Recently, Alipay launched the”Novice Merchant Growth Plan”. Homework helped VIP members participate in this program, and in the event with outstanding achievements on the”Honor Roll”, won the title of”Booming Star of Tomorrow”.

getUrls?link=663a82c2cecf08a9f2c7fb72e5a85bf6 - Homework Help VIP member mini program was awarded the title of Alipay"Booming Star of Tomorrow"

Homework Help VIP membership mini program relies on high-quality teaching services and perfect curriculum system, as well as efficient operation Ability has repeatedly achieved good results in the Alipay”Support Program” novice merchant training camp, and has won unanimous praise from the platform and users. The homework VIP member mini program is on the Alipay”Booming Star of Tomorrow” honor list. It is not only Alipay’s recognition of the popularity and quality of homework VIP member mini program, but also encouragement and support for the homework brand.

Job Help VIP has won many awards in the process of rapid growth, which is inseparable from its firm original intention, perfect service system and excellent product strength. Homework Gang VIP is a member value-added service launched by Homework Gang. It aspires to become a “carry-on exclusive tutor” for K12 students. It has already served 12 million student users and selected high-quality content to help students solve problems such as learning and no one to teach. Learning, practicing, testing and other dimensions improve learning efficiency. If students encounter problems that they cannot understand or search, they can ask teachers online.

Homework VIP has three significant advantages:”massive video coverage”,”selected high-quality content” and”rapidly updated content”. First of all, the VIP content of the homework help covers the whole section of elementary, middle school and high school and 12 subjects, including 25 million difficult problems exclusive intensive videos, more than 5,000 test site course videos, and 400,000 sets of test papers downloaded at any time to help students quickly understand the problems.

Secondly, the video content of the homework help VIP is selected and created by professional teachers in the live class:3 reviews carefully select high-quality content, and unique 5 steps to disassemble teaching and explanation problems, allowing students to understand the difficulties of knowledge in 3 minutes . At the same time, all popular learning materials are updated quickly, including the real questions of the college entrance examination over the years, and the hot search questions can be online in as fast as 3 days; cheer for students to speed up the first time.

Introduced by the relevant person in charge of Homework Help VIP. In order to help users learn better, Homework Help uses the big data analysis system to automatically mine difficult, high error rates and hot search topics, and record videos Analysis, easy for students to understand. When students are studying, Homework Help VIP not only helps students find the problem analysis, based on the intelligent question bank system, matches the students with the same level of difficulty according to the students’ abilities, and at the same time finds the students’ weak knowledge points, helping students to thoroughly learn the knowledge points of the topic , To enable students to”search for a question, learn a category of questions.”

As the largest online education company in China, Homework Help is committed to using technology to help inclusive education and solving the”pain points” in the education field. It has homework help, homework help live lessons, homework help calculations, and Meow machine and other educational products and provide VIP services. The total daily active users exceed 50 million, and the monthly active users exceed 170 million. 800 million, occupying a significant advantage on the side of online education traffic.

Source:Jiangxi Internet Radio and Television Station