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After the continuous rise in the past three weeks, Hong Kong stocks continued their efforts this week. The HSI surged 3.06%a week, achieving the weekly K-line. The Hang Seng Index also broke through the long-lost 30,000-point mark in the middle of this week, but it dropped significantly on Friday and closed at 29,447.85.

In fact, along with the vast southward movement of mainland funds, Hong Kong stocks have become the focus of the capital market this week. In this week, the daily turnover of the Hong Kong stock market exceeded 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the turnover even exceeded 300 billion Hong Kong dollars on Tuesday and Wednesday. The market atmosphere is very enthusiastic, and some mainland funds (Hong Kong stock targets) have also been enthusiastically sought after by investors, and even appeared The grand occasion of daily daily limit. Facing the rising index and the continuous inflow of domestic capital, how should the Hong Kong stocks move around 30,000?

Hong Kong KGI Securities pointed out that the continued influx of funds to Hong Kong pushed the Hong Kong stock market to break through the 30,000-point mark on Thursday. In fact, since the beginning of this year, the amount and proportion of southbound funds for Southbound Trading have increased significantly, and mainland investors have increased their voice in the Hong Kong stock market. However, the net inflow rate of southbound funds in the past two trading days has fallen from the peak, which may limit the short-term momentum of Hong Kong stocks. It is expected that the Hang Seng Index will continue to hover around 30,000 in the short term. The focus of the market outlook is expected to shift to new stocks. Kuaishou and MicroPort will soon offer shares, and the subscription response is expected to be very enthusiastic.

In terms of individual stocks, some Hong Kong stocks that have been heavily bought by domestic capital also performed well this week. Tencent Holdings soared 7.13%in a week; Meituan It rose by 23.6%and became a star in the market.

Reporter’s note:Hong Kong stocks deserve more attention

Mainland capital has continued to flow southward into the Hong Kong stock market, and the Hang Seng Index has also pulled out the Zhongyang line for four consecutive weeks. It broke through the 30,000-point mark this week, and even under the expectation of many market participants, there was a slight correction in the last two trading days of this week. It can be seen that investors like the Hong Kong stock market for a more healthy and stable exit. Bull, not crazy.

From the perspective of individual stock gains, it is also very friendly to mainland investors, because the current market is rising well and mainstream stocks are companies familiar to mainland investors. If you do not consider the Hong Kong stock market trading The characteristics of the system can even be regarded as an extension of A shares. Among the top 20 stocks in the total market capitalization of the Hong Kong stock market, Tencent, Meituan, and China Merchants Bank have gained more than 20%this year. , BYD, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and NetEase. Except that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is a bit more special, which one is not familiar to mainland investors Business.

From the perspective of investment channels, investors who meet the requirements can directly open the Southbound Stock Connect authority for A-share accounts. Investors who have not reached the threshold can also indirectly invest in Hong Kong stocks through the fund. At present, many Hong Kong stock funds The elasticity is not low, and the daily limit and lower limit have become commonplace.

It should be noted that investors can further strengthen their understanding of the Hong Kong stock market. Instead of trading thousands of stocks, they should learn more about large and medium-sized stocks with good fundamental performance. In the process, investors can get a good return.

Hong Kong stocks of the week

Hong Kong stocks of the week:

1, January 21, BYD Stock The board of directors announced that the company and the placing agent have entered into a placing agreement on January 21, 2021, and the placing of shares will be allotted under the general mandate And issue. Assuming that all the placing shares are placed, the total proceeds from the placing are estimated to be approximately HK$29.925 billion. After deducting commissions and estimated costs, the net proceeds from the placing are estimated to be approximately HK$29.801 billion.

2, on January 19, Lao Henghe Brewing announced that it was informed that Mr. Chen Weizhong, the company’s executive director and CEO, had been criminally detained by the Wuxing Branch of the Huzhou Public Security Bureau on suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits.

3. The board of directors of Master Lu announced that on January 21, 2021 (after trading hours), the company’s subsidiary Chengdu Anyixun Technology Co., Ltd. and Baodao Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Baodao Automobile Industry ) Sign a business cooperation framework agreement (framework agreement) to start cooperation in the distribution of electric vehicle products and information services.

We will know the major events of the Hong Kong stock market next week:

1. Great Wall Motors will release a third-quarter dividend on January 25.

2, Vinda International will release its annual results on January 26.

One-week rise and fall list of Southbound Stock Connect:

getUrls?link=40e0dd0d8f417c1eed6f1ae4d4cfc6d7 - Hong Kong Stocks | Hang Seng Index Weekly K-line"Four Lianyang" Institution:30,000 points will become the focus of competitiongetUrls?link=8bc35d4e1194b69da7427b84cd723dbc - Hong Kong Stocks | Hang Seng Index Weekly K-line"Four Lianyang" Institution:30,000 points will become the focus of competition

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