China 60 The number of elderly people over the age of this year has exceeded 240 million this year, and the problem of population aging has become more and more serious. Currently, pensionPension fundsPension fundsThe issue of wages with employees has caused heated discussions in society. In June of this year, good news came from these two areas one after another, whether it was an incumbent employee or a retirement employee All rejoiced. So, what is going on here?

In 2021, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will issue the latest notice and retire The pension amount for employees will be increased by 4.5%. percentage points, if it is for senior retirees and retirees in remote areas, etc. The pension increase of the retired group is even higher, which is exciting good news for retired employees who have lost their source of wages!

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The notification of the national document was on April 16, and the specific implementation of pensions depends on the overall planning of the provinces. With the Shanghai released the details of the pension increase plan, followed by the pension plans of all provinces and cities across the country. Among them, the issuance of pensions is in accordance with the normal standards and procedures of previous years, and the country has promised to reissue the value-added amount by July.

Therefore, the end of June is the key to this year’s pension payment Compared with the reissue before the end of July in 2020, the state specially advances the reissue of pension by one month in order to ease the Anxiety psychology. The Shanghai Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security also issued a clear announcement stating that the reimbursement of pensions for retirees from government agencies and institutions will be in place by June 20, and retired employees of enterprises can receive reimbursement earlierPayment.

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As for the pension arrangements of other provinces and cities, there is currently no clear timetable, but the overall time will not be later than July 1. And with the announcement of the schedule of pension payment by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, other provinces and cities will successively announce the detailed rules and schedule of pension adjustments. The Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan stated in a public statement today that Sichuan will complete the increase of pensions before July 1 and will reissue the pensions. The pension arrangements in various provinces and cities across the country are roughly the same as those in Sichuan Province. The national pension will be provided before July 1. The reissuance of funds has been fully implemented.

In addition, the latest pension increaseThe policy is only for staff who retired before January 1, 2021. Retired personnel after 2021 will not be within the scope of adjustment. In the next round This issue will be clarified in the pension notice. The increase in pensions is a boon for retirees, but incumbent employees also have their own benefits.

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my country’s summer climate is hot and the temperature is high. In order to subsidize employees, all major companies and institutions will provide them as appropriate.High temperature allowance, which is also a kind of commendation to employees.

The distribution of high temperature allowances is based on policies. It is compulsory for employers to provide subsidies to employees who work in the open air in an environment above 35 degrees Celsius. At the same time, if the indoor temperature remains above 33 degrees Celsius, employers are also required to issue high temperature allowances for indoor employees according to law.

Different regions have their own regulations for high temperature allowances. The time for granting allowances is generally adjusted accordingly. The allowances for Northeast China only officially began to be paid in July. Because the temperature is abnormal this year, Guangdong Province adjusted the high temperature allowance standard, stipulating that the Guangdong Province high temperature allowance will be issued for 5 months and the subsidy amount will be doubled. This news is undoubtedly a boost for employees in Guangdong.

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At the same time, the amount of high temperature allowance is different in different regions, the average level is 240 yuan per month, but in Jiangsu, Shanghai high temperature allowance is 300 yuan per month, and in Beijing, Shanxi, Shandong, Hubei and other regions also have different quotas. This year, each region has adjusted the high temperature subsidy to 300 yuan.

It’s worth mentioning that the country’s New regulations have been made for the issuance of allowances to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The three methods are mainly restricted.

One ​​is to prohibit employers from using mung bean soup or Rock sugar and other foods are used to cover the high temperature allowance. The policy stipulates that employers should provide employees with certain cooling drinks, but they should not be included in the amount of high temperature allowance.

getUrls?link=b22d008586fcf79ef2760af077799e80 - In June, good news came from pensions and wages, and employees and retired employees were all rejoicing.

The second is to prohibit employers from deducting employee high temperature allowances based on time issues. Many companies are looking for loopholes in policies and regulations, and refuse to issue high temperature allowances on the grounds of insufficient working hours in high temperature environments. However, this kind of excuses will not work this year because the policy clearly prohibits employers from deducting employee subsidies in various names, as long as workers are satisfied. The distribution standards should be distributed on time and in quantity.

The third is to prohibit employers from including high temperature allowances Minimum wage standard. According to the latest documents, employers’ overtime wages, bonuses, high temperature subsidies and other various allowances shall not be included in the minimum wage category, otherwise they shall be held accountable in accordance with the law. At the same time, employees can report violations of employers in the process of granting allowances to the Human Resources and Social Security Department to protect their rights and interests in accordance with the law.


As prices increase, span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”7292225″ qid=”6548549246377792771″>The cost of living is getting higher and higher, and the state’s upward adjustment of the pension amount is undoubtedly a boon for retirees and can be effectively guaranteed The benefits and life of the retired group. At the same time, the issuance of high-temperature subsidies also shows respect for workers to a certain extent. Although the current laws and regulations still have shortcomings, they will continue to be improved in practice, and the rights and interests of employees will also be more comprehensively protected.