In 1985, Liang Xingchu was 73 years old.

For a founding general who has experienced many battles, this age is not too big. However, for ordinary Chinese, this is another catastrophe. It’s okay if you cross it, and you can’t pass it if you can’t cross it. The following year, Liang Xingchu’s old comrade-in-arms Han Xianchu also died at the age of 73.

This year, for Liang Xingchu, there are still many things to do, but there is no time to do it. An unexpected medical accident caused a sudden When he passed away, the general did not even have time to leave a last word. What a shame!

The old chief Ye Jianying sent someone to ask that Liang Xingchu refused to be a consultant in the military area

Liang Xingchu is a famous general in the four wilds, and Lin Biao’s old subordinate, why did Ye Jianying become his old chief? After returning from the Korean battlefield, Liang Xingchu served as the commander of the Hainan Military Region, which was under the jurisdiction of the Central South Military Region, and Ye Jianying was the deputy commander of the Central South Military Region. The establishment of the Hainan Military Region was proposed by Ye Jianying.

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(Liang Xingchu)

Later, Liang Xingchu also worked under the leadership of Ye Jianying many times. Ye Jianying was very concerned about the old subordinates entering his later years, and he instructed the General Political Department to arrange Liang Xingchu’s work. Major General Huang Yukun, deputy director of the General Political Department and an old subordinate of Liang Xingchu’s 38th Army, personally came to the Zhaojialou Guest House of the Beijing Military Region to solicit Liang Xingchu’s opinions.

Liang Xingchu was a famous general. He had served as a commander of the Chengdu Military Region. With his qualifications, of course he had to be the chief of the military region, but at that time all the major military regions had been appointed. After it has been issued, the order of the central government cannot be changed day by day. Only the advisors of the Shenyang Military Region and Jinan Military Region are still vacant.

Huang Yukun asked Liang Xingchu whether he would like to go to Jinan Military Region or Shenyang As an advisor to the military region? Liang Xing first thought about it, and replied that I would not be a consultant. Liang Xingchu didn’t want to cause trouble to the central government, and didn’t want to embarrass the old chief Ye Shuai, so he took the initiative to write a retirement report and submit it to the central government.

The generations of talented people come out from generation to generation, and the new generation replaces the old. Liang Xingchu believes that more opportunities should be reserved for young people. He just wants to settle down in Beijing, it will be more convenient to come to see a doctor. Please note that Liang Xingchu was still temporarily staying in the guest house.

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(Liang Xingchu and Ye Jianying)

The central government quickly approved Liang Xingchu’s retirement report. Liang Xingchu led a retired life, and it was 1985. In this year, Liang Xingchu had three wishes, but in the end they all became the last wishes that could never be fulfilled.

Chairman Mao asked Liang Xingchu if he had been to Tibet, Liang Xingchu regretted his life

In 1967, Liang Xingchu served as the deputy commander of the Guangzhou Military Region. At that time, the commander of the Guangzhou Military Region was Huang Yongsheng. On this day, Huang Yongsheng told Liang Xingchu that the Central Committee assigned him to serve as commander of the Chengdu Military Region. From the bottom of his heart, Liang Xingchu was unwilling to serve in the Chengdu Military Region, but this was a general ordered by Chairman Mao, and Liang Xingchu had to go.

So Liang Xingchu came to the southwest from South China and became the commander of the Chengdu Military Region. Tibet at that time was also under the jurisdiction of the Chengdu Military Region. Once when I went to Beijing to report to work, Chairman Mao asked Liang Xingchu,

Have you ever been to Tibet?

Liang Xingchu answered truthfully,

No, I am about to go right away .

But the doctor told Liang Xingchu that he had high blood pressure and heart disease, and his physical condition was not suitable for altitude sickness and he could not go to Tibet. Liang Xingchu was not reconciled and vowed to go to Tibet. As the commander of the Chengdu Military Region, if you don’t go to Tibet, next time you see Chairman Mao, how can you explain it?

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(Liang Xing Junior High General)

However, for various reasons, Liang Xingchu finally failed to go to Tibet. Many years later, Liang Xingchu often sighed to people and said that he regretted his life for not being able to go to Tibet, and he had failed Chairman Mao’s trust. This was a great regret in Liang Xingchu’s life. He was even less likely to go to Tibet in his later years. His three wishes in his later years were very simple.

I want my grandson to call grandpa, I want to move to a new house, I want to write a personal memoir

Liang Xingchu was already 73 years old at the time, and the elderly like children and grandchildren around their knees to enjoy the family happiness. Liang Xingchu had two sons and two daughters. The little grandson was just two years old. He surrounded Liang Xingchu all day, adding endless fun to Liang Xingchu in his later years. The little grandson can already speak, but he still can’t call”Grandpa”. How Liang Xingchu hoped that his little grandson could call him”Grandpa” as soon as possible.

This is also human nature. However, for Liang Xingchu, a famous general, it was a luxury. Liang Xingchu’s second wish is to move to a new house as soon as possible. His family is still living in the guest house, which is very inconvenient. The newly built Ganxiu all Liang Xingchu’s house has been completed.

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(Liang Xingchu in his later years)

In September 1985, Liang Xingchu already got the key to his new home. He was so excited that he finally didn’t need to live in a guest house, and finally had his own home. For Liang Xingchu, the new home is only one step away. You can get what you want soon.

However, just a short step has become a hurdle that Liang Xingchu can never cross. Liang Xingchu has a third wish. This is a little more difficult, but compared to the war years, it is not difficult to attack the hilltop and defend the position, at least without bloodshed and sacrifice.

That is to write personal memoirs. Many founding generals have left memoirs, which is the summary of their lives. Liang Xingchu’s military life was too colorful and meaningful. If his memoirs can be written, it must be an expensive piece of paper in Luoyang.

In a traffic accident, the manuscript diary was destroyed once, and Liang Xingchu was heartbroken

Many people think that Liang Xingchu is a rough man of Kong Wu, who can only charge forward, like a fierce Zhang Fei. In fact, Liang Xingchu is a very sophisticated person. During the war years, Liang Xingchu wrote a lot of diaries and kept a lot of manuscripts and precious photos.

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(Peng Dehuai and Liang Xingchu are on the Korean battlefield)

And the medals he won every time. In the late years of Liang Xingchu, these materials alone were filled with several large boxes. With these most primitive and first-hand materials, the memoir was written much more smoothly. Liang Xingchu also collected a lot of telegrams from the volunteers. He said that writing the history of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea must be based on the clues of the telegrams, and there should be no mistakes.

The reason why Liang Xingchu retired was actually largely because of his memoirs. Like General Su Yu, Liang Xingchu took the writing of his personal memoir as the last major event in his life and the last mountain to conquer.

Unfortunately, none of them have completed or conquered. In 1985, Liang Xingchu and his family were on the way to Beijing, and the tractor pulling the furniture drove to Liuliqiao. There was an accidental traffic accident. There were no casualties, but the fuel tank caught fire and all the boxes on the car were burned.

Includes all of Liang Xingchu’s manuscripts, diaries, photos, and his lieutenant general’s dress. Seeing the fire, Liang Xingchu’s wife was so shocked that she couldn’t speak for a long time, and her teeth trembled like a machine gun, which lasted for a full 40 minutes.

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(Liang Xingchu and Ren Guilan couple)

More than 50 years of hard work have been destroyed. The accident came too suddenly, and there was no psychological preparation at all. So that Liang Xingchu and his wife couldn’t believe their eyes. How could this be? is this real?

the manuscript is gone, the diary is gone, it’s okay, just People are still there, as long as Liang Xingchu is still alive, he can write memoirs. However, in another unexpected accident, a generation of famous generals suddenly died of illness, and everything was too late. Wish has become a lasting wish forever.

The cold induces severe pain in the precordial area, but the attending doctor is on vacation

As mentioned earlier Later, in September, Liang Xingchu had already obtained the key to his new home, and he was ready to move to a new house with great interest. No one thought that he suddenly caught a bad cold. Old people with a cold can’t be underestimated, Liang Xingchu was admitted to 301 Hospital.

After the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, Liang Xingchu’s condition was relieved. October 1 is the 36th birthday of the Republic. Liang Xingchu spent in the hospital. On National Day, the whole country is on holiday, and the doctors in the hospital will naturally also be on holiday, and the directors of various departments are on duty in rotation.

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(Liang Xingchu in Jilin Deer Farm)

Unfortunately, Liang Xingchu’s attending doctor is also on vacation. Because Liang Xingchu’s condition has obviously alleviated, he is much better, and he should be able to leave the hospital after taking a rest, so everyone relaxes their vigilance. Liang Xingchu’s wife also thinks so, and she also thinks that Lao Liang is fine. On this day, she also left the ward, went to clean the new house, and planned to move after the festival.

On the evening of October 4th, Liang Xingchu was sent away in the ward It is a habit he has cultivated for many years to visit his guests and then sit on the sofa and read the newspaper. Suddenly, Liang Xingchu felt a violent precordial pain, and immediately called the nurse, who hurriedly called the doctor.

As mentioned earlier, Liang Xingchu’s attending doctor is on vacation, and the new doctor does not understand Liang Xingchu’s medical history, so he measures Liang Xingchu’s blood pressure step by step. , Measure the electrocardiogram. The director on duty also rushed over. By the early morning of the 5th, Liang Xingchu died because the rescue was ineffective.

Liang Xingchu has a heart attack, and a cold is very likely to cause it Heart disease is always in danger of life. The attending doctor should not be on vacation. The new doctor was unable to rescue him and was not timely, so that Liang Xingchu died suddenly and did not say goodbye to everyone.

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(Liang Xingchu and old comrades return to the Montenegro position)

The old comrade-in-arms proposed an autopsy, and Mrs. Liang Xingchu said, don’t use the knife on Lao Liang

Many old comrades-in-arms and subordinates suspected that this was a medical accident and requested an autopsy. Of course Liang Xingchu’s wife Ren Guilan was not reconciled, but she was Liang Xingchu’s wife after all, and she understood Liang Xingchu’s character and style. Ren Guilan said:

People can’t come back to life. During the war, Lao Liang had been pierced by guns so many holes, so don’t move on him anymore. Knife out. Is it a medical accident? I believe the hospital will make a conclusion.

On October 12, Liang Xingchu’s memorial service was held in the auditorium of the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery. Party and state leaders Deng Xiaoping, Ye Jianying, etc., and Liang Xingchu His old comrades bowed three times to his body as a final farewell.

Liang Xingchu finally failed to hear the little grandson yell”Grandpa”, and finally failed to live in a new home, and finally did not write a personal memoir. The three last wishes, hatred through the ages. Liang Xingchu passed away suddenly, and his wife Ren Guilan was distraught. When he stood up from his grief, he resolutely decided to fulfill his husband’s last wish and write down Liang Xingchu’s life.

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from 1986 At the beginning of the year, Ren Guilan began to collect information. Wherever Liang Xingchu had fought, she would go to search for Liang Xingchu’s old comrades, subordinates, and superiors to search for relevant information. In Shandong alone, Ren Guilan traveled to 27 counties and cities.

Ren Guilan also visited many of Liang Xingchu’s old comrades and men , Yang Dezhi, Liu Xiyuan, Wu Faxian, Liang Biye, Jiang Yonghui, etc. After more than ten years of hard work, the data collected by Ren Guilan has weighed more than 40 kilograms.

Long live army commander Liang Xingchu’s biography finally Written. This can be regarded as another form of Liang Xingchu’s memoirs. After the couple’s relay was completed, Liang Xingchu was able to comfort him a little bit in the sky.

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