​The egg shell thunder incident caused a lot of noise.

This winter, the coldest part is not only the cold wind, but also the heart of the eggshell tenants…

Two shakes + certain Hand, everything is reported, so I won’t be able to get rid of the cocoon.

But this incident, the editor is most concerned about rent loans.

Because consumer loans have become the most popular way of consumption right now.

Everyone thinks——

This stuff is good, buy, buy, brush, and then pay in installments and pay a little interest. Enjoy a refined life with a lower cost.

But this is not the case.

Today, we are here to take a deep dive on the true cost of your exquisite life.

Calculate the instalment payment of consumer loans, how high the actual interest is.

The result will scare you~

The interest on installment repayment far exceeds 8.8%

We use Huabe as an example——

Suppose we bought a mobile phone with 10,000 yuan and want to repay it in installments. On the page of Huabei repayment, click on installments , You can see the staging plan.

getUrls?link=3317afc09d9914e981ee3edc085e7676 - I was shocked, Huabei's interest is so high.


If you pay back in 12 installments, you need to repay 906.61 yuan per month, and a total of 10879.32 yuan in 12 months.

In the end, an extra 879.32 yuan of interest was repaid, and the above also indicated that the interest was 8.8%.

getUrls?link=5a69191c5a1cb96bee5bac58ce912536 - I was shocked, Huabei's interest is so high.


At first glance, it’s not high.

But note, There is a big misunderstanding here. Many friends don’t know that this 8.8%is not real interest!

Let’s do the calculations (the calculation process is a bit complicated, you can skip to see the result directly):

1. Calculate”single-period interest rate (monthly interest rate)” first

getUrls?link=a6432a59d3dbae295128b71111817554 - I was shocked, Huabei's interest is so high.


We took the loan of 10,000 yuan and repaid 12 Monthly, I also bring 906.61 yuan into the calculator every month, and the single-period interest rate (monthly interest rate) is 1.32%.

2. Recalculate the overall interest rate

The overall interest rate is calculated by subtracting 1 from the 12th power of 1.0132, and finally,The overall interest on this loan is 17.04%! ! !

Why not 8.8%, but 17.04%?

If you borrow 10,000 yuan and repay 10,879.32 yuan once a year later, the interest is indeed 8.8%.

But don’t forget, here is instalment repayment!

You start to repay the principal from the first month.

If the 10,000 yuan has no interest, the monthly average is 833.33 yuan. Now I have to pay 906.61 yuan a month, which can be understood as a monthly interest of 73.28 yuan.

The 906.61 yuan paid in the first month. In fact, you only took up the money for 1 month, not a year. And you paid 73.28 yuan in interest for this month, which is equivalent to a monthly interest rate of 73.28/833.33=8.79%. This combined annual interest rate is 174.83%.

The 906.61 yuan paid in the second month. In fact, you only took up the money for 2 months. You also paid 73.28 yuan in interest for these 2 months. The interest rate equivalent to 2 months is 8.79%/2=4.4%, and the combined annual interest rate is 67.65%.

And so on…

Finally, the actual interest you bear is 17.04%! ! !

This is the so-called”time value of money.”

Finally, you who know the truth, are you stunned?

So, the actual interest of the installment repayment is much higher than you think.

But here is not to say that installment repayment is a”flood beast”, you can use installment, but you need to know how much interest you bear for it.

At the same time, I want to tell you the concept of the time value of money, because from the perspective of financial management, where money is placed, if you don’t use it, you are also losing its”time value” for nothing. .

How much can you earn 10,000 yuan in financial management

Use a 10,000 yuan loan Consumption, pay off after 1 year, need to pay interest about 17%.

If you spend 10,000 yuan in financial management, how much money can you make in the same year?

We have summarized the data of the past 15 years:

getUrls?link=68d1bb61cb48edc0878c76257b5455da - I was shocked, Huabei's interest is so high.


If only investment Ordinary stock funds have an average annual return of 25.61%(simple interest investment method).

If financial management methods are used in the middle, such as knowing how to choose a better quality fund, how to stop profits, how to cover positions at low positions, etc., the returns will be higher.

Before, I showed you a picture, with a principal of 100,000 yuan, and using the right method can make an extra 20,000 yuan.

getUrls?link=8c4326dbc2c03f106915c06c3d1a9284 - I was shocked, Huabei's interest is so high.


In fact, scientific financial management is not only about making money, it involves all aspects of our lives, including always knowing how much risk we have taken. Interest and so on, so that we can always find the”optimal solution” of life.

If you want to learn financial management skills systematically, you can start with the 7 yuan class first, and then gradually experience the joy of making money, come and sign up! Through financial management, let people”open up”! Directly trust me!