On December 20, 1975, Zhou Enlai, who was still at his death, called Luo Qingchang, deputy director of the Prime Minister’s Office and head of the Central Investigation Department. The great man said a long list of names in Luo Qingchang’s ear with a faint voice, and finally he said solemnly and emotionally:

“Don’t forget those who helped us during the most critical moments of our party.”

With tears in his eyes, Luo Qingchang wrote down these little-known names. In this list, it also includes the CCP’s first non-party agent, known as a double agent Bao Junfu.

getUrls?link=cf17b1a786cb89050f568a95c356785f - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

Bao Junfu , Alias ​​Yang Dengying, is from Zhuhai, Guangdong. He went to Japan to study and live there since he was a child. As an adult, he graduated with honors from Waseda University. In Japan, Bao Junfu participated in the vigorous communist movement, read many Marxist and Leninist books, and heard of famous Marxist scholars Kawakami Hajime‘s lecture was touched a lot in thought.

In 1919, Bao Junfu returned to Japan from Japan. Because he understands Japanese, is good at communication, and is good at writing, he soon became a member of the Shanghai has become famous. Later, he participated in the May Fourth Movement and joined the reorganized Kuomintang. Because he is passionate about Marxism, the political spectrum belongs to the left in the Kuomintang.

During the Great Revolution, Bao Junfu and later became traitors Gu Shunzhang met, and the two became friends. Through Gu Shunzhang’s relationship, Bao Junfu got acquainted with many Communist Party members. Therefore, whether it is the Kuomintang, the Communist Party or the Japanese, Bao Junfu can speak. Since then, he has given full play to his communicative expertise, and has also had contacts with patrol in the British and French Concessions. Therefore, Bao Junfu is a well-known figure in Shanghai.

In 1927, Chiang Jieshi betrayed the revolution and launched”April 12″ counter-revolutionary coup. Watching the tragic deaths of many Communists, Bao Junfu was quite dissatisfied, so he said a lot of fairness. When Chiang Kai-shek’s party members heard about it, they immediately threw him into prison. If Cai Yuanpei had not come out on bail, he would probably die in prison.

After he was released from prison, Bao Junfu received an invitation letter instead of being “very peaceful”. It turned out that Chiang Kai-shek wanted to imitate the Soviet Union and set out to establish a spy organization and set up a party investigation section internally. Afterwards, he handed this task to Chen Lifu. After obtaining the order, Chen Lifu joined the”Party Affairs Investigation Section of the Central Organization Department of the Kuomintang”, which was also the predecessor of the famous spy organization-Zhongtong.

getUrls?link=c790e742498850a3f6be2af9a842c38c - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

Chen Lifu has one The cadre named Yang Jianhong is a fellow villager with Bao Junfu. During the May 30th Movement, the two listened to music together, played around in Shanghai, and established a good relationship.

So when his boss Chen Lifu set out to form a spy organization, Yang Jianhong thought of a wide range of contacts, Bao Junfu, who is informed and capable of doing things. Afterwards, Bao Junfu and Yang Jianhong met with Chen Lifu. Chen Lifu had a very good impression of Bao Junfu, who was a seven-orifice and exquisite, so he made a decision on the spot and appointed him as the director of the Shanghai office, mainly responsible for capturing Communists.

On the surface, Bao Junfu is helping the gang to abuse him, but in fact, his heart is still inclined to the side of the Communist Party. Regarding Chen Lifu’s instructions, Bao Junfu often violated the rules.

One ​​day, Bao Junfu went home from get off work, and happened to meet Chen Yangshan, a member of the CCP’s Special Branch.

Chen Yangshan and Bao Junfu met in 1926. At that time, Chen Yangshan wanted to learn Japanese, so after studying with Bao Junfu for a while, the two became friends. During this period, Chen Yangshan often read to Bao Junfu such progressive books as”Chinese Youth” and”Guide”, and the two often talked all night long and eventually became confidants.

After liberation, according to Bao Junfu’s daughter Bao Meiyun, at lunch one day. Bao Junfu once said to the family very solemnly:

“I joined the Party a long time ago. In 1926, Chen Yangshan was my introducer.”

After seeing Chen Yangshan, Bao Junfu immediately took him to his home. Because he knows that it is still the period of white terror, Chen Yangshan’s Communist Party member’s identity will bring him The scourge of death.

At home, the two chatted all night. This night, Bao Junfu fully informed Chen Yangshan of how Yang Jianhong introduced himself into the secret service organization and how he was going to investigate the CCP and other anti-Jiang parties. He also promised that if there is any news later, he will disclose it to Chen Yangshan, and he knows everything.

After Chen Yangshan returned home, he thought about it and thought that Bao Junfu’s ideological progress was an inside line that he could catch up with. Therefore, he immediately reported the news to the head of the CCP Teco-Zhou Enlai. Zhou Enlai was overjoyed when he heard the news, because the CCP now lacks the inside line of the KMT agent system. Bao Junfu is a rare talent with a high position and great energy. Therefore, Zhou Enlai ordered Chen Geng, Chief of the Second Section of the Central Teco, to establish a one-line contact with Bao Junfu immediately.

getUrls?link=0b663f5f79d7aa6cf3dea893525fd25f - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

May 1928, Chen Geng invited Bao Junfu to a coffee shop for secret talks. Bao Junfu happily agreed to Chen Geng’s request. Helping the Communist Party to do things is his long-cherished wish, and he cannot ask for it. In order to assist Bao Junfu in his work, Chen Geng also promised to give him 300 oceans every month as activity funds.

At the same time, he will regularly provide some less important Documents, such as”Red Flag”,”Bolshevik” and other publications and promotional materials, etc. Using these materials, Bao Junfu can temporarily plug Yang Jianhong’s mouth.

This meeting allowed Bao Junfu to formally become the inside line of the CCP’s special service system in the Kuomintang, and also formally confirmed the identity of the “double agent”. In order to help him with his work, Chen Geng sent underground party member Lian Desheng to his side, as bodyguard On business. Once information was obtained, Lian Desheng reported it to Chen Geng.

After Bao Junfu officially joined the work, he used Yang Dengying as his pseudonym. On the surface, Bao Junfu worked hard to hunt down the Communist Party members, and”achieved outstanding results.” Almost every month, Bao Junfu can obtain some information and documents from the Communist Party. Therefore, Bao Junfu rose steadily in the hearts of Chen Lifu and Yang Jianhong, and almost became an expert on internal Communist Party issues in the Investigation Section.

Not only that, but Bao Junfu also exerts his expertise in”coming things”, often with Zhang Daofan and othersHigh-level people spend a lot of time in Shanghai’s major dance halls for fun. Therefore, Bao Junfu was also appreciated by Zhang Daofan.

In August 1928, Yang Jianhong was killed by helpers during a conflict. Therefore, Chen Lifu had to elevate Bao Junfu to a high-level position and became the special commissioner of the Investigation Section of the Central Organization Department in Shanghai. As a result, Yang Dengying became the highest person in charge of the KMT’s spy agency in Shanghai in a short period of time. Afterwards, Chen Geng once said about this history:

“At that time, the KMT’s secret service in Shanghai was actually in our hands.”

And what about the Kuomintang party? Trust Bao Junfu in every possible way. For example, Xu Enzeng, the new director of the investigation department, has to visit his home every time he comes to Shanghai. However, Xu Enzeng never asked about Bao Junfu’s work.

Therefore, there are more and more middle workers around Bao Junfu, including later Tian Han’s wife-An E. After Bao Junfu collected the information, he immediately handed it to the”secretary” An E for review. If An’e found it useful, he copied it to Chen Geng.

getUrls?link=4f0520fcc3acc982d77b1dbd644f3648 - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

Then Bao Junfu gave What kind of information? There are two main points. One is to rescue comrades, and the other is to eliminate internal traitors.

In these two aspects, Bao Junfu has unique advantages. As we all know, there are many foreign concessions in Shanghai. These concessions are almost equivalent to independent kingdoms. Bao Junfu is good at business relations and has established a good relationship with British patrol house inspector Lampson and assistant Tan Shaoliang . Lampson even stated:

“On the Kuomintang side, the patrol room is reluctant to contact people other than Yang Dengying.”

Only, Lampson also recommended Bao Junfu to the patrol house in the French Concession. Therefore, Bao Junfu became a consultant for the patrol house in the French Concession.

Therefore, as long as the KMT secret service and the Shanghai Concession Patrol House have plans to arrest CCP members, Bao Junfu can always get first-hand news. With the help of Bao Junfu, the CCP Teko has repeatedly avoided the enemy’s capture, thus turning danger to a breeze. If a comrade is unfortunately arrested, Bao Junfu often goes out and goes to the prison to find people.

On April 15, 1928, he was a member of the Provisional Politburo Standing Committee. After discussing work with Deng Xiaoping, Luo Yinong, the former director of the Central Organization Bureau, was unfortunately taken away by detectives in the British patrol room.

Luo Yinong’s unfortunate arrest made Zhou Enlai anxious. The news of the meeting between Luo Yinong and Deng Xiaoping is top secret by the CCP. The reason why the British patrol can accurately arrest Luo Yinong is probably because we have traitors within us. In order to avoid further losses in the revolution, Zhou Enlai ordered Bao Junfu to go to the British concession, negotiate with Lampson, and try to rescue Luo Yinong.

First, he informed Chen Lifu and Zhang Daofan of the arrest of Luo Yinong. Chen Lifu understood that Luo Yinong had a high status within the Communist Party, and this time he caught a big fish. Therefore, Chen Lifu ordered Bao Junfu to make a request to the British concession and immediately extradite Luo Yinong.

After finding Lampson, the British sheriff happily agreed to Bao Junfu’s request. After all, this was the meaning of the top KMT leaders. After knocking on the side, Lampson confided the inside information and account of the reason why Luo Yinong would reveal his whereabouts. It turned out that Luo Yinong’s secretary Huo Jiaxin and He Zhihua had betrayed the revolution. In order to earn more bonuses, they collected a list of more than 300 Communist Party members. Luo Yinong is nothing but a letter of approval from the Huo Jiaxin couple to win the trust of the British patrol party.

Hearing this news, Bao Junfu cried secretly in his heart. So he immediately contacted Chen Geng and asked him to dispatch Teco personnel to punish the traitors as soon as possible and retake the list. At the same time, he also said that Luo Yinong must be rescued as soon as possible, otherwise his life would be in danger.

After receiving the news, Chen Geng dispatched the red team The agents dealt with the issue of traitors, and on the other hand, they organized comrades in arms to prepare to rob the law field when escorting Luo Yinong. Unfortunately, Chen Lifu actually executed Luo Yinong on the spot in order to prevent the night from becoming too dreamy. Zhou Enlai and Chen Geng had no time or opportunity to rescue this revolutionary.

On April 26, the Teco personnel followed the picture and entered the homes of Huo Jiaxin and He Zhihua, using The pistol rectified the two traitors on the spot. The score list was also destroyed by Teco personnel, thus avoiding greater losses.

On August 24, 1929, the revolutionary leader Peng PaiUnfortunately, he was arrested by Kuomintang agents during a military meeting. Four comrades were arrested at the same time as him. Originally, Zhou Enlai was also preparing to attend the meeting, but he did not go there temporarily, so he escaped.

getUrls?link=74902198c59cef878796cfb4e186626c - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

On the road, Zhou Enlai’s eyes Seeing several armored vehicles roaring in, a large number of imperialist patrols and Chinese spies came out, as if”catching people as predicted.”

As before, Zhou Enlai Once contacted Bao Junfu and asked him to find the place where Peng Pai and others were held in order to facilitate the rescue.

After receiving the order, Bao Junfu did not dare to neglect, and soon found out the truth. It turns out that Peng Pai was arrested because his subordinates Bai Xin rebelled to join the enemy. Bai Xin was a student of Huangpu Phase I, joined the CCP in his early years, and worked in the Hailufeng regime under the leadership of Peng Pai. In 1929, he was transferred to Peng Pai’s secretary.

But soon after, the crime of betraying the revolution by one of Bai Xin’s relatives was exposed. Peng Pai personally approved and executed him. Through his younger brother, the grudge Bai Xin secretly surrendered to the KMT Shanghai Party Headquarters, and thus betrayed Peng Pai.

The night after receiving the news, Zhou Enlai immediately held an emergency meeting to study how to rescue Peng Pai and punish the traitors. In this regard, Bao Junfu believes that Peng Pai’s influence is too great to be easily rescued, and he can only rob prison on the only way to escort him.

After Chen Geng asked Zhou Enlai for Bao Junfu’s ideas, Turko immediately formed a prison robbery team. However, due to poor preparation and missed time, the rescue was not successful. In the end, Peng Pai and other martyrs were brutally killed by the reactionaries.

In order to avenge Peng Pai, the Teko Red Team went all out to find Bai Xin’s whereabouts. However, Bai Xin knew that the red team was great, so he went into hiding and acted as a tortoise.

Bao Junfu managed to find Bai Xin’s residence as a special commissioner of the Kuomintang. Bai Xin said:

“The CCP Red Team is too strong, and Shanghai should not stay long. Recently, I am going to Nanjing meet Chairman Chiang, and then go to Italy to hide from the limelight.”

Looking at Bai Xin’s panic all day long, Bao Junfu gnashed his teeth secretly. He suppressed the anger in his heart, and patted Bai Xin’s chest to ensure that the Kuomintang would protect his thoroughness.

A few days later, Bao Junfu went to Bai Xin to play mahjong every day. At the card table, Bai Xin said that he had bought the ferry tickets and would leave China on a cruise ship at 11 pm on November 11. After Bao Junfu returned home, he immediately informed Chen Geng of the matter.

On the afternoon of November 11th, Chen Geng personally led 10 red team members to ambush near the apartment of the Kuomintang agent Fan Zhengbo. At about 10 o’clock in the evening, two small cars stopped at the door of Fan’s house. Obviously this was a special car provided by the Kuomintang for Bai Xin. After that, Fan’s servant kept stuffing luggage into the car.

At 11 o’clock, a total of 7 people, including Bai Xin and his wife, Fan Zhengbo, and 3 bodyguards, walked out of the back door, and they were about to get in the car. At this moment, the Red Team personnel suddenly launched an attack, killing two bodyguards in a row. Seeing that Bai Xin was unhappy, he snatched a pistol and threw his legs away. But how did Chen Geng let this traitor escape?

In the end, three Teco personnel forced Bai Xin into a dead end and shot him to death in front of Gate 71 of Hehefang. In this hoeing operation, Bai Xin, Fan Zhengbo’s brother and three bodyguards were all killed, while Fan Zhengbo and Bai Xin were seriously injured.

In the chaos, the red team members retreated calmly, unscathed. Forgive me, no one thought that such a major assassination case occurred in the heavily guarded French Concession. This news immediately caused a sensation in Shanghai and was even called the”No. 1 Murder in the East.”

In the autumn of 1930, Ren Bishi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, was unfortunately arrested. In order to knock out information from his mouth, the patrol electrocuted him, and he was about to sacrifice. At Chen Geng’s request, Bao Junfu asked Lampson to eat a meal and lied to him. Ren Bishi was his own spy. Although he was dubious, Lampson still sold his face and released Ren Bishi from prison.

getUrls?link=9c757797994fa3c005250855bd4aa112 - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

In early 1931, Guan Xiang Ying was unfortunately captured by the British patrol, and a large number of documents were also searched by the public concession. Because Lampson did not understand Chinese and was inconvenient to pass the documents to outsiders for review, he found Bao Junfu.

As soon as Bao Junfu saw this, he immediately decided. He introduced Chen Geng’s general Liu Ding to Lampson. The brilliant Liu Ding picked up a stack of documents and said in fluent English:This is just a batch of academic materials.

Just when Lampson was disappointed, Liu Ding quietly followed up a few top-secret documents and stuffed them into his pocket. Later, he took away a stack of manuscripts grandiosely, saying that he would go home to appraise. The next day, Liu Ding stole the beams and changed posts and brought another manuscript to Lampson. Lampson, who doesn’t understand Chinese, didn’t know what it was, and even discarded Guan Xiangying’s documents. Soon after, Guan Xiangying was successfully exonerated with the help of the barristerChen Zhuangao, and immediately rushed to Central Soviet Area went to work.

In the past few years, Bao Junfu has punished traitors, rescued his comrades in arms, reported the Kuomintang and imperialists’ arrests of progressives, and it has achieved remarkable results. However, at this moment, Gu Shunzhang, known as the most dangerous traitor of the CCP, suddenly betrayed the revolution.

On April 28, 1931, it was raining, and Bao Junfu met Chen Geng on the Bund as usual. On the boulevard, Chen Geng said to Bao Junfu:”Unfortunately, Gu Shunzhang!” Hearing this, Bao Junfu was shocked:”Where is Comrade Gu Shunzhang now? Yes. Where can I contribute?”

Chen Geng smiled bitterly and said:”No, he has already defected.”

Chen Geng’s words brought Bao Junfu’s heart to the bottom. Gu Shunzhang is a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party and knows the inside story of Teke. As for Bao Junfu’s identity, Gu Shunzhang naturally also knows. It was only a matter of time before Bao Junfu’s identity was exposed.

Chen Geng took out a few gold bars and said emotionally to Bao Junfu:”We are going to transfer soon. You should find a way to hide away for a while!”

However, Bao Junfu returned the gold bars to Chen Geng:

“I can’t charge this money, now When you need to spend money, I took your thoughts. And I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay in Shanghai. I don’t believe that Gu Shunzhang can beat Zhang Daofan.”

Bao Junfu thought to himself that he has done a lot for Zhang Daofan, so he will definitely not be given up.

Chen Geng did not force Bao Junfu:”You really don’t want to leave Shanghai, so you have to be prepared. If Gu Shunzhang wants to bite you, you bite him back. From now on, the Communist Party After all, I want to win the world, then I will never forget your credit.”

Bao Junfu was moved, and he promised:”I wonder if I can watch you win the world in the future. , But with your words, even if I go to the sword and the fire tomorrow, I will not regret making your friend.”

getUrls?link=fed48c01c08f7ddc0211b89cbf6fc8b9 - In 1951, former Zhongtong agent Bao Junfu was sentenced to death, and he pleaded:Zhou Enlai knows my credit

After Zhou Enlai and Chen Geng left, Bao Junfu lost contact with the party. Under Gu Shunzhang’s bite, Bao Junfu was thrown into prison. In 1932, Zhang Daofan, who thought of his old love, rescued Bao Junfu. Under Zhang Daofan’s recommendation, Bao Junfu went to work in Nanjing Institute of Reflective Studies as a trainer. During this period, he handled surrenders for some traitors, once persuaded Yao Pengzi to surrender and pledged his release.

After the Anti-Japanese War broke out, Bao Junfu Appointed by Wang’s pseudo-organs, on the surface he became a”senior spy.” However, in fact, Bao Junfu still used his identity to contribute to the resistance against Japan and the Communist Party. At that time, he was working in the reformation house of the Wang Puppet Institution. According to the detainee Ma Yuanfang, Bao Junfu was very fierce to criminals, but he was very kind to CCP personnel and anti-Japanese progressive youths, and never beat or scolded him. Not only that, but he has repeatedly released Communists within the scope of his powers.

After Japan surrendered, Bao Junfu was arrested for traitor. However, after verification, he did not betray the interests of the nation, so he was not held accountable.

After being released from prison, Bao Junfu became a cigarette hawker and lived a very difficult life. After the Battle of Crossing the River, Nanjing was liberated, and he still made a living by doing small businesses.

After the suppression of the anti-revolutionary movement broke out, Bao Junfu was arrested for serving as a Central United Special Agent and Dean of the Wang Puppet Reformation Institute. In 1951, the the court held that Bao Junfu was in the The National Government and the Wang Puppet Government, both held high positions and engaged in spy work, and were sentenced to death.

However, Bao Junfu actively saved himself. He stated that he had made great contributions to the party before liberation. Zhou Enlai knew this.

Later, he thought of Chen Geng again. He said that he had a single-line contact with Chen Geng, and Chen Geng was his superior. Ju Hua, then the city’s first dean, did not dare to neglect, and immediately sent a letter to Chen Geng. Chen Geng answered:

“Bao Junfu did have a relationship with our party since 1927. He contacted me at work before 1931. During this period He has made a lot of contributions to the party. Later, he served as the dean of the pseudo-central reformation house. It is said that his performance was not good. Other details are unknown.”

Chen Geng’s reply not only affirmed Bao Junfu’s contribution to the party, but also did not shy away from his past work for the Wang Puppet regime. But even so, Chen Geng’s reply still brought Bao Junfu a turning point.

January 25, 1952, Nanjing Court It is determined that although Bao Junfu has engaged in a pseudo-post and worked as a special agent of the Central Committee, he released his comrades many times during his tenure as the dean. Observing his life, the merit is greater than the demerit, so he was released on the spot.

After Bao Junfu was released from prison, he was still in a state of desperation. Chen Yangshan, then Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice learned of this, and tried every means to give him some relief.

In 1954, Bao Junfu sent a letter to Chen Geng in the name of a comrade-in-arms. And Chen Geng did not forget his promise. He applied to Li Kenong and Luo Ruiqing to give him a monthly subsidy of 100 yuan. On March 15, 1956, the Nanjing Military Region sent a special vehicle to send Bao Junfu to Beijing, together with Chen Geng, Chen Yangshan, An E waited for the old comrades to meet. Under Chen Geng’s arrangement, Bao Junfu spent three weeks in Beijing.

After Zhou Enlai learned about Bao Junfu’s situation, he made him a commissioner of culture and history, and finally had a happy and stable old age. In 1970, Bao Junfu passed away unfortunately. While dying, he repeatedly said to his children:

“I am not a spy, a traitor, nor a traitor, what am I? People, I don’t know myself, but Zhou Enlai knows about me…”

For those hidden in secret Special agents, Zhou Enlai, as the former leader of Teko, will naturally not forget. Therefore, at the moment before his death, Zhou Enlai decided to say one by one the names buried in his heart. Among them, Bao Junfu, whom he has been worried about for many years, is included. Zhou Enlai once commented that Bao Junfu has done more than he has done. For those who have helped us during the most critical moment of our party, don’t forget…

Bao Junfu has 2 The sons and 4 daughters are ordinary Communist Party members who have struggled all their lives in ordinary positions. They are all proud of their father.