place, but at that time there was no condition to take it back. Until the founding of New China, win the battle to resist US aggression and aid Korea. After the battle, our country’s international status rose rapidly, which made South Vietnam reluctantly retreat from here.

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But now it is backed by imperialist forces, They rekindled the idea of ​​”returning” to the Paracel Islands, and soon they began to act in September 1973 to split my country’s Spratly Islands autonomously, and many important islands were merged into them. On his own map, he occupied the two most important islands of Ganquan and Jinyin in the Paracel Islands again in January 1974. They arrogantly killed and injured many innocent Chinese fishermen. These poor fishermen were killed every day. They fished conscientiously to seek a life, but these criminal aggressors drove them out regardless of right and wrong.

The Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao were very angry when they heard this. They immediately held a meeting to explore how to start a counterattack. However, due to the historical background at that time, the center of defense of our country was always in the north. Most of our country’s priority development and equipment are the army. Although the troops in the South China Sea are all elite divisions, However, most of the warships are in disrepair and unable to fight, only a few small ships can barely launch a counterattack. There is still a huge gap with the South Vietnamese Navy, which has just obtained the US military’s remaining warships. We can’t hold our submachine guns and shoot at enemy ships.

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The Party Central Committee at the time was also extremely troubled by this matter. At that time we were faced with two very serious problems. The first problem was how to win the war without further expanding the situation. The second problem was, Fighting must be done. This is an act of infringement of our country’s territory and absolutely cannot be tolerated, but relying only on the small ships in the South China Sea is definitely not enough , We must send the three main battleships of the East China Sea Fleet to support, but if we want to reach the Paracel Islands as soon as possible, we must pass through the Taiwan Strait, otherwise we will have to make a big circle from the Bus Strait to go to the battlefield is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but how to pass through the Taiwan Strait is indeed a big problem.

The first problem is easy to solve, because the forces in the Pacific at that time were only the US Seventh Fleet. Under the international situation at that time, the United States, which had just experienced the long Vietnam War, The war mood has reached a climax, and many people have expressed dissatisfaction with the US government, so they will certainly not dare to go to war with China again because of a small South Vietnam. This will completely cause the US authorities to completely lose the support of the people.

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Based on this situation, after passing through the Central Military Commission and Chairman Mao Under the bold analysis of others, finally decided to let the three guided missile frigates of the East China Sea Fleet be immediately transferred to TaiwanPass through the strait and go to the Paracel Islands to support the fight.As for whether Taiwan will block it, we are not worried, because the situation in the Taiwan Strait has stabilized as early as the 1960s, although the two sides are still unwilling I sat down to negotiate and negotiate, but the large-scale conflict has completely disappeared. Chiang Kai-shek, who originally hoped to use the superiority of sea ships to intimidate us, completely gave up after several failed naval battles and lost many main ships. Chairman Mao Dare to order the East China Sea Fleet to directly pass through the Taiwan Strait is also his consideration.

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First of all, Chiang Kai-shek basically did not expect the East China Sea Fleet to dare Passing through the Taiwan Strait, we can pass quietly and quickly at night, and even if Taiwan finds us, there is a high probability that it will not dare to attack, because after all, Vietnam is far away, and Taiwan is close. Once it provokes China. , The consequences can be imagined, in fact, there is another reason, that is, the bombardment of Kinmen incident that year, Chairman Mao helped Chiang Kai-shek a big favor, it can be said that although the political ideas of the two sides are different, but the idea of ​​one China is basically the same. , And Chiang Kai-shek was already over eighty years old at the time, and he no longer had the vigorous vigor of that year.

His heart for the Taiwan issue may have been bowed a long time ago. Based on this series of factors, Finally, on the night of January 22, 1974, the three ships of the East China Sea Fleet took advantage of it. The night is driving quietly in the Taiwan Strait. There is no light, no radio transmission, no sound. If you don’t know the route, the command post on the land issues the coordinates. They drove at high speed overnight, regardless of whether the Taiwan troops sent it or not. It was discovered that they had finally crossed the Taiwan Strait and entered the South China Sea without any risk.

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After learning that the East China Sea Fleet passed successfully, Chairman Mao I also sighed a long sigh. Said a meaningful sentence, Chairman Mao said;”Chiang Jieshi still speaks of national justice”. It can be said that we can know from the real history, Although Chiang Kai-shek did not, like some rumors, escort his subordinates and turn on the searchlights to escort my East China Sea Fleet out of sea for the benefit of China as great as some rumors, but whether it is out of fear of retaliation, or really does not want his country’s territory to be occupied by other countries, he always returns. No one was blocked.

East China SeaFleet has just passed through the Taiwan Strait not long after the South Vietnam has obtained China The information that has been transferred to support originally was unable to deal with several small ships in the South China Sea. They dared not continue to be presumptuous, and immediately gave up the idea of ​​continuing to invade the Paracel Islands, and fled our territory hastily, the dangers of the Paracel Islands. It was also officially lifted.

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During this naval battle, our South China Sea Fleet only has Several small warships defeated the advanced American ships of South Vietnam with more than three times the displacement gap. strong>, this is mainly due to the fickle combat thinking of the officers and soldiers of our fleet. They have transformed their”small” disadvantages into flexible and mobile advantages, which has greatly defeated the imperialist forces’ ambition to split our country’s territories. During the battle, our fleet sank a South Vietnamese escort gunboat at a very low cost, heavily damaged three of its advanced destroyers, and more than 100 soldiers from South Vietnam were killed, and our army also had 18 The hero warrior died.

The names of each of them are recorded in the museum of our motherland, respectivelyIt is Feng Songbai, political commissar of ship 274, Zhou Xitong, deputy captain of ship 274, and soldiers:Zeng Duanyang, Wang Chengfang, Jiang Guangyou, Wang Zaixiong, Lin Hanchao, Wen Jinyun, Huang Youchun, Li Kaiyou, Guo Shunfu, Guo Yudong, Yang Songlin , Luo Huasheng, Zhou Youfang, Zeng Minggui, He Dejin, stone making. Let us always remember these martyrs who dedicated their lives in order to maintain the peaceful reunification of China.

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The victory of the Xisha naval battle is also for our country It is of great historical significance. First of all, from the results, our country drove out the invaders from South Vietnam, stabilized its rule in the border areas of the South China Sea, and safeguarded our sovereignty. Secondly, this battle can be said to be the Chinese people. Since the founding of the Republic, it is the first time to fight foreign aggressors at sea. This gives us a deep experience in how to use small ships to deal with large ships and how to use our own advantages to shorten the gap between the two sides. After a complete victory, no country in the Paracel Islands has dared to invade anymore!


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