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“The North Plain is a feudal societythe capital city , There are a lot of rotten things, we need to remove them bit by bit, the task is very heavy.”

May 1949 In the evening, Chairman Mao said this when he received Luo Ruiqing. Luo Ruiqing has received the appointment conveyed by Premier Zhou himself and he will serve as the new Ministry of Public Security of China.

At that time, the enemy in Peking City was rampant, and at the most arrogant, there was an average of one in ten peopleSecret agent, the situation is still volatile.

On the second day after accepting the appointment, Luo Ruiqing started work.

However, one night later, he suddenly received a call from Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao’s tone was very harsh:“Come to me now!”

Luo Ruiqing was surprised , What’s going on? While leaving immediately, rushed to Shuangqing residence.

Luo Ruiqing didn’t think that this time Chairman Mao was so angry that it was not because the spies had done some major destruction, but because the famous red light district in Peiping”Bada Hutong!

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Chairman Mao:We need to clean up the house

Bada Hutongs are mainly located in the second ring road today, close to the The inner city of Beijing is also the throat for foreigners to enter Beijing. From west to east, they are:Baishun Hutongclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="2198491" qid="6585802173571962126"> span>, Yanzhi Hutong, Hanjia Hutong, Shaanxi Alley, Stone Hutong, Wangguangfu Xiejie(now palm tree side street), Zhujia Hutong, Li Shamao Hutong (now Xiaoli Hutong).

As early as the Qianlong period, Bada Hutong was still a gathering place for theatrical troupes. Old Beijingers have a saying:“People don’t leave the road, tigers don’t leave the mountains, and performers don’t leave Baishun, Hanjiatan.”

It’s hereDuring the Qing Dynasty, prostitutes were banned until the Eight-Power Allied Forces entered Beijing, especially after the completion of the Bada Hutong Railway Station. The prostitution industry has suddenly expanded.

During the Republic of China, the ban on prostitution was lifted, and Bada Hutong gradually became The world of brothels. From Yuan Shikai to later Chiang Jieshi, Countless celebrities, gentry, powerful and wealthy businessmen gather here when they conduct tactical transactions.

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Yes The woman in the brothel even became a legend in people’s minds. For example, Cai E who fell in love with General Protector during the Republic of China Xiaofengxian. When Yuan Shikai tried to restore her, she once protected Cai E from Peking to move troops. Later, Cai E led the soldiers to protect the country and wrote poems for Xiaofengxian to praise her chivalrous righteousness. It is still a good story to this day.

What is rarely known is that when Xiaofengxian was only 13 years old, he was trafficked to Shaanxi Alley in Bada Hutong when he was only 13 years old, and was reduced to a brothel woman ever since.

When Peking was liberated, the Bada Hutongs were mainly controlled by four bullies.

In order to manipulate the women in the brothel, the bullies do everything and set up a torture chamber privately. The women in the brothel are beaten if they disobey, and they have to be beaten if they want to be good.

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In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, my country expected The average life expectancy is only about 40 years old, but the third and fourth class brothel women are under long-term oppression, Its life span is even short, basically only around 30 years old.

January 1949, 900,000People’s Liberation Army The soldiers approached the city of Beiping. Under the patient persuasion and urge of the Communists and the enlightened people in Peking, on the 22nd of that month, after three negotiations, Fu Zuoyi finally signed the”Agreement on the Peaceful Settlement of the Peking Issue”, which was accepted by 250,000 Kuomintang troops. Reorganized by the People’s Liberation Army, Beiping was saved from war.

After the peaceful liberation of Peking, 379″ qid=”6595512290752075011″>The Battle of Pingjin is over, and the Kuomintang is over.

The Communist Party immediately started the peaceful takeover of Peiping, and Chairman Mao moved out of the city for safety reasons.Shuangqing Residence on Xiangshan, preparing for the founding of New China.

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At the Xibaipo Conference According to Chairman Mao’s report, the party members discussed and established a strategic shift in the focus of the party’s work. After winning the national victory, the focus of work will be shifted from the countryside to the city, so as to transform China from an agricultural country to an industrial country and promote the development of productive forces.

This means that after the countryside, Chinese cities will also usher in a radical change. In Peiping City, Bada Hutong is synonymous with the land of fireworks, which is exactly the feudal society and private ownership The product.

When Chairman Mao and Luo Ruiqing first met in Peking and talked about prostitution, they said:“New China will never allow prostitutes and underworld rampages! We must clean the house.”

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The chairman is angry:Shut down all brothels in Beijing

Although they are temporarily unable to live in the city, Chairman Mao and his secretary often go to various places in Peiping to work and visit. They not only conduct on-site inspections, understand the current situation of Peiping, but also inspect subordinates. Governance results in order to adjust the preparations for the founding of New China at any time.

One ​​night in late May, Chairman Mao and his secretary once again entered Peking.

After passing Badahu, a brothel woman was found slapped severely by a thug.

The secretary stepped forward and grabbed the thug, and asked:” Why are you hitting her?”

The old bustard on the side looked at the faces of the duo, dressed in ordinary clothes, and sarcastically said:“What is your business if I hit my girl?”

This incident made Chairman Mao very angry. Later, the report by Peng Zhen, then secretary of the Beiping Municipal Party Committee, made the chairman even more angry. It turned out that when Peng Zhen went to Qianmen to learn about the situation, he met a 15-year-old brothel woman The girl cried bitterly, saying that not long after she was abducted and sold to the brothel, she was beaten and scolded every day, only four Wotou eat.

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that night, Chairman Mao was really Unbearable, gave Luo Ruiqing a death order on the spot:“Close all brothels in Beijing!”

Luo Ruiqing as early as Whampoa Military Academy Wuhan Branch was deeply inspired by Chairman Mao when he was studying. After following his revolution, he regarded the Chairman as his life mentor.

He is absolutely loyal to Chairman Mao. He did not ask why, but immediately saluted:“Yes, Chairman, I will immediately consider closing all brothels in Beijing!”

Luo Ruiqing’s unconditional trust allows the chairman to Suddenly his expression was relieved, and he and Peng Zhen went to Luo Ruiqing one by one.

After that, Luo Ruiqing soon launched a comprehensive investigation and management of the Peking Brothel:Send female cadres to inspect the brothel. It is forbidden to beat or torture brothel women, and it is forbidden to prevent brothel women from becoming well-behaved.

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9 On the 19th, after months of investigation and discussion, the”Measures for Dealing with Brothel Women in Beiping City (Draft)” was released. In this way, the investigation on the living conditions of brothel women has been completed, and the corresponding handling guidelines have been prepared.

Luo Ruiqing united with the Women’s Federation, Civil Affairs Bureau was established In order to close the headquarters of the brothel, he served as the commander-in-chief and mobilized 2,400 people from various units.

Investigation, action guides, and crews are finally ready, but at this time, Luo Ruiqing, who has always been on the battlefield and accustomed to slashing the mess, decided:Wait a second, do some preparatory work first, and then act in winter. Why is this?

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Bada Hutongs were cleared overnight

On November 21 of the same year, it was already deep winter in Beijing, with heavy frost and snow.

10 am, all Beijing Public Security The bureau received a unified order:There is a major task in the evening, and all public security officers will stop adjusting their rest and be on site!

Just as the police soldiers were secretly frightened, Luo Ruiqing was also anxiously waiting for the vote of the Second Beijing Municipal People’s Congress result. In New China, it is impossible for a few people to decide to close all brothels.

The People’s Daily published the final meeting decision:Brothel is the old ruler and exploiter who insults women’s spirit and body and insults women’s personality The remnants of the brutal animal system, syphilis, gonorrhea, are extremely harmful to national health. Brothel leaders and loan sharks are extremely brutal and vicious remnants of feudalism. According to the will of the people of the city, Zite decided to close all brothels immediately…

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After the meeting, Luo Ruiqing immediately issued the meeting decision and night action order to seal all brothels in the city. The general headquarters of the closed brothel and the Beijing public security are waiting to be together.

In the afternoon, all the bosses and bustards in Bada Hutong received the The notice of the police station meeting, but these people did not expect that this time it turned out to be Luo Ruiqing’s Tune the tiger away from the mountainThe strategy! The final action quietly kicked off.

Just after the bosses and old bustards of the brothel were gathered at the police station, the various action teams rushed into the brothel, and it took less than 12 hours to close all the brothels, a total of 224 Home, housing 1,286 women in the brothel.

On the night of the operation, Chairman Mao stayed up all night until Luo Ruiqing called:“Chairman, the city’s brothels have now been closed.”

So far, a tumor that has harmed Beijing for thousands of years has been uprooted .

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Renovate the women in the brothel and regain a new life

Then Luo Ruiqing faced the placement of thousands of women in the brothel. The problem of disposal.

First of all, the most important issue is the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. In the”Summary of the Handling of Brothel Women in Beijing in 1950,” it was mentioned that among all the 1,303 Brothel Women who were finally admitted, 96.6%of them suffered from STDs. Among them, Xiaojin, the youngest woman in the brothel, is only 10 years old and already has a serious STD!

Venereal diseases can be spread only through contact with the clothing of the sick person. Once the news of the closure of the brothel comes out, will the boss, the old bustard and the brothel girls be scattered? If you escape, you can imagine whether the infectious disease will spread.

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At this time, we will Recalling that Luo Ruiqing specifically set the action in winter and proceeded with thunder after the vote was passed, it can be seen that the chief of public security, who was praised by Chairman Mao for”the sky is falling down with Luo’s eldest son”, is capable and thorough in his work. What a well-deserved name.

Luo Ruiqing adopted the method of properly relocating the women in the brothel, and housed all the women in the brothel in several brothels, and renovated the brothel into women’s education Hospital, dispatch expert doctors, nurses and cadres to be responsible for the treatment and care of women in the brothel With the transformation, help the brothel woman face up and get out of the shadows.

As the original voting resolution said:“Reform its thinking , Treat their venereal diseases, send them home if they have a home, help them get married if they have a marriage partner, help them get married, get homeless, have no spouse, organize studies, engage in production, and confiscate brothel property as relief to brothel women”Shanglinxianguan” where Xiaofengxian once was in the north of Shaanxi Alley has been changed to a hotel. The wind of decay in the hutongs has long gone.


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