WeChat has new features. In the upcoming version 8.0 of WeChat, players can set the status background Figure. How to set the status background image? In the 8.0 version of WeChat, which was updated in late January, the My Status function was added, which included a new settable background image. So let’s take a look at how to set the WeChat status background image.

How to set the WeChat 8.0 status background image

I. Status background image settings

January On the 21st, WeChat updated version 8.0, which added a new”My Status”, you can choose the current personal status. At the same time, the status function also supports the function of modify background.

Click on the new status bar under I-WeChat ID to edit personal status.

Status is divided into three categories:mood, work and study, and activity.

Status can truly show the current situation of the user, such as setting it to”busy”,”fishing”, etc. Those who also set”Busy” can also see the status of mutual friends.

Currently, WeChat version 8.0 can only be updated by Apple users.

Source:Broadbean Network