getUrls?link=132d8fa8770c9ee798a5b4d00209d347 - Hunan Channel:Dong Nationality Wedding Show, Deep Dong Nostalgia

April 16, Hunan Province Tongdao Dong Autonomous County Huangdu Dong Village, the Dong family blew up Lusheng, carrying the sedan chair, is showing the Dong ethnic group wedding show to tourists. On the same day, the county’s annual Dawuliang Song Festival was held at Dong Village in Huangdu. The Dawuliang Song Festival of the Dong nationality was held in the border areas of Hunan, Guangxi, and Guizhou to commemorate the birth of Ameixiao Nu and the Empress of Dong’s family in Wuliang Dong Village. A beautiful love story of elder brother knowing each other, falling in love, falling in love, and keeping watch. It is designed to allow tourists to experience the distinctive characteristics of the Dong people while inheriting the national culture. Dong Township.

Photographic report by Liu Qiang and Pan Qijuan (China Economic Vision)

Source:Economic Daily News Client