Updated 8.0WeChat The latest feature released, you can feel the special effects on the phone screen more realistically. It’s very simple. Those who know the operation can take a look at the specific steps.

getUrls?link=df50c69353c276f61110a8bbc382c05c - How to get the bomb effect of WeChat 8.0? How to set up WeChat explosion emoji mine?

List of WeChat bomb operation methods

Update WeChat to version 8.0, and send the bomb emoticon pack when chatting again!

The WeChat team stated that in order to enrich the way everyone expresses on WeChat, WeChat 8.0 has upgraded the small expressions. When users send or receive a single small expression in chat, an animation effect will be played. Some small expression animation effects can be played in full screen.

The most significant change is that the expression not only adds 3D elements, but also becomes more”moving”:send”fireworks” to your friends, and the screen will show the animation of fireworks, and sending”bombs” will simulate”explode”The effect was shaken with the phone. The split emoji fully shows the process from smiling to splitting.

getUrls?link=e05da579565060680fe6a82099c0deca - How to get the bomb effect of WeChat 8.0? How to set up WeChat explosion emoji mine?

Send emoticons in the dialog box, you can see that the WeChat emoticons are moving. For example, you can”throw bombs at each other with your friends, you can set up fireworks all over the screen, you can also watch the little yellow face”split” and so on.

The biggest change is the addition of a status bar and dynamic emoticons. Package, users can set their own status on the homepage, including:counting sheep, happy, depressed, in a daze, busy, fishing, moving bricks, and traveling, etc. It is still quite interesting! Then the emoji package that comes with WeChat has been added. Dynamic effects, all have been reworked. The updated emoticons will have special dynamic effects, and special emoticons will have full-screen animations, such as”Celebration”, which will display fireworks in full screen. The emoticons sent out are larger than the previous ones, and After 1 second, there will be an animation that shrinks back to normal size.

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