After IOS users have generally upgraded the WeChat version 8.0, today WeChat officially released the WeChat 8.0 Android beta version , So that Android users can experience the fun of throwing bombs and fireworks on the full screen in advance. If you want to experience WeChat 8.0 in a hurry, you can download the beta version in advance to use it. If you are not in a hurry, just wait patiently for the official version to be updated.

WeChat 8.0 releases Android beta version

Because WeChat 8.0 is a major version update with major changes, but it has not undergone drastic reforms, because now WeChat has become quite mature. And the function is powerful enough, even a little bloated. It is reported that the new update of WeChat 8.0 version mainly adds fun, such as expressions with better animation effects.

WeChat 8.0 is mainly updated with new floating windows, dynamic emoticons, and support for setting custom status and other functions. The main changes include:

1. There are changes to the startup page.

2. The built-in expressions have become bigger.

3. Added full-screen animations of special expressions in the emoticon pack, such as”bomb” will have an explosion effect, and”celebration” will be full of fireworks.

4. Adjusted the effect of the self-carrying emoticon package. By default, it will be larger than the previous one, and it will shrink back to its normal size after 1s.

5. A new”My Status” similar to QQ has been added, and users can choose their mood status, including”depressed, daze, counting sheep, etc.”.

Source:Zhongguancun Online