Straight men can never do it Even if they understand the hints of girls, girls can’t understand the interests of straight men.

This matter is understood by non-singles.

John- Gray said in”Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, this is because men and women have huge differences in cognition, from the way of thinking, how to look at things, to the way of doing things, the form of communication, etc. They are all very different.

This kind of difference is everywhere in life. Men don’t understand the beauty of girls with heavy makeup, and girls don’t think about it. Understand why men leave the car and don’t drive motorcycle.

This cognitive difference will of course also be reflected in the purchase of mobile phones, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo mobile phones on the table, you can easily distinguish which mobile phone is more suitable for which group.

Xiao Ju, let’s talk about it first, let’s see if it is the same as yours.

Huawei P series are more suitable for mature women, and Mate series are suitable for mature men.

In general, Xiaomi phones are more suitable for men, apart from anything else, the overall size of the fuselage is larger than others, which can explain the problem. Boys, I like big ones. In order to tap the female market, Xiaomi has made great efforts in appearance design and camera capabilities in the past two years. It also jointly launched the CC series camera phones with Meitu. It has indeed attracted some female users, but the”engineering culture” is there. It is still difficult to change completely.

OPPO and vivo are more suitable for young people, especially girls. First, the appearance is very delicate and fashionable; second, it can make people more beautiful. Which young girl doesn’t want to stay young forever and keep her beauty? Youth cannot be retained, but at least it can be recorded. As a person who used to be 18 years old, I am very responsible to tell you that youth slips away so fast, just like that song:Let’s go, the stars in the sky…

In this college entrance examination graduation season, OPPO has released the latest generation of”beautiful phones” by the sea-Reno6 series, a total of three models: span>

The standard version of Reno6, Xiaoju called it”2799 yuan Apple phone”, the straight-edge middle frame is flush with the screen and back shell, seamlessly connected , The sense of integration of the whole machine is very good.

Pro version includes Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+, which continue the classic surface design of the previous generation, and the configuration is comprehensively improved.

I hold an OPPO Reno6 Pro+ in my hand. After experiencing it, I have only one impression:beautiful, beautiful, or beautiful. She looks beautiful and does her job well.

Probably the Snapdragon 870 mobile phone with the highest value

This year’s hottest processor is not Qualcomm the flagship Snapdragon 888, but the”Second Master” Snapdragon 870.


High-end flagships use Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon 870 naturally becomes the first choice for cost-effective flagships.

And many cost-effective flagship phones and OPPO Reno6 Pro+ put together, objectively speaking, the appearance value can not keep up.

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The body adopts a full micro-curved surface balanced aesthetic design, and every point in contact with the palm is designed as a micro-curved surface. This not only looks thinner and lighter visually, but also has an excellent grip.

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Back It is a representative new generation of”crystal diamond craftsmanship”. In addition to the delicate touch, it is clean and refreshing, and it matches the youthful vitality of young people. No matter how you touch it, it will not stain your fingerprints, and it is as refreshing as new.

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The 6.55-inch OLED screen displays vivid and bright colors. Support 90Hz high refresh rate, get HDR10+ certification. Turn on the O1 super image quality engine, the display effect is more refined, and the dynamic frame can be inserted to make the picture smoother.

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OPPO Reno6 Pro+ has also taken care of some details. For example, when you unlock the phone, the wallpaper will have a dynamic effect, which is pleasing to the eye At the same time, it also increases the sense of fluency.

It also supports”video ringtones”, which can add a love story to your calls.

The beauty of the shot is from the inside out

OPPO Reno6 Pro+ uses a custom sensor this time-50 million Pixel IMX766.

How strong is it?

has both larger photosensitive area and single pixel size, hardware-level HDR, and Optical + electronic dual anti-shake, performance in taking pictures:all kinds of backlighting, high dynamic range, night scene environment, can shoot Create clear and bright photos.

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getUrls?link=9b72bb8b11cef70d62d91f467f4c07fe - How is this phone? Beautiful, beautiful, or beautiful

The sky and building details inside and outside the overpass passage are very clear

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Can shoot The filament inside the bulb

getUrls?link=1523c1759e243d3efb0b2d2ed14b7d90 - How is this phone? Beautiful, beautiful, or beautiful

The classroom is bright and clear inside and outside, even the clouds in the sky I took it out

getUrls?link=8c034d601c253565750f4c6ff13ff671 - How is this phone? Beautiful, beautiful, or beautiful

The polar night scene is basically invisible to the human eye, and the details are also Very clear

The blessing of the color temperature sensor can detect the color temperature of the environment when taking pictures, so that The picture color is more accurate. In the strong light of summer noon, OPPO Reno6 Pro+ can shoot red flowers in layers, which is very valuable. If you are not satisfied, you can try it with your own mobile phone.

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A little more chaotic background and blurring can make the subject stand out:

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13 million long Focus lens, supports 5x hybrid optical zoom, and also supports night scene shooting.

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The picture below is the result of zooming in the red frame of the picture above

Normal taking pictures is not a problem. One of the biggest selling points this time is AI Radiant Makeup. You can apply makeup in one second without makeup, so you can take pictures at any time.

Ms. Sister simply took a group of contrast photos. Let’s take a look at the effect. Is it super beautiful and super natural? This AI Huancai beauty supports video shooting.

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Left is the plain face, the middle is the beauty effect, and the right is the beauty effect

Now everyone is more and more accustomed to shooting with mobile phones For short videos, the OPPO Reno series has brought super anti-shake video from the first generation, and now supports Live HDR, background blur, light spot portrait, monochrome, multi-camera video and other functions, allowing you to create with your mobile phone Video movie story.

The beauty of battle comes from the flowing water

OPPO Reno6 The performance configuration of Pro+ can cope with all mainstream games. It is the designated machine for”Peace Elite” professional league matches. Professional players participate in the adjustment and restore the game. Professional experience.

In addition to performance, in order to ensure an excellent gaming experience, OPPO has made many optimizations. For example:

  • Super Lightning Start, can intelligently identify the games you often play, and then add it to the hot start, so that next time you open the game, you can go directly to the game interface without waiting any longer The long loading animation is very powerful.

  • Customized X-axis linear motor can bring excellent 4D vibration. In”Peace Elite”, supporthigh-quality, adjustable vibration experience strong>.

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  • Infinite frame stabilization technology, the mobile phone load can be predicted in real time through the AI ​​algorithm, and the performance distribution can be adjusted to reduce the occurrence of dropped frames. Measured”Peace Elite” for 20 minutes, HDR high-definition picture quality + limit frame rate The average frame rate 55.8 frames (60 frames full frame), the game process is very smooth.

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Compared with a game phone, it can be seen that although the average frame rate of a game phone is higher, there are several fluency indicators Above, Reno6 Pro+ is even better.

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Data of a Snapdragon 888 game mobile phone

In addition to the points introduced above, OPPO Reno6 Pro+ also supports 65W super flash charging, charging for 5 minutes, and playing for 4 hours; The privacy is also excellent. In addition to the lock screen, system clones, application locks, private safes, privacy doubles, etc. comprehensively protect your privacy, which is more secure.

Understand the above content, now let’s talk about OPPO Reno6 Pro+”beautiful”, is it full of persuasiveness?