, January 25th. The reporter learned from Tianyan recently that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently announced a new patent on”reducer, powertrain and vehicle”. It is reported that the patent application number is”CN112248801A” and the patent name is”reducer, powertrain and vehicle”.

getUrls?link=55aaa42af8340a1c2215436147072ccf - Huawei Announces New Patent for"Reducer, Powertrain and Vehicle"

Source of screenshot:Tianyancha

According to the patent summary information of Tianyancha, this application embodiment provides a reducer, powertrain and vehicle, and the reducer can be applied For electric vehicles/electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, extended range electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, new Energy vehicles, etc., by canceling the setting of the synchronization ring, using the control of the rotation angle and speed, the reducer realizes the shift without power shock, shortens the shift stroke and synchronization time, saves costs, and solves the problem of using the synchronization ring to achieve friction. Synchronous shifting causes long shifting time and impacts during shifting.

Source:China Net