In the early morning, strolling in the Songyun Mountains, the vegetation is prosperous and the air is pleasant. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the Yuanjiang Wushui River is like two green brocades, surrounded by green mountains on both sides, and lush. This ecological picture of green water and green mountains embodies the people’s yearning and pursuit for a better life in Hongjiang.

Hongjiang District is the old industrial base of Huaihua City. Over the past five years, the District Working Committee and District Management Committee have firmly established the development concept of”green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, insisting on ecological priority, green development, and ecological The construction of civilization has achieved remarkable results, the quality of the ecological environment has continued to improve, and citizens’ sense of acquisition, happiness, and security of a good ecological environment has become stronger.

Data shows that as of November 30, Hongjiang District had 335 days with good air quality, and the proportion of days with good air quality was 100.%, reaching the national air quality level II standard, ranking 4th in the province and 2nd in the city; the overall water environment quality of the Yuanjiang and Wushui Hongjiang sections has reached Class II surface water quality, with a water quality compliance rate of 100%, ranking 13th in the province. No. 3 in the city.

Unswervingly follow the path of green development

During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, Hongjiang District was in the dilemma between economic development and environmental protection. Have the courage to practice, actively explore, and embark on a new path of industrialization led by the development of circular economy.

In 2020, the district will realize a total industrial output value of 5.602 billion yuan, an increase of 1.32 billion yuan from 2015, an increase of 30.82%year-on-year; at the same time, four major items including chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide Pollutant emissions were reduced by 2097.9 tons, 28.7 tons, 4130.1 tons, and 148.2 tons, respectively, completing 760.21%, 100%, 913%, and 363.2%of the”Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” tasks, realizing a”win-win” of economic development and environmental protection.

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In the past five years, Hongjiang District has strictly controlled environmental protection access for projects, accelerated the elimination of outdated production capacity, encouraged enterprise transformation and upgrading, built 9 production-university-research bases, created 24 various technological innovation platforms, and registered scientific and technological achievements There are 16 items and 7 innovation awards above the provincial level. Up to now, 1 company in the district has been approved as a”benchmarking enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 1 company has been approved as a small giant enterprise in Hunan Province, and 12 companies have passed the recognition of Hunan Province’s new material enterprises.

During the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, the Hongjiang District Industrial Concentration Zone successfully established a provincial high-tech zone, which was approved as a national Torch Huaihua Hongjiang Fine Chemical New Material Featured Industrial Base, Provincial New Industrialized Industrial Demonstration Base. In the past five years, the park has invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build a batch of supporting facilities such as sewage treatment plants, industrial solid waste disposal centers, hazardous chemical rescue centers, centralized energy supply centers, integrated transmission pipeline corridor systems between enterprises, and air quality micro-stations. Infrastructure, the park’s environmental protection management level has been significantly improved, providing a solid ecological environment guarantee for high-quality development.

Taking multiple measures to fight pollution prevention and control battles

Environmental governance is a long-term, arduous and complex task. Faced with new situations and new challenges Hongjiang District has formulated the”Three-Year Action Plan for Pollution Prevention and Control (2018-2020)”, established and improved the environmental protection target responsibility system, and promoted pollution with greater determination, stronger determination, and harder measures. New breakthroughs have been continuously made in various tasks in the prevention and control battle.

In the “Blue Sky Defense War”, the standard of volatile organic compounds has been improved for 7 key enterprises, and the remediation of scattered and polluting enterprises has been continuously promoted to ensure the realization of dynamic “clearing”; 12 coal-fired boilers in the urban area”Coal-to-gas” rectification, eliminated 110 yellow-label vehicles, and put into operation 70 new-energy pure electric buses; established a straw burning ban on grid work mechanism, and coordinated the management of urban construction site dust and living non-point source control.

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For the”clear water defense battle”, complete the Wushui River drinking water source protection area and the Tiexi black and smelly water body remediation; start the rain pollution of the sewage pipe network on the south bank of Wushui, the northern part of Yuanjiang, and Taoli Garden Diversion and transformation project; through quality improvement and transformation, the effluent quality of the high-tech zone has been upgraded to the first-level A discharge standard; the environmental pollution problem of large-scale livestock and poultry farms has been comprehensively rectified; the river chief system and the withdrawal of catching bans should be strictly implemented, and the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment has been promoted. The work passed the provincial acceptance.

For the”Pure Land Defense War”, we will carry out the treatment of soil pollution at the waste dump in the industrial concentration zone of Hongjiang District, the site of the 3614 factory, and solidly promote the special investigation and investigation of hazardous waste, and severely crack down on illegal disposal. Illegal dumping and other acts; establish a classification list of the soil environmental quality of cultivated land, realize a negative increase in the use of pesticides in major crops, and the recycling rate of waste agricultural film reaches 78%.

Comprehensively carry out environmental law enforcement”double random, one open”, realize full coverage of environmental inspection and supervision, increase law enforcement, and seriously investigate and deal with various environmental violations. Adhere to the problem-oriented, precise implementation of policies, resolutely stop”inaction”, and resolutely eliminate”one size fits all”, to ensure that the entire region’s ecological environment management is accurate and maximized benefits.

All people participate in building a beautiful and livable Hongjiang

The blue sky is getting more and more, the air is getting better and better, the city is getting more and more beautiful, the people here are living Also crossed the more comfortable. In Hongjiang today, the concept of ecological civilization has become more and more popular, and more and more citizens have joined the environmental protection team.

Yuanjiang Road Sub-district took the initiative to participate in the daily inspections of the automatic air monitoring station of the ancient shopping mall to promptly discourage the surrounding residents from burning garbage, avoiding the phenomenon of abnormal air monitoring data caused by human activities.

The Hongjiang District Bureau of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau actively provides door-to-door services, publicizes environmental protection policies, listens to corporate appeals, and proposes solutions to help companies solve problems and help improve the level of precision pollution control.

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Hunan’s”Most Beautiful Civil River Chief” Liu Wenying and 18 other environmental protection volunteers formed a volunteer river watcher team that regularly carried out environmental protection publicity, picking up white trash and patrolling the river, becoming a guardian of the mother river Environmental guards.

The cadre of the District Natural Resources Bureau, Wang Xiwen, used World Environment Day and Earth Day for 4 consecutive years to carry out activities of popularizing environmental science knowledge into campus, so that the good fashion of advocating ecological civilization enters the hearts of primary and secondary school students.

Standing at a new starting point, Hongjiang District will strengthen the belief in ecological civilization, force high-quality economic and social development with high-level protection of the ecological environment, and build a modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. People live up to the green hills, and green hills will live up to others. Green has become the most moving background for high-quality development in Hongjiang District. (Chen Tao)