Recently,”Cao County” has been on the Internet Shanghai quickly became popular. On May 17, the county magistrate of Cao County responded to”Cao County became popular”:”Welcome to visit Cao County in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Caozhong, and see the real Cao County.” This sentence is very Versailles, which also shows that Cao County has indeed become a phenomenon nowInternet celebrity cities.

getUrls?link=85f783deef4dc352f31512841d375776 - I would rather have a bed in Cao County than a suite in Beijing. What is the origin of the explosive Cao County?

Cao County’s Internet genes have long been buried in Cao County.

FromSince 2010, some villagers in Cao County have tried to open online stores and sell Costumes, etc., caught up with Taobao’s bonus period, and subsequently triggered the spread of e-commerce, and many people embarked on the road to entrepreneurship and wealth. You should know that the former Cao County was a poor county with “no streetlights in the village, scattered with earthen houses”. The 200,000 rural laborers exported in 2005 accounted for 30%of the local GDP. Today, as the country’s largest film and television apparel production base, on the first day of”Double Eleven” last year alone, e-commerce sales exceeded 1.6 billion yuan. Such a strong development contrast is the result of a place finding its own position, unique characteristics, and struggling for it.

getUrls?link=602051cef98fbefdd655ec2762eca5a1 - I would rather have a bed in Cao County than a suite in Beijing. What is the origin of the explosive Cao County?

Behind the explosion in Cao County is the whole peopleRegional black or homesickness with nowhere to put it?

In recent times, on the platform of short video on Douyin’s major platforms, Cao County, Heze, Shandong can be described It’s a real fire, and many people don’t even understand why Cao County is on fire. Many short video blogs The main general Cao County, a prefecture-level county and London, New York is an international metropolis, and Cao County is even more known as the”center of the universe”, so this permanent population is only more than 140 Why are the prefecture-level counties so popular?

As we all know, with The rapid development of China’s economy and society, many places are also accelerating the industrial transformation and the road of upgrading, even if there are some Prefecture-level counties have also found an important pillar to promote regional economic development. According to data, in 2020, there will be 151 Taobao villages and 17 Taobao towns in Cao County, whose density occupies Ranked second in the top 100 in the country, and among many industry, The Hanfu industry even occupies 30%of the country’s market share. With China’s current The rise of Hanfu culture, Cao County, which has so much market share, has naturally become the protagonist of the market. If it is just because of the Hanfu industry, Cao County may not be so popular, and this involves another important industry in Cao County——Funeral. You know, the coffin produced in Cao County has now become Japan one of the important imported goods,”Leaving Caoxian, the death of the Japanese will not proceed smoothly” This is definitely not an exaggeration. It also shows that Cao County’s core industry competitiveness is very strong.

getUrls?link=43d6c1cb607997c608f2ed62fa38241b - I would rather have a bed in Cao County than a suite in Beijing. What is the origin of the explosive Cao County?

Nowadays, Cao County successfullyOut of the circle also shows that Cao County’s success in industrial transformation, keeping pace with the times and being good at innovation is the core foundation of a city. Cao County Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Who is the fighter of the Internet celebrity city What kind of stem is Cao County, Shandong? Cao County Magistrate Versailles site

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