Hangzhou Daily News”Welcome to recommend Indonesian live broadcasters”, the time is the”Golden Three and Silver Four” recruitment season, Hangzhou Jingmai Network Technology Co., Ltd. person in charge Yi Jiao issued a call for recruits in the circle of friends signal. Recruiting foreign language anchors, organizing anchors to train delivery skills, participating in the TikTok live e-commerce internal test… Yi Jiao’s daily schedule is full. Less than a year after its establishment, the total number of fans of Jingmai’s self-operated account matrix on mainstream overseas platforms exceeded 20 million, and it became an aliExpress , Southeast Asia e-commerce platform Lazada, Shopee official designated service provider and TikTok China advertising agency.

The past year was a year of rapid development of Jingmai, and also a year of overseas live broadcast e-commerce companies quickly breaking into the public eye. Live broadcast seems to have become the “standard configuration” of global e-commerce platforms and social platforms. Many MCN organizations have already made their first pot of gold. More export e-commerce sellers are trying or planning to try this new digital marketing model.

The platform for running admission, overseas anchors of merchants who are eager to try, bring goods to Chinese brands

“Mau Dong! Mau Dong!” Local time on March 9th, TikTok e-commerce live broadcast in Indonesia Complete the first test. In the live broadcast room of the two Indonesian female Internet celebrities, cheers were heard from time to time. Similar to Li Jiaqi’s”buy it”, this sentence Indonesian is very straightforward-“I want it”. This live broadcast debut, which took nearly an hour and a half, had an audience of more than 10,000 at its peak. Just yesterday, TikTok announced that its live e-commerce plan will be officially launched in Indonesia on April 13, which is also the opening day of the Indonesian online shopping carnival.

TikTok is working hard to prepare for the battle. As an advertising agency for TikTok in China, Jingmai has already started to invest in recruiting anchors, arranging live broadcast rooms, account testing, and training original business personnel to be familiar with the live broadcast process. Next, it will lead more Chinese brands to go overseas.

The addition of TikTok has added a lot of information to overseas e-commerce live broadcasts. Previously, AliExpress, Shopee, Lazada, and other cross-border e-commerce platforms with Chinese e-commerce genes, have opened live broadcast functions. span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”4990359″>Amazon has successively launched Amazon Live throughout the site. Facebook has acquired a start-up engaged in live The first live broadcast overseas brought the goods.

According to our understanding, Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce companies that have begun to try live streaming are generally provided by MCN agencies, or cross-border broadcast in Hangzhou live broadcast bases, and some companies have set up studios overseas to find local Of Internet celebrities conduct live broadcasts.

Meticulously prepare scripts to test team cooperation

Overseas live streaming is not easy at all

” For export e-commerce merchants and overseas consumers, live streaming is a new thing.” According to Wang Fan, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Shijiu Network Co., Ltd., anchors must not only understand foreign languages ​​and live broadcast skills, but also answer consumption promptly and accurately. Questions about the product.

In order to find the right person, Shijiu selects professionals from within for training on the one hand, and on the other hand recruits excellent anchors from outside. In order to help the anchors to familiarize themselves with the content of the live broadcast, Shijiu also arranged role plays for the employees, with one acting as the anchor and the other as the consumer. Wang Fan said with emotion that every seemingly ordinary and casual live broadcast has a carefully prepared script behind it.

Not only does the host have to work hard, but the teamwork behind it is also very important.”How should products be introduced to highlight their selling points and how to interact with the audience? In a limited time, how should we introduce several products? This series of problems require communication and cooperation between teams.” The live broadcast team of Jingmai Company Among them, there are technicians in charge of lighting, sound, and filming, as well as operators in charge of products and field control. Yi Jiao said that there is a shortage of people in this industry, especially small-language anchors. Many of them are part-time foreign students, and there are relatively few professional anchors.

Because of the time difference in various parts of the world, how to arrange and allocate personnel is also a big challenge.”We have made specific schedules, flexibly adjusted the number of live broadcasts and planned key live broadcasts according to the time difference in different regions.” Wang Fan introduced.

The number of viewers is tens of thousands and the conversion rate is limited

Overseas markets are waiting for top players to appear

Millions of people in the country flood into the live broadcast rooms, and the goods sold out every minute are different. The number of overseas e-commerce live broadcast rooms is no more than 10,000 people, and the duration is generally about one hour.

Can the live broadcast with high user stickiness and high conversion rate reproduce the domestic scene overseas? In Yi Jiao’s view, since the epidemic, overseas users have gradually developed the habit of watching live broadcasts. In addition to the growing number of fans, the stay time in the live broadcast room, the purchase rate, and the conversion rate have also increased.

In addition, compared to platforms in mature markets such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, AliExpress, Shopee and Lazada are broadcasting live Obviously it is easier to bring goods.

On the one hand, these platforms are mainly for emerging markets, and it is less difficult to educate users. In mainstream European and American markets, online retail was not accepted by more people until after the epidemic. On the other hand, China’s e-commerce genes have also enabled these platforms to gradually follow the domestic e-commerce platforms in the live broadcast of goods, and the selling points of domestic e-commerce live broadcasts such as”host discount” have been well replicated.

How big is the future market? Yi Jiao’s answer is “it’s hard to say”, but what is certain is that for global e-commerce companies, live streaming is the most important outlet for online traffic in the next few years.

Reporter’s Notes

Since last year, the cross-border e-commerce live broadcast in Hangzhou has developed rapidly, and there are more and more live broadcast agencies. Hangzhou cooperates with major platforms to launch overseas live broadcast competitions, talent training and other activities, actively promote the in-depth integration of cross-border e-commerce and new technologies and new models, and guide users to generate content, augmented reality technology applications, social media advertising, and live interaction Wait for business to develop in an orderly manner.

At present, pure business model replication has not achieved the desired effect. It is not difficult to find that the rise of domestic live broadcast e-commerce is jointly promoted by platforms, MCN agencies, and merchants. Overseas are also facing many immature conditions such as low e-commerce penetration rate and lack of consumer habits. However, this is also the opportunity for export e-commerce practitioners including platforms, MCN institutions, and merchants.