In our previous article, we introduced the Sichuan warlordYang Sen in more detail. span>’s 12 wives and concubines, but at the same time we also left two questions at the end of the article, namely: Yang Sen raised so many wives and concubines , Where did he get the money? Furthermore, in the face of so many wives and concubines, how does he manage to avoid them from competing for favor and jealous?

In this article, let’s talk about these two issues together!

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How rich is Yang Sen?

There are 12 wives and concubines recorded in Yang Sen’s life , 43 children. In the face of the cloud of wives and concubines, and groups of children, Yang Sen can be said to be cuddling with Hong Yi Cui, living a life like a god, which is really enviable.

But if you want to maintain the daily expenses of this huge family, it is impossible to achieve without any economic strength.

Furthermore, in accordance with the house rules he made:Once If one of the wives and concubines is pregnant, they can receive a living allowance of 5,000 yuan with a doctor’s certificate. If the birth goes smoothly, they can receive a subsidy of 20,000 yuan deposited in a foreign bank. At the same time, they can also receive a generous property in the name of their children.

So from this you can imagine how much Janssen’s family expenses should be!

However, this is for Sichuan warlords, it is not a difficult task, after all, his wealth is beyond count.

As an old warlord, Yang Sen, his army’s Military payments mainly come from four sources, namely land tax, salt tax, tobacco tax and other miscellaneous taxes. This is not only the source of Sichuan the old warlords’ military income, but also an important source of their private wealth.

However, with the increase of various exorbitant taxes and taxes, the living burden of the people in Shuzhong is undoubtedly increasing day by day, and they can finally collect the Taxation will inevitably decrease. So gradually, the way the warlords collect money is bound to change!

This is indeed the case! After Janssen possesses a certain amount of power, his method of accumulating money is constantly changing. Collecting taxes is only part of his source of income. During this period, he also invested in real estate, established companies, and sold Smoke soil makes a profit. Among them, smoke and soil have the most benefits!

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We know that during the rule of the Beiyang warlords, warlords and bureaucrats not only secretly imported opium, but also forced local farmers to plant it in order to squeeze high profits and taxes. Because of this, opium has spread everywhere.

Sichuan is more serious than other provinces. The warlords in Sichuan regard opium as their important wealthmeans. Not only did they force farmers to grow cigarettes and levy tobacco taxes, but they also colluded with illegal businessmen and trafficked drugs for personal gain. Their cruel methods were simply breathtaking !

As one of the great warlords in Sichuan, Yang Sen’s method of using opium to earn money is called”smart”!

Since Nanchong was subordinate to the Yangsen 20th Army’s defense zone in 1932, it has begun to set up various taxpayers to squeeze the local people! For example, what kind of tobacco seed donation, addict donation, freight, weighing fee, stamp, caring business, etc. various kinds of taxes.

According to records:In 1933, the donation of tobacco seedlings was 70,000 yuan. The annual income of donations from sales stores is more than tens of thousands of yuan.

In addition, there is also the weighing fee charged when the tobacco seedlings are unearthed, plus the freight and printing costs when transporting out of the country. It can also receive tens of thousands of yuan.

But do you think this is the end? of course not! The income of drug addicts and household red light donations is more than tens of thousands of yuan. Coupled with the fines for tax evasion and tax evasion, the annual income is no less than three to four hundred thousand yuan.

At that time, Yang Sen’s”Dachuan Bank” was the same as many warlords, such as Huang Qingyun’s Commercial Bank and Luo Juntong’s Yimin Bank. They all deal in opium.

When Yang Sen had a certain amount of capital, he began to expand his money-making business, such as investing in real estate, setting up companies, etc. The money he earned was beyond count.

so that he has huge deposits in foreign banks such as Britain, the United States, and Japan; in Chongqing, Hankou, and Shanghai and other places have mansions, just like the nobles and nobles in the feudal period.

So seeing this, you can probably imagine how rich Yang Sen is?

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After talking about Yang Sen’s wealth, let’s talk about how he manages his 12 wives and concubines.

How does Yang Sen manage 12 wives and concubines?

Yang Sen, a person who is unruly, likes sensual, has been looking for flowers and asked Liu for many years, and he has almost no feelings for his wives and concubines. Once he looks white If Mei’s concubine becomes a yellow-faced woman, she will be immediately rejected. For example, his fourth aunt, Ota Hengqiu, and tenth aunt, Zheng Wenru, are good examples!

And in order to prevent wives and concubines from competing for favor, Yang Sen adopted” Based on the principle of”a bowl of water is equal”, each wife and concubine will take turns to stay for three nights. In addition, he also enacted countless family rules and prohibitions to strictly restrict his wives and concubines!

For example, Yang Sen stipulates that everyone must get up early in the morning, then wear a uniform, tie a belt, and hand over to an adjutant to lead the team for exercise. , Every day, rain or shine.

After breakfast, you must also learn ancient Chinese, learn English, play the piano, etc., and you must not be absent from class without reason. If there were any offenders, Yang Sen would immediately take out his riding whip and whipped it severely.

Not only that, wives and concubines are all no Allow to entertain guests, not to play cards, not to drink, not to dance, not to watch theaters, not to watch movies, etc.

Anything in the home is not allowed to be used for private use. Adults and children have a certain amount of”monthly money” every month. , which includes daily expenses, pocket expenses, and clothing expenses. And the things in the house are managed by one person every month. In this way, the situation that”there is no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey is the king” is avoided.

I have to admit that Yang Sen still has a way to manage his wives and concubines! And he himself was very proud of this. Whenever other warlords came to ask him for advice, he said without shame:“I am implementing militarized management, otherwise the people in that house can live in a town!”

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In front of women, Yang Sen may be a complete”beast”, but in front of his children, But he plays the role of a”honest gentleman” all the time. He has always been serious and looks like a”strict father”!

Yang Sen stipulates that children are not allowed to smoke, drink, Playing cards, if you want to watch a play, you have to be accompanied by him. Of course, these are some very reasonable requirements. It is naturally correct not to allow children to develop such habits.

In addition, for three meals a day, there are also strict rules:when eating, you must listen to the ringtones to enter the dining room. Two large round tables and a shorter round table. The wives and concubines sit around Yang Sen at a table, which is larger Children sit at a table, while the smaller ones sit at a shorter round table.

Before eating, the children must put their hands together like a Christian, and then drag the long sound to pray. The prayer words are also carefully prepared by Yang Sen. The content is roughly For:

“Daddy, mom and dad, give us food, we must listen to the lessons and learn from good people, so that we can be worthy of dad and mom, please!”

After saying”please”, everyone can pick up the chopsticks and start eating!

It is worth mentioning that Yang Sen also specially wrote a”family song” full of feudal atmosphere, and asked the famous composer Liu Xuean to make a score The song is sung at the”family concert” every year. The general content of the lyrics is:

Weiwo Yang clan, Wenzhi to Kansai , Wugong is said to be invincible, and it is carried forward in our generation. Emphasize education, thin enjoyment, and eliminate waste. No smoking, no drinking, no prostitution, no gambling are my house rules. Specialization, learning is expensive and specialization, sports and music are not negligible. Loyal to the country and filial piety to the family is good for this party. Good Descendants, good descendants, go out of their heads, good descendants, good descendants, and work hard to raise the country’s prestige.

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In addition to enacting these strict family rules and prohibitions, Yang Sen used very cruel methods when dealing with his betrayal of his concubines! This can be seen from the fate of his seventh concubine Zeng Guizhi and eighth concubine Cai Wenna!

Let’s talk about Zeng Guizhi first! She was originally an adopted daughter of Yang Sen in Guizhou Bijie, but as Zeng Guizhi grew up day by day, her body She was plump, white and beautiful, and Yang Sen gradually thought about her, and finally tarnished her.

Zeng Guizhi is naturally agile and motivated by knowledge, Yang Sen invited a tutor for her to teach her to read and write, and then he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to send her to Shanghai, Study in Beijing and other places.

At this time, Zeng Guizhi, who has gone to school in other places, has no fetters. Many male students in the class admire her almost perfect figure. , So they expressed their love to her one after another.

The progressive Zeng Guizhi faced the pursuit of boys of the same age, and became extremely eager for love in his heart, so he agreed with a male student surnamed Chen in the same class Together, the two are in pairs, and their relationship is very good.

As a result, after Yang Sen’an’s ears and eyes in Shanghai learned about the incident, he reported it to Yang Sen. Yang Sen was furious. The two were shot dead in the wilderness.

Yang Sen’s eighth concubine, Cai Wenna, is in roughly the same situation as Zeng Guizhi, because she fell in love with a male classmate at school and was killed by Yang Sen. Execution.

But compared to Zeng Guizhi, Cai Wenna’s ending is more tragic!

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We said in the previous article that Cai Wenna was born in a scholarly family and is recognized as a school-level figure in Luxian Girls’ Middle School. Her temperament is extraordinary, her face is charming and charming, and her body is graceful and beautiful, which is shocking!

After Yang Sen”takes down” her, he allows him to stay in Luzhou to go to school. In addition, in order for Cai Wenna to succeed Zeng Guizhi and win a glory for herself in the social arena, Yang Sen began to spare no effort to train her, and specially invited a tutor for her to learn English for her.

Cai Wenna originally came from Yang Sen’s “striking and arrogant”, and she has no feelings for him at all, so she saw the young family When I was a teacher, love was born. But soon, the matter was known to Yang Sen, and he immediately ordered Cai Wenna to be tied and punished to kneel in the courtyard, preparing to put her to death.

In the freezing cold wind, Cai Wenna was so scared that she was shivering and shivering. If it weren’t for her aunts and wives to plead for her, she might have been executed by Yang Sen. Up. But it is a pity that the tutor failed to escape Yang Sen’s poison in the end!

A few years later, Cai Wenna was sent by Yang Sen to study in the Department of Sociology of West China University in Chengdu. Soon I fell in love.

According to Cai Wenna’s idea, he first divorced Yang Sen, and then married his boyfriend. But after Yang Sen learned of this, not only did he not give her a chance for divorce, but he also executed her.

When Cai Wenna was executed, Yang Sen also ordered other wives and concubines to watch the scene and kill a hundred! Upon seeing this, the wives and concubines turned pale and trembling. And Cai Wenna’s boyfriend escaped abroad, which was spared.

At that time, Yang Sen was highly powerful and unruly. Killing a few innocent men and women was just commonplace, and people did not dare to intervene. And Yang Sen didn’t care about it either, he said:“If you don’t obey women’s way, there is no way, then I will be willing to start.”

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Good and evil will eventually be rewarded, and the way of heaven is reincarnation; if you don’t believe it, look up, who is forgiven by the heavens!

In 1949, the Jiang dynasty was on the verge of faltering. Under the powerful offensive of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Yang Sen has expressed several times that he wants to lead the uprising span>, but was rejected.

For example, when Erye entered Xiangxi, Yang Sen called Liu and Deng to express his desire to revolt. After receiving the telegram, Chai Chengwen reported to Liu and Deng, but was rejected. Liu Shuai said:“Don’t ignore these people, ignore him! You are doing uprising work, don’t look for these people.”

Later, Yang Sen once again expressed his desire to revolt, but was rejected! Finally, Yang Sen had to follow Lao Jiang to Taiwan!

However, after he went to Taiwan, Yang Sen was not at peace. When he was 90 years old, he married a 17-year-old middle school student as his wife. Later, he gave birth to a child.

But always age is not forgiving! In March 1977, Yang Sen returned from a visit to the Philippines. After making out with his concubine for a while, he suddenly felt unwell. After going to the hospital for an examination, he learned that he had lung cancer. Two months later, at the age of 93, Yang Sen officially finished his long and absurd life!

And when someone asked him why he had to marry so many wives and concubines, he once replied:“Think about the emperor’s addiction… …”

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